America's Next Top Model

Season 13 Episode 3

Fortress of Fierceness

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2009 on The CW

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  • This whole episode was rather ridiculous, from the "Smiyes" outline to the naked horse riding.

    I think the only part which made me shocked and sad was when they suddenly fired Rachel because her interview was bad, although that's understandable. I think what really frustrated me was that they fired Courtney instead of Bianca. First of all, Courtney complained only that one time when she felt the shoes were distracting her photo shoot. Bianca has complained from Day 1, and she doesn't even have a valid reason why she does that. If she didn't want blond hair or a wig, she shouldn't have shaved her head before joining this show! Also, the photo of Bianca with the horse came out really ugly and even the judges knew that. Bianca is now my least favorite person on the show, and I hope she gets thrown out soon!
  • Aspiring models interview with the President of Wilhemina Models and get one-on-one time with Tyra to learn how to smyze (smile with eyes)

    I didn't really like this episode. I thought they tried to cram A LOT of stuff into one episode. Meeting with the president was really good insight for the judges into the models personality, but it's kind of early in the season to be worried about that isn't it? Rachel deserved to go home, I mean... you can't just freeze up like that. I was SUPER upset with the Courtney leaving and Bianca staying. Bianca has this attitude two weeks in a row... and she gets to stay? And Courtney's picture was WAY better than Bianca's! Bianca looked so manly and gross! Ugh, I was UPSET.
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