America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 6

House of Pain

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

This week started with the girls' reactions to their last photo shoot, and no one could seem to get over how Aimee's skin looked, to quote Tyra, "insanely, crazy beautiful." Lauren took note of her lack of confidence, and then we turned the focus over to Claire and her family. Yes, it was sad to hear her on the phone with her man, and it's clear she misses that adorable little nugget of hers. But I'm not really sure I was really interested in hearing about her breast milk "drying up."

And now the drama begins. Turns out setting her alarm clock is over Dominique's head so she's been waking people up at 6am for no good reason--and Claire is FIRED UP about losing those 41 minutes. The fight carried on, obviously, because Dominique wasn't too keen on Claire calling her a bitch. Enter Lauren, trying to be the voice of reason, and Dominique making the mistake of telling her to 'stay in her place.' Sprinkle in Whitney's two cents, Lauren standing on a chair screaming, and we've got ourselves some good television. The tag team operation was enough to break down Dominique, but don't worry, she's still convinced they're after her because they know she's gonna win.

So now the ladies head over to the dance studio for a little training from the self-proclaimed master of, well, everything--Tyra. OMG, wait! Did Tyra just sprain her ankle? No, that's just her own overly quirky way of teaching the models how to 'pose with pain.' Everyone did fairly well, with the exception of you know who. Poor awkward Lauren! Once the gals get home, they learn over the Tyra Mail ticker that their lesson was actually a challenge and the winner is Anya. Her prize? A one-on-one photo shoot with 'noted fashion photographer' Nigel Barker.

When Anya heads over to the set, she discovers she's going to be stripping down for a nude shoot in bed (Nige, you dirty bird you!). Come nighttime, the girls gear up for round two of hatin' on Dominique. Their tactic of choice? Trash talking right next to her bed while she's trying to sleep.

Photo shoot day! Off to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where the girls are tasked with embodying a specific style of music for fashion photographer Russell James. Fatima was rock and looked kinda like Brett Michaels. Next was Katarzyna with an emo-Avril thing goin' on--well done. Lauren was pop, but can someone tell me what pop star would ever wear that slutty-superhero looking outfit? Either way, she still killed it like always. Claire went country and didn't really impress anyone. Dominique was folk, and really came out looking like a tranny in hippie-wear. Anya was punk, and I really don't know what to say about her hair. Jay was a fan of both Anya and Dominique. The same can't be said of Stacy-Ann, representing house music. Aimee, the conservative Mormon, tried to capture the sexy passion of R&B but failed. And lastly, Whitney was grunge and wowed the photographer.

And welcome to the judging room. Among the favorites were Whitney, Katarzyna (who'll be getting her hair chopped off to match the wig she wore this week) and Lauren. Claire and Aimee's photos, however, did absolutely nothing for the judges, landing them in the bottom two. So who stays? Drumroll...Claire. Most times the girl that survives the bottom two will tearfully hug the poor girl going home. Not this week! Claire lets out a whoop and springs toward Tyra to retrieve her picture, leaving Aimee standing alone and crying. I love Claire but that was kind of cold.

A tearful goodbye and another name peeled from Ms. Jay's bossom. So there you have it. Another week in the saga that is Cycle 10.
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