America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 7

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

When things got underway, Lauren appeared to have a case of cabin fever. She had a major attitude and started flipping the bird left and right. As usual though, it wasn't long before the girls were sent off on their first mission. The 8 remaining girls were split into 2 teams. Team 1 was Lauren, Anya, Fatima, and Kat while team 2 consisted of Dominique, Stacy-Ann, Whitney, and Claire. What a way to split em, eh? The 3 girls who had all of the drama last week are "randomly" placed on a team and told to work together. Surprisingly though, things went better than expected. The only real drama happened when Pamella Roland told Whitney she would never really book a girl her size for one of her runway shows. This set Whitney off on her proud to be big speech and I gotta say, I totally agree with her. Keep those comments to yourself Ms. Roland and just mark someone else's name on your scorecard! While Whitney dealt with her issues with Pamella and being forced to work with Dominique, the other team met with Shoshanna Gross to model bathing suits. No real drama there except Lauren once again struggled with her walk. I feel like even a toddler could get that walk down by now. After switching designers, the two teams met up at a third and final designer, Stacey Bendett (Alice and Olivia) who looked and acted like she was 17. Anyone happen to know how old she actually is? She didn't really have anything constructive to say except that Fatima was beautiful and Lauren can't walk. Who knew?! Once the girls were done with Stacey Bendett, the rep from Seventeen magazine crowned Team 2 the winners (thanks to Stacy-Ann) and awarded them a summer beauty spread in the June issue of Seventeen. The next day it was time for the photo shoot of the week and I gotta say, it was pretty cool. When the Tyra-mail came hinting to the girls what they'd be doing, Lauren made the funniest comment of the week. While the other girls tried to figure out what they'd have to do, Lauren announced: "I think it's a photo shoot!" Thanks, Captain Obvious! I'd say that was Lauren inner-model coming out a bit. Anyhow, when the models arrived at the site of the shoot it really made me want to go out and buy tickets for the show they were shamelessly promoting (Fuerza Bruta.) The girls were shot from underneath a clear surface as they flailed around in a puddle of water high above the ground. They were also photographed without any make-up, which gave us the chance to see these girls' natural beauty. As things kicked off, Claire announced she was going to "slide" in to the water. Even though Jay told her that wasn't necessary, she does a face plant that had me on the floor laughing. Now, normally I wouldn't be so mean-spirited, but if you saw the episode you wouldn't fault me. (Incidentally, the flash went off during this swan dive, which means somewhere in the editing room of ANTM is a picture of that catastrophe, and I'd pay good money to see it!) So Claire has to take a time out to make sure she's ok. Dominique seemed to rock Mr. Jay's world (his words, not mine.) Lauren was her usual awkward self. Kat was given a second makeover where she got her hair cut short after the judges loved her look in the last photo shoot. She embraced it and turned in a great performance during the shoot. Following the shoot, the girls rested up before facing the judges once again. In panel, the judges seemed extremely disappointed with Claire's photo. They said Kat's picture was beautiful and Tyra commended Whitney for being one of the only girls to actually smile for her pictures. They came down on Lauren for having a weak shot which made me think she'd be the one going home. When it came time to eliminate someone it was between Claire and Lauren. Claire was sent home, giving Lauren another chance to prove she can get out of this awkward "not a model" phase. Well people, in my time away I have to say that I've had a change of heart. All season I've said my top 3 were Lauren, Whitney, and Claire. Even before this episode began and Claire was sent home I decided she was no longer my favorite and, like most of you, I'm getting sick of Lauren's complaining about not feeling like a model. So my friends, they've been replaced. I still love my Whitney and I want her to go all the way but I'd be just as happy seeing Kat take home the crown instead. I thought she was beautiful before the short hair (and I was pretty disgusted by Paulina's comment that "her Eastern European tackiness is gone"). Shut it Paulina! You will never be Janice no matter how obnoxious the producers tell you to be.
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