America's Next Top Model

Season 13 Episode 4

Make Me Tall

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

America's Next Top Model begins with the girls learning how to perfect their signature walk. Ms. J and her mini-me, nine year old Diva Davanna (who has walked in over 200 fashion shows), show off their fierceness. This stunt is meant to prove that if you are vertically challenged, you can still walk tall. The girls display their walks one by one down the red carpet runway. Nicole walks stiff, Lulu looks ticked off and Brittany's walk looked the most model-like. Ms. J seems to agree. Later at the house, Bianca talks about how much she misses Courtney. Sundai tells her she shouldn't because Courtney had talked smack about her. Then Lulu tells Bianca to 'put her eyebrows' down, which turns into an attitude war. I guess that's what tight living quarters and fierce competition does to you. The next day, the models arrive in Malibu to work with fashion designer Kevan Hall. They will be walking with models 5'10 and over, so they have to hold their own. They meet Ann Shoket, the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, who will get to give her input on the girls' walks since the winner of this little challenge gets to do an advertorial in the magazine. The girls all look pretty tiny next to the super-tall models. Everybody does pretty well, but there are a couple of issues; Lulu looks like she's walking to school, not on the runway. Her repeated, "I refuse to change my walk," statements are really annoying. If she doesn't change her walk, Tyra is going to boot her. Ms. J and Anne clearly agree. They think she needs a cup of coffee. Bianca needs to step it up, too. She looks miserable, and she is boring to watch. Next comes the judging; Brittany wins the challenge. She gets to be in an advertorial for Excite prom dresses, and she picks Laura and Kara to appear as well. Immediately after the challenge, they head to the shoot. The prom dresses look great and the picture comes out beautifully! Back at the house, Nicole pressures Bianca to reveal why she is so afraid to appear vulnerable. Bianca confesses she was once in an abusive relationship, and she is so hard on the exterior because she has been so used to lying about it for so long. Lulu does not like Bianca and Nicole bonding, so she puts her typical two cents in and creates tension in the room. The girls arrive at a photo shoot in a warehouse with odd furniture and a jungle gym. For the shoot they have to "cheat their proportions" and look long and tall. On the set, all Lulu does is complain about other girls. She talks about everyone and criticizes their modeling and personalities. Karma bites her in the butt when her shoot is awful. Tyra gives her typical spiel about the prizes, and then it is judging time: Bianca looks a lot less harsh than usual. She gets a lot of praise for finally getting it together. Brittany and Sundai look short and squished. Their poses didn't do much to elongate them. Laura and Rae prove lying down doesn't necessarily make you look longer. Jennifer looks great...her eye issue is unnoticeable. Erin, Nicole and Kara both look super tall and modelesque. Lulu doesn't look like a fashion model. The panel agrees. Ashley looks somewhat taller, but the shot has no life to it. The judges deliberate. The best photo award goes to Kara. The bottom two girls, predictably, are Lulu and Brittany. How ironic. Brittany gets the chance to improve, while Lulu gets sent home. Considering Lulu spent the whole episode complaining about Brittany and saying how she had no talent, it serves her right - and it's somewhat amusing to see her lose to Brittany. So now that Lulu is gone, do you think someone else will take over her roles as resident 'mean girl'?