America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 13

And the Winner Is...

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 14, 2008 on The CW

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  • Anyone surprised? Really? I knew the plus size was gonna win on the first episode! Wanna know why? Because it is season number TEN...

    I love Whitney, I think she's the most beautiful girl in that house and has every potential in the world to make it as a plus size model. Also, I fell it was about time to recognize that beauty does not have to walk hand in hand with bulimia...
    HOWEVER!!!!!! Is it really that surprising that this just happened to happen in the exact 10th season? God, TV can really piss me off sometimes...
    Anyway, congrats to Whitney! I hope this opens lots of doors to you and to all the others average sized girls who are beautoful as can be but made fun of!!!
  • In this episode the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 is declared being...

    The remaining three girls are put to the test when they have to shoot a commercial and have a photo shoot for CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara. It is revealed that the winner of the cycle will have her ad on a billboard in Times Square. During the commercial, all of the girls struggle with their lines, but still manage to look like real CoverGirls. During judging, the judges commented that Whitney's commercial was average but deemed her photo stellar, while they were not impressed by Fatima's robotic performance in her commercial. Anya's commercial is described as a "trainwreck", but that is overlooked by her personality on film and her stellar look in the commercial. However, her beauty shot is deemed "stupid" by Paulina. Anya is called first, leaving Fatima and Whitney in the bottom two, both for the fourth time. Tyra is still not clear who Whitney actually is and whether she is not as beautiful as she seems to be and act. They also criticize Fatima for not emulating her beauty into her pictures and modeling. So, the judges decide to send Fatima home. Nigel shoots the final two's Seventeen magazine cover for the July edition, where they both do a good job. Anya and Whitney compete against each other in Versace gowns, with their outfits handpicked by Donatella Versace. During the final deliberation, Whitney was told she did a very good job except that she forgot to pose at the end of the runway. Anya was told she didn't walk as strongly as she could have but she still looked stunning. The girls are called back in, and Whitney is declared the winner ¢¾
  • Another winner, ANTM!

    Yeah, you go Whitney! You weren't my favorite but I'm so happy you won. To tell you the truth, this wasn't the best season of ATNM, there weren't clear favorites as in other seasons. But then I'm usually rooting for the girl who comes in at #2. This season, Fatima was the most "modelly" but she had such a superior attitude. Anya was a great person but was a little spacey (like Jael) to fit into the modeling world. Whitney might have been "posey" and a little artificial but she can get the job done without a lot of complaints, she works hard and she's gorgeous. ANTM got a lot of flak for the Saleisha win last fall and they will get it for picking a plus-size model. Bravo to them for ignoring the naysayers who call choosing a regular size model is "politically correct" (what garbage) and refuse to recognize that Whitney is a winner.
  • Eventhough my expectations for this cycle's conclusion were high, it wasn't really satisfactory. Instead it was downright wrong but at the same time really predictable.

    America's Next Top Model surprised me this time around. Overall use of interesting challenges, diverse models with relateable (cultural) backgrounds, delectable photographers and a more professional approach (focusing less on interpersonal drama). I started losing my enthousiasm when Claire and Katrazyna got voted off. The fundaments of judging revolve to much around a model's personality. Claire, ''that punk chick'' and Kat were all genuine and real people, but still unique in their own right. Which made them appeal to me more. As a model they had that high fashion look, the akward but sofisticated features and intelligence. This show tries to hard to cross boundaries that recently already have been crossed. Full figured modeling has been around for almost a decade, it was not in need of beeing immortalized or revolutionalized by any such program what so ever. Don't get me wrong, I would gladly accept whitney's victory if it wasnt for the obvious superiority of several other models in this years competition. You could say it's mearly a matter of personal taste, but that same argument applies to the judges. But in fact they watch with a careful eye, they have experience in the field, ONE WOULD THINK!? I like this show, but i can not take it seriously. Anya is, in my inebt and pedestrian point of view, and always will be more then the rest of them. She has the ethereal provoking energy, the clear blue eyes, the beautiful bonestructure, the angles in her posing, eager to listen and learn, down to earth personality, easy to work with and a unique soft look. I'm just a bit dissapointed with the show, not because my prefered model didnt make it, but because ANTM is one of many poorly executed fast food reality shows with no realism at all. Yes the competetive nature of the show keeps me coming back for more, but WHITNEY!? come on..
  • Pretty in pink

    GO Whitney GO Whitney GO Whitney GO Whitney GO Whitney.

    I think it's very shallow and easy to say that Whitney won only because Tyra wanted her to or because it was time for a plus size model to win no one ever said that Eva won because she is a black women or that CariDee won because she has blonde hair. It's very easy to assume that the only reason she won is her weight. Whitney is a stunning girl she delivered beautiful pictures she always had a smile on her face and I could only imagine how hard it was for her to stay positive thru the entire competition.
    I'm extremely happy for Whitney I wanted her to win from the start not because of how she looks but because of who she is. I was so proud she totally ROCKED the runway she was unbelievably beautiful in both dresses she was confident and her walk is great.
    My only hope that wining this competition will be enough coz the modeling world is cruel.
  • From the final three, Anya, Fatima and Whitney, to America's 10th Top Model.

    Yay. That's awesome. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. I would've been happy with either her or Fatima winning, but Anya deserved to be there nonetheless for all her great photos and her good spirit in front of the camera and otherwise. Fatima gave a great message about her being the first asylee refugee woman and being an inspiration to East African women in particular. Good for her really, she deserves to feel strong and beautiful, and go out and run and start all over again. Fatima definitely one of my favorites.

    Anyway, Anya is right about Whitney looking beautiful while crying, while seeming vulnerable. Whitney did an awesome job on the runway, with the wonderful Versace gowns. Paulina was right, forget about being "plus-sized", or "full-figured", she's beautiful.

    Definitely in my top 5 winners (the other four being Yoanna, Eva, Danielle and Caridee). A good inspiration to women everywhere, not just curvy women, but any woman who has difficulty feeling confidence in their body, or in their face, or in their appearance.

    Whitney, you go, girl!
  • You go girl!

    Great Job Whitney! You really earned it and deserved to win. On the heals of the Saleshia disaster last year, I really wanted ANTM to pick a good winner this season. When the final three were announced, I was hopeful that Whitney would win. I think this sends a great message that you can be a normal size and have a modeling career. I thought Versace looked every bit as stunning on Whitney as it did on Anya. I am glad that Fatima did not win. Her story broke my heart for her, but there was something about her that wasn't quite genuine. She was also way way too skinny. I wish Fatima really good things in her future. I also thought Anya deserved to win and I thought that she accepted the decision with poise and grace. She is such a neat girl. I hope that she will get picked up for a modeling career as well. All 3 of the top 3 should do well in their careers. But, I am really excited for Whitney.
  • It Finally Happened!

    It's about time... Score one for the regular sized girls... so long skinny chicks... A Plus Sized Model Finally Won!!

    After 9 Cycles of super skinny girls winning a model with real live actual curves wins!

    Good for you ANTM... I realize that clothes may look better on skinny girls... just like all shoes are cute in a size 5... but MOST women are well beyond a size 2 and it's nice to see that finally being acknowledged.

    I really hope that Whitney will go on to become a strong role model for girls of all ages to show them that you don't have to be stick thin to be pretty.

    You Go Girl!