America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 2

New York City, Here We Come

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Here we go again! Last week Tyra and the Jay's picked the lucky 14 girls who would be heading to New York and moving into the house. But exactly how lucky were they? From the looks of things, this cycle won't be quite the cakewalk that previous seasons may have seemed. Along with the move back to New York city comes many other changes to Top Model. Now onto this week's recap. Now, typically I'd skip right over the opening credits and get right into the action but if the producers worked hard enough to give us a brand new opening...why not take a minute to comment on it? All I have to say is: Tyra, Tyra, Tyra! I vaguely remember what the intro was like in past seasons but I truly don't remember it being this Tyra-centric. However, I should add that when they did eventually show the girls they looked great. Dare I say fierce? Anyhow, following the pretty new intro we watched as the girls arrived on the mean streets of NYC. They received their first piece of Tyra-mail which directed them to their new home. Let the screaming begin! As the girls' piercing screams echoed throughout the halls of their new home, one gal happened to notice the lack of bedrooms. Twist number 1! This cycle some of the girls will be sleeping on bunk beds while the rest are forced to share the blanket in one over-sized bed. As if there wasn't enough cat-fighting going on already? Before the girls could get completely comfortable Mr. and Miss J arrived to take them on a tour of Manhattan. The final stop on their tour was Times Square where a runway was set up for the first mission. Without even a single lesson the girls were told they'd be walking in a Badgley Mischka fashion show in front of the massive crowds that congregate in the busiest neighborhood of the city. It was scary enough to give even the tough-as-nails Marvita butterflies. Nevertheless, the aspiring models were sent right into hair and make-up and prepared for their debuts. As the show came to an end, the girls made their way backstage and the claws came out once again. Though I didn't see anything go down, Marvita claimed that as Fatima came through the curtain her hand struck Marvita in the face. Instead of apologizing for it Fatima just looked at her. Oh's too soon to be at each others throats already! With a new day came a new Tyra-mail. After rising from their beauty sleep and prepping themselves to start the day, the housemates made their way to Elite modeling agency where they were greeted by director Neal Hamil. Neil introduced the girls to supermodel (and Twiggy's replacement) Paulina Porizkova who was brought in to critique the girls on their pre-makeover look. Paulina held nothing back in pointing out all of their flaws. Despite being fairly accurate, many of her criticisms were just mean for the sake of being mean and not at all constructive (with exception to telling Marvita not to bite down on her back teeth.) Either way, at least she's got more personality than Twiggy. When the girls left Elite, a yellow limo taxi pulled up outside to take them to their next destination. I guess going green was only important in last year's cycle? The limo took the girls to their first photo shoot where Mr. Jay told them they'd be depicting an important social issue: homeless youth. The models were paired up with young homeless women and they decided to do a whole role reversal thing. The homeless women were dressed up in high fashion while the models were made up to look like vagabonds. To be honest, it seemed like the homeless girls were doing a better job posing than any of Tyra's picks. Fatima seemed to be the only one who showed any emotion during her shoot. Even Marvita, who claims to have been homeless at one point in her life, couldn't deliver when it came time to do so. Back at the house, a third Tyra-mail informed the girls that the next day they would be standing in front of the judges for the first elimination. Many of the girls saw the down time as a chance to get to know one another. Kim made the mistake of telling Fatima that while she does enjoy modeling, she doesn't enjoy high fashion and the concept of paying $3,000 for a dress. The next day it was time to face the judges. Tyra announced that Paulina would officially be taking over for Twiggy on the judging panel. Before she could begin examining the week's photos, Tyra took the opportunity to share her own brush with homelessness when she pretended to be homeless for a day on her talk show. How brave. As the examination got underway, the judges took a liking to Aimee, Claire, and Whitney but trashed on Atalya, Amis, and Alison. But when Kimberly announced to the judges that she was not interested in the whole fashion thing, she pretty much pushed herself out the door. Silly girl! Even though Kimberly voluntarily left the competition, Tyra told the 13 remaining girls that one of them was still going to be eliminated. They decided that Atalya was not fit to continue on. Adios Atalya!
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