America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 13

And the Winner Is...

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 14, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Hey all! Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the moment you've all be waiting for -- tonight we crown Cycle 10's next Top Model! Following suit with past cycles, the final three ladies--Anya, Whitney and Fatima--are faced with the infamous Cover Girl challenge. Not only do the girls have to memorize lines for their easy, breezy, beautiful commercial, they also have to pull off a print ad shot. But the girls are given a little extra incentive for winning tonight, because one of these chickadees will not only take home the title but will also be lucky enough to have their larger-than-life-sized billboard posted in Times Square. Not a bad kick-start to a modeling career. As the girls get decked for the commercial portion of their challenge, they are graced with the presence of Cycle 9's winner, Saliesha, for some moral support. But the pressure is getting to the ever-chipper Anya as she breaks down into tears. I never pegged her as the type to let her nerves get the better of her considering she's the happy-go-lucky one, but the poor girl is human after all. First up for the commercial is Fatima. Good Lord, does she look good! But that's about the only thing she has going for her. It's as though she just spit out her lines with no inflection in her voice what-so-ever. Jay put it best when he said it was robotic. Whitney takes the stage next, and her commercial seemed to go smoothly. Last, but not least, Anya. Poor thing couldn't quite piece her lines together, but that energy and aura were just screaming Cover Girl model. You have to give props to these girls because those lines sounded like tongue twisters between those "bland, boring lashes" and "big, bold look-at-me lash blast." Those Cover Girl advertisers got a little alliteration crazy on this one. At panel, the judges thought Whitney did well, but had their hesitations because they felt she was a bit fake, and they were uncertain of what really lies beneath her pretty facade. Fatima was told the same thing Jay had said; she basically needed to take a breath or blink when delivering those lines. At least she looked good. Then was Anya. Tyra admitted as a whole, the commercial was a "train wreck," but if taken piece by piece, it was actually the most genuine. It was Anya whose photo was called first, but I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised that Whitney was the second photo. And now for the runway challenge. They really upped their game with this cycle's runway because the final two were set to model in Versace fashion show wearing gowns hand-selected by Donatella herself; not a bad get, Tyra. The actual runway was nothing special, unlike some of the one's we've seen in the past (I'm partial to the water one from Cycle 4 with Naima & Kahlen), but it didn't matter because those dresses were a-mazing. On the runway, Anya's first dress is absolutely stunning, and she looks fabulous. Whitney's dress left a lot to be desired, but she worked it anyway. After changing into dress number two, the tables turn because Whitney steals the show in her hot pink gown, where as Anya shimmied down the runway in a very narrow dress. Is it bad that I was hoping one of them would at least stumble a bit? Now back at the final panel, Whitney and Anya arrive in their Versace gowns to find out who will be named the winner. The judges review their portfolios, but there is a lot of back and forth between who took the better pic, who's bone structure was more high fashion, etc. I want Whitney to take it, but Anya's never been on the chopping block, so I'm a bit nervous. And now for the big reveal. America's Next.. Top (like my version of dramatic pacing?)...Whitney! For the first time in Top Model history, a plus-sized/full-figured/ normal girl wins! Holy crap! I'm shocked...but in a good way! As much as I wanted her to win, I never thought they'd let someone who's not the typical model size be the victor. Wow. Good for her and good for Top Model and Cover Girl for picking such a curvalicious role model for the young girls of America! As much as I thought this season had episodes that just dragged and didn't really keep me engaged, this makes up for it. But what did all of you think of the outcome? Do you think the right girl won? What do you think of a plus-sized model serving as the next Cover Girl? How about those dresses--which was your favorite? And did anyone else notice Donatella was nowhere to be found at her own fashion show? Think Whitney has what it takes to sustain a career in modeling in the years to come?
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