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Submission Guidelines for America's Next Top Model

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    Please try a abide by the guidelines as much as possible. If you feel something is wrong, off,  missing, or if you feel something is worth a debate, please feel free to private message me and we will dicuss it. I will be updating the guidelines regularly to keep up with the ToS and with the guide itself.

    Notes should contain the following: 

    • Off screen content.
    • International air dates.
    • Special air times and encore airings.
    • Any music featured in the episode.
    • Name of the Cover Girl of the Week.
    • Interesting, useful or sigificant information.
    • Spoilers are allowed.

    Notes should not conatin the following:

    • Ratings of any sort.
    • Any on-screen content.

    Trivia should contain the following:

    • On screen content.
    • Person eliminated, with reason given by the judges.
    • Who the episode was named after and why .
    • First and last apperences of guest stars, such as Twiggy, Jay Manual.
    • Name  of the winner of the challenge, prizes and the girls she brought with her.
    • Spoilers are allowed.
    • Interesting, useful or sigificant information

    Trivia should not contain and of the following:.

    • Off screen content.
    • Any personal opinions.

    Quotes should be formated as follows:

    Anne (Laughing): What is wong with you?

    Lucy: I'm a bloody super model!

    Quotes should:

    • By funny, inpserational, classics or tear-jerkers.
    • Always in proper formating.
    • Submitted one quote per submission form.

    Quotes should not be:

    • Boring, or too long (not more than about 2 inches or 20 cm of text).
    • Inlcuding any profanity or swearing. (The use of asterixes is allowed as an alternative "***". If you're unsure if a word qualifies as swearing, PM me.)
    • Containing any paragraph breaks or page breaks.

    Summaries should contain:

    • Small hints of the episode.
    • Missleading clues of what the episode is about it.

    Sumarries should not contain:

    • Spoilers of any sort.
    • Any winner or loser names.

    Reacaps shoud be:

    • As complete as possible.
    • Include as many detail as possible of the episode.
    • Should include spoilers.

    Recaps should not be:

    • Short, or vague in any way.
    • Here are 2 examples of really good recaps;

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