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Models who were kicked off too early

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    [1]Dec 11, 2008
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    And I'm not talking about thigns like katarzyna leaving too early . I'm talking the models who were kicking off in the first 4, 5 or 6 episodes that you think had GREAT potential but got kiced off anyway.

    I think the one that I was really confused about was AJ from cycle 7. Also Mollie Sue from cycle 6.

    What about you?

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    [2]Dec 14, 2008
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    Not including girls who made final 6:

    Cycle 11: Nikeysha. As annoying as she was she took some very decent pictures.

    Cycle 10: Aimee. It still puzzles me how she got kicked off and Dominique made final 4.

    Cycle 9: Sarah. The plus size crap was bull. She had an awesome portfolio.

    Cycle 8: Felicia. She was doing good and had so much more potential.

    Cycle 7: Megan. She took great photos she shouldn't have left so early.

    Cycle 6: Kari. I don't think she had the strongest pictures but her pictures were certainly good enough to carry her farther.

    Cycle 5: Ashley. Her picture really wasn't that bad like for her to go first.

    Cycle 4: Rebecca. She was at least final 6 material.

    Cycle 3: Toccara. Her pictures were great and she certainly had the personality to represent the show.

    Cycle 2: None. But if I had to pick one then maybe Jenascia. She was the best of the girls kicked off before final 6 but all of them were really just mediocre.

    Cycle 1: Giselle. She made final 6 but this cycle only had 10 girls. I thought that Tyra gave a BS excuse with the dance stuff to eliminate her. She was certainly better than Robyn (final 4) and Kesse (final 5).
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    [3]Dec 14, 2008
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    Without the top 6-

    Cycle 7- Anchal and Brooke- both were cool and took decent photos with great personality's so i wish they would have gone farther.
    Cycle 8- Felicia- I don't know why but I always liked her on the show.
    Cycle 9- Ambreal- I thought she was pretty cool.
    Cycle 10- Stacy-Ann- she was lots of fun to watch and had tons of personality, I would have preffered her over Dominique.
    Cycle 11- Joslyn- i always liked her and I thought she deserved to be there more than Elina.

    With the top 6-

    Cycle 7- Amanda- IDK why just liked her she was cool.
    Cycle 8- Dionne- She was awesome.
    Cycle 9-Jenah- Should have won the whole thing
    Cycle 10-Katarzyna- She and Anya should have been the top 2.
    Cycle 11-Sheena and Analeigh- In my opinion should have been the top 2.
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    [4]Jan 2, 2009
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    Brooke of Cycle 6&7, Mollie Sue, Kari, Megan, Megg, Sarah VonderHaar, AJ

    They'll FIERCE baby!

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    [5]Feb 1, 2009
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    I agree with Brooke in cycle 7 and Kari in cycle 6.

    Those two were my favorites

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    [6]Feb 3, 2009
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    Cycle #01: Giselle she should have made it to the finale3!
    Cycle #02: all the eliminations were kinda fair, I think...
    Cycle #03: Kristi - the biggest mistake ever in ANTM history! That time they said she looked kinda ugly because of her strong jaw-line, now that's what the call HIGH FASHION (ala Jaslene) & that time they said she looked angry on her last picture, now that's what they call FIERCE!
    Cycle #04: Brita & Sarah - they both had great potential and the viewers liked them. UPN used to have several auidience poll on their websites and the viewers could vote in different categories (who's your favourite? / who will win? / who's going home next?) after the cast were reveled and before the 2 hour season premiere was aired they were got the biggest amount of votes in the first 2 category, in each one they together had more about 40% of the votes and the other 12 contestant had to share 60% and than they were the first two who had kicked off...
    Cycle #05: Coryn - she took good pictures
    Cycle #06: LESLIE - ok, her last shoot was really the worst in the bunch, but the weeks before she took an amazing commercial & 4 fabolous picture! Than Mollie Sue who eversince is one of the most succesfull out of all the constestants of the 11 cycles, currently working in Paris, Brooke she was unexperienced, but she had a very unique look so this way she had great potential!
    Cycle #07: Megg - her postshow pictures are just fabolous!
    Cycle #08: Felicia - i liked all of her shots, also Samantha got kicked off a way to earyl (according to me)
    Cycle #09: Victoria & Sarah - the judges kicked them off because they simply didn't like them, though they took great pictures and showed a dozen of hidden potential!
    Cycle #10: Aimee - finale4 material AT LEAST!!!
    Cycle #11: Lauren Brie - she took 2 of the best shot of the cycle (hot air ballok & fierce eyes) and though Hannah couldn't make me blow with her pictures and also her catwalk had much to work on I saw the potential and her preshow shot is probably the best preshow shot EVER!

    The biggest loosers of the show:
    Elyse (c1), Ann (c3), Kahlen (c4), Jenah (c9), Anya (c10), Analeigh (c11) - based on the portfolios they took during the show all of them deserved to win their own cycle and all of them could have been called a supermodel during the show, because they did so unbelievable! And these cycles are the cycles that winners couldn't make it to the real world of modeling so this is why it's extremly dissapointing that those girls were robbed from the title in order to give it to other girls who just couldn't bring anything out of it!!!

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    [7]Feb 5, 2009
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    I don't particularly remember the first few cycles... I thought they were pretty justified.

    C3: Toccara.
    C4: Brita. Yeah she was kinda wasted talent.
    C5: Kyle.
    C6: Mollie Sue.
    C7: Brooke. Got dumped because of 1 picture is just unfair.
    C8: Felicia, Samantha
    C9: Sara. Hate that she got dumped because she has LOST weight. Huh?
    C10: Aimee. C11: Nikeysha. She was annoying as hell but her pictures wasn't bad
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    [8]Feb 17, 2009
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    Cycle 7- Brooke
    Cycle 6 - Kari Cycle 10 - Aimee Cycle 5 - Kyle Cycle 2 - Sara
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    [9]Feb 23, 2009
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    Cycle 1 - I thought Tessa had heaps of potential and thought she should have gotten a little bit further than what she did.

    Cycle 2 - I thought Jenascia should have went further, I thought her look was really fierce, and she she had something special.

    Cycle 3 - Tocorra should have won that season, she was the one full of modelling potential, and has probably had the best post-show career.

    Cycle 4 - Brita, Rebecca and Tiffany should have lasted longer, I think, over people like Keenyah.

    Cycle 5 - Diane was fierce, and I think she should have lasted longer. Also Coryn, I liked her.

    Cycle 6 - Mollie-Sue, definately, and Leslie, I think they were the two I thought had the most potential.

    Cycle 7 - Brooke was eliminated because it was her graduation, and I thought she should have gone further. Also Anchal, she was a good model.

    Cycle 8 - Samantha had something, so her, and I also think Diana should have lasted longer than Whitney.

    Cycle 9 - Janet was full of potential, and I was surprised when she was eliminated. I think Kimberly and Victoria should have went further.

    Cycle 10 - Aimee, I was surprised when she left, because she was doing really well.

    Cycle 11 - Lauren Brie was cheated, I think, I was shocked and upset she left when she did.

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    [10]Apr 30, 2009
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    Claire (from cycle 9?). i really loved her country shoot!
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    [11]Apr 3, 2010
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    Brittany, WTF? She had one bad picture and was kicked off?

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    [12]Apr 17, 2010
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    The first four people who were eliminated from the current cycle (Gabrielle, Naduah, Ren & Simone).

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