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TBS (ended 1984)


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  • I don't know much about it, it was some Country Music Video Show that aired on Sunday Nights on SuperStation WTBS, I don't even know if CMT was that popular yet, I guess The (Night Tracks) crew tried to show popular Country Artists some of us knew well.

    I may remember just a little bit about it, when I used to have (Night Tracks) taped to watch in the daytime because it was on so late, I don't know but maybe SuperStation WTBS must've aired it one night during The (Night Tracks) video block, and all I remember was seeing Country Music Artists in Music Videos, I'm not really a fan of Country Music, I prefer classic 80's Rock and Roll, it's really a shame this got short lived and canceled and it really should've worked, of course (Night Tracks) did play some Country Videos after the cancellation.