America's Next Top Model

Season 16 Episode 5

Rachel Zoe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • The "Rachel Zoe" episode (spoilers ahead) -

    I think I jinxed it. I thought the show picked it up, but this episode was quite weak.
    First of all the girls shoot YET ANOTHER commercial, this time for CoverGirl. Monique was a very good director, but Alexandria ruined it. Mikaela looked fabulous and except for overusing the f-word, she did a nice job (in the end her + Kasia and Brittany won).

    Then we get to see the "behind the facade" Alexandria, which got me intrigued - is she really two-faced? About the shoot - the famous stylist Rachel Zoe designed a couple of faux-furs which girls got dressed in and were off to shoot in the old LA ZOO with a really cute baby jaguar. IMO some of the hair styling caused some "cave-women" lookalikes, but the results were fashionable.

    Hanna surprised me with her photo and I think that Alexandria was really lucky with hers. Dalya was quite lost and according to Jay all "101 model poses"...she was sent home.

    I would love the show to swing back to the good ol' quality times...