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Goodbye and Good Riddance

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    [1]May 12, 2010
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    Excluding Jade, Melrose, and Dominique, for each cycle which girls were you glad to see go.

    My choices are:

    Cycle 1: Robyn - she was annoying, rude, preachy, and difficult to work with

    Cycle 2: Catie - her constant crying got on my nerves

    Cycle 3: Ann - I'm a little iffy on her. Her portfolio sucked, but she's done well afterward. For me, it's a toss up

    Cycle 4: Brandy - she just was so angry. A couple of times I thought she might get violent

    Cycle 5: Cassandra - its just hair girl!!!! It grows back. Stop whining and complaining like a two year old.

    Cycle 6: Dani (from casting) - I don't know if you would count this, but she was anti-gay, anti-black, probably anti-Semite, and anti-armpits. She was just anti-everything

    Cycle 7: Jaeda - same reasons as Cassandra

    Cycle 8: Renee - she was a very angry, rude, hateful person. I also thought that she might get violent a couple of times

    Cycle 9: Bianca - a mean, nasty **** and a bully

    Cycle 10: Allison - I hope she heard what Nigel said about her during the judge's deliberations in the episode where she got eliminated

    Cycle 11: Nikeysha - she was absolutely obnoxious and Clark - she was ****ier than a Gossip Girl

    Cycle 12: Sandra - Bianca's clone and Natalie - spoiled brat

    Cycle 13: Amber - does anyone know why she disappeared after being selected

    Cycle 14: Anslee - alright already. We heard you countless times that you got knocked up at 19. Unstick the needle already

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    [2]May 12, 2010
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    I agree with all of these. I would add Jade from season 6? and Angelea from season 14.
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    [3]May 12, 2010
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    I'd change Cycle 14 to Alasia. I actually liked Anslee, but I couldn't stand Alasia. She bugged me to no end.
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    [4]May 15, 2010
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    Is it me or does this season seem to be drab and boring. The girls are not very pretty and are hard to distinguish from each other.It really doesn't matter which one wins...not rememberable!
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    [5]May 19, 2010
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    Just remove all the girls who are being mean.
    How can they ever become models when they're being so mean to people, and false?!
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    [6]Jun 16, 2010
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    ANTM1: Robin (Bible-thumping hypocrite).
    ANTM2: Catie (too whiny).
    ANTM3: Cassie (too whiny).
    ANTM4: Brandy (psycho) and Brittany (b*tch at the end).
    ANTM5: Cassandra (quitter) and Jayla (b*tch).
    ANTM6: Jade (obvious reasons).
    ANTM7: Monique (b*tch) and Jaeda (it's just hair!).
    ANTM8: Diana (kept over Cassandra just because she was a plussie), Brittany (after her tantrum in Australia), and Renee (obvious reasons).
    ANTM9: Ebony (quitter).
    ANTM10: Kim (quitter), Allison (self-important), and Claire (but only after her classless reaction to surviving over Aimee).
    ANTM11: ShaRaun (b*tch to Isis), Nikeysha (just wouldn't stop TALKING!), and Clark (b*tch to Isis, as well).
    ANTM12: Sandra (obvious reasons), Natalie (snob), Fo (after her whining went into overdrive overseas), and Celia (never forgave her for what she did right when Tyra eliminated Kortnie).
    ANTM13: Lulu, Ashley, and Kara (all b*tches -- especially the last one).
    ANTM14: Rae (pseudo-quitter), Anslee (blowups at Brenda and Alasia turned me off to her), and Angelea (b*tch).
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