America's Next Top Model

Season 13 Episode 6

Dance With Me

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on The CW

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  • A great elimination...another non-model down!

    The episode starts with the models meeting Benny Ninja and special guest Lil Mama (lil. petite models. get it?) for a challenge in dancing. That crew (forgot the name?) from America's Next Dance Crew or whatever showed up and danced, wearing masks. The girls' challenge was to create a dance evoking three emotions while wearing masks, meaning they had to use their bodies to get the emotion across.

    Poor Nicole (favorite, I always love the weird girls), obviously dancing isn't for her! But hey, it's a modeling competition, right? Fierce little Ms. Attitude Erin (one of my faves) didn't seem so driven as she had been last week in the Wal-Mart challenge. The dances were just strange and a little awkward to watch...thank you, DirecTV for something called the 'fast-forward' button.

    The photoshoot was a Cirque Du Soleil theme - YES! And as I thought the models would be dressing up in freaking costumes and masks (relating to the challenge!), they didn't. Instead they got these neutral toned dresses and make up and had to stand out. What did that have to do with the challenge? Teamwork? Not the angle I would have gone...the masks would have been MUCH more meaningful. 'Smizing' through the masks and making your body tell the emotion! Sorry, I'm a photographer, I'll stop.

    So, the girls were in teams once again and Kara (another fave) did not do too good. Ashley was downright bad. Her picture was not good...just like the past three weeks when she should have gone home. And even though they criticized Nicole about not doing enough with her body, her picture was still insane! LAURA. Wow! Loved it! Brittany, Rae, and Jennifer won the best team photo though. Laura was called right after.

    In the end, Ashley and Kara were in the bottom two, and Ashley was eliminated (thank god). Overall, a very good episode! Can't wait for next week!

    Woops, I forgot to mention Sundai? Well, maybe next week sweetheart.