America's Next Top Model

Season 16 Episode 2

Alek Wek

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2011 on The CW

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  • Yawn. I hope this season starts to get better or I'm tuning out.

    This episode was just ok. First of all, I gotta ask, what is up with Tyra's fake accents? At first, ok it was funny, but now she does it ALL the time and its starting to get old. Plus, they aren't good, at all. I wish she'd just stop and get back to being Tyra, because it's starting to come off as fake and not in a good way. This week Dayla and Alexandria get all worked up over rotten chicken in a bowl, which makes the house tense. The girls then go to an acting coach and talk back to their inner critic and get emotional. The challenge is to model jewelry while bees are around and on you. One girl is even allergic to bees, but she does an amazing job anyway. You wouldn't catch me doing that. Jay says that Brittany knows how to work it. At panel, Ondrei decides to go home. The girl that looks youthful in person, but old in pictures goes home. She was so boring that I can't even remember her name.