America's Next Top Model

Season 12 Episode 13

America's Next Top Model Is...

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2009 on The CW
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Three contestants are left, one is eliminated and the final two have their last test, a photo shoot for a magazine cover and a runway show. The winner is revealed.

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  • It was alright....

    However, i think Teyona should've come in 3rd. She did alright, but she blew it big time when she broke down and cried in the middle of her cover girl commercial. I could've seen it making more sense if it was Allison competing against Aminat. I thought Aminat was really good and Allison started off with weak and crappy photos, but she improved alot later on as the competition got harder. And as far as London getting the boot because of her weight gain, I didn't think she looked fat or anything, even though she gained some weight. . .moreless
  • A good season finale is surprising and exciting. The season finale of cycle 12; predictable and disappointing.

    A good season finale is surprising and exciting. The season finale of cycle 12; predictable and disappointing. It was painfully obvious who was going to win America's Next Top Model this season, even in the beginning. The runner up got robbed completely and for no reason what so ever. However, that is not the only reason why the season finale was boring. The final runway? A fail. It felt as though they tried too hard to make it 'high fashion'. The show is losing its spark, Tyra just gets more full of her self as the cycles go by and the judges seem to fade into the background completely. It started out as a model competition that turned into a dramatic reality show that no one cares about. Also, in my opinion, the season was ruined when London was sent home when she gained weight. Its true, 20 pounds is a lot of weight to gain in a few short weeks, however, Tyra tried to sugarcoat it and made up other reasons to send her home.

    Basically, the show is getting worse and models who were clearly talented got no where. Fail.moreless
  • The last three models are narrowed down to 2. Those two then walk in a fashion show and the judges choose the series' winner.

    I'm finished with this show. I think Tyra decides who she wants the winner to be, and arranges it. For example, sending Aminat home when she had the best commercial. Aminat was going to out-walk Teyonna, so send her home. Tyra must have been dying inside when Allison did such an amazing job in the fashion show. Allison should have been chosen. But, that's not who Tyra wanted. Tyra just wants to show herself off - which is getting really old, really fast - and then choose who she wants to win. And now that Paulina will no longer be a judge, there are even fewer reasons to watch. Bye, Bye ANTM!moreless
  • With every new season of this show, I lose my interest in it just a little more...

    As this show gets older, Tyra Banks gets more and more ridiculous, and over the top. It really started getting worse after the time when the tabloids called her fat, her telling them to screw off, then her losing a whole bunch of weight. And now she's getting bigger again (you can tell by the clothes she wears).

    You might be wondering, where's the review of the show. Well since Tyra has made the whole show about her, I thought it was only fair to start the review with a Tyra rant. I knew from the start of this episode who was going to win because the show follows a very readable pattern. It goes 2 white girls as winner, then one black girl. And the cycle repeats. I won't tell you who won, only that the girl had the worst commercial, less good pictures, and a robotic walk. None of this matters because Tyra made up her mind who was going to win, and nothing was going to stop that fact. Even thought one competetor completely outshined the other. I wouldn't watch this show anymore except that I love the beatiful pictures.moreless

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    • Alison: I am more of the quiet one that's left, I suppose. But it's like you're so close that, it's just, it would be a shame to not get it. I am just doing anything and everything I possibly can to make sure that I do end up at number one.

    • Teyona: We're gonna be samba dancing down the first part of the runway and it's, Teyona you'd better find your soul and your rhythm right now 'cause you're gonna need it!

    • Paulina: I think Alison has travelled further in this competition because she started off being like a little stiff weirdo robot and then she came from that all the way to this where I'm absolutely in love with her and I think her face is exquisite.

    • (walking past models covered in grease)
      Jay Manuel: Anyone touches me, I'm gonna beat you!

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    • The night before the finale aired (May 12, 2009) Paulina Porizkova announced on CBS' The Late Late Show that she had been fired from America's Next Top Model. According to Porizkova, the firing happened over the phone and on her 44th birthday, which was April 9.