America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 9

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Things started out with the ladies reacting to Claire's elimination. Lauren was genuinely surprised that she had made it this far in the competition. I still like her but she really needs to work on that personality. I can only imagine what those Cover Girl commercials will be like. Meanwhile, Fatima realizes that she may not be able to go abroad with the other girls since she is not a US citizen and she lost her travel documents. After the girls gathered around to cheer up Fatima, Paulina entered the loft to teach them how to have a proper conversation and handle interviews. Anya did well but Stacy-Ann came off as fake. The lesson didn't last very long and in my opinion, wasn't very helpful either. Once Paulina left, the girls decided to cook up some potato pancakes while Fatima tried to get her travel documents straightened out. Neither situation worked out well. Fatima was told her attempt to get new documents was too last minute and Lauren sliced open her finger while trying to chop an onion. Silly models...stick to what you're good at! A producer for the show escorted Lauren to the hospital which means this little accident is either a free ride to the next round or her ticket home. When the girls woke up the next morning, there was a box waiting for them in the living room. The box was filled with lemons and limes and a note informing the girls they'd be attending a green carpet event. Whitney expressed some worries about walking the carpet while sipping a can of 7-Up (talk about product placement!) The girls were then outfitted in Jay Godfrey dresses and sent on their way. Upon arriving at the party, the girls walked the carpet and were briefly interviewed by a reporter from The Insider. Most of them seemed to handle the interview portion well except for Dominique, who said the wrong name of the dress designer. Really Dominique? He's one of the judges for this challenge! When the interviewer asked Lauren why she should be America's Next Top Model, her response was, "I can kick the s**t out of those girls anytime!" Not exactly lady-like but totally entertaining. Once the girls entered the party it was time to mingle. Anya won the competition for being poised on the carpet and for charming the pants off of the party-goers. Her prize was a 7-Up ad campaign (for which she was paid $10,000) and she totally rocked it. Later on, Fatima found out she got an appointment to argue her case at the consulate right about the time a Tyra-mail came in making the girls believe they'd be going abroad. Did anyone actually think this was the case? In a very obvious twist, the girls made their way to the airport with their luggage in hand only to find that they were just doing a photo shoot on the airport runway. Fatima had to miss the shoot for her appointment and arrived just in time for a surprise meeting with the panel inside the airport hangar. Ok, so that one I didn't expect. The judges came down hard on Fatima for missing the shoot, which secured her a spot in the bottom two. But she's way too popular with the judges to get sent home for this little screw-up. As the panel went through the pictures, the only person they really seemed disappointed with was Stacy-Ann. With that, it was pretty clear that the rest of them were gonna be boarding that plane to head overseas. Despite once again making it clear how annoyed they were with Fatima, the judges chose Stacy-Ann to take her packed luggage and head home to Miami. Before the credits rolled, Tyra revealed that the remaining 6 girls would be heading to Rome for the remainder of the cycle. She also managed to work it in that the girls hadn't quite made it to her level of success yet and so they'd be flying in a commercial airliner with the rest of the common folk. Eww!