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Chelsey's Covergirl Picture...

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    [1]Dec 2, 2010
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    Did anyone noticed that her covergirl ad picture looked nothing like her? I guess it was photoshop... when her picture came on, I couldn't even recognize her.. I feel like I'm the only one noticing it!

    Here is her covergirl ad:

    And here is her normally:

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    [2]Dec 5, 2010
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    A little makeup and photoshop can definitely cause this - but I believe it's simply being in-front of a camera that makes models look a tad different then what they are in real life. Look at Ann for example.

    Anyway, I see nothing wrong with her Covergirl photo? Compare that photo to some other ones taken via ANTM. Other then comparing it to a real life runway or behind the scenes photo, where there's no touch up whatsoever...
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