America's Next Top Model

Season 16 Episode 4

Francesco Carrozzini

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2011 on The CW

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  • Spoilers ahead :)

    I was SO bored with the beginning of the new season and I was afraid the show wouldn't pick it up. I watch ANTM only because as a photographer and a stylist I want to be inspired (and I love fashion). The first 3 episodes left me blank so I was happy to finally see something good.
    SO! The girls were off for yet another runway show which was absolutely breathtaking (as in the way it was organised). Geoffrey Mac (who dresses Gaga) was their client and the girls had a runway with flames to walk on. Moreover they had to put their palms on fire. Rawrr! Dalya was very elegant and sexy and she won the challenge. Then the girls were paired up and they shot a commercial for "Fierce Roast Coffee" in MAD MEN style, directed by our beloved Francesco Carrozzini. Damn, they all looked fabulous. Kasia (who actually won the best performance) and Jaclyn ruled it (Jaclyn had a fake booty on, oh yeah), Alexandria was all over the place (her attitude is so unacceptable, really), Sara kept complaining and in the end she was sent home. Finally.
    One last thing: Francesco Carrozzini is fiiiiine!