America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 12

Ready for My Close-Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 07, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Hey Top Model-ers. Last week, many of you (myself included) were disappointed to see Kat go after the Tyra-shot photo shoot. Hell, even Whitney was shocked she didn't get the boot. But such is life in the land of reality competitions. Tonight's episode starts out with the final four ladies: Whitney, Fatima, Dominique and Anya. The girls arrive back to their pad to see Salesha's pictures all over the house. Of course Dominique has to make the comment that she's "the Salesha of the house" before heading to bed while the other girls take the opportunity to talk smack about her crappy eating habits. The fact that the girl can eat doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me is her make-up job in some of these scenes. Seriously though, does anyone else notice her foundation tends to be 4 shades too light for her face? For the challenge, the girls arrive in the park, and as a little change of pace, they get to play photographer for the day (clearly they'll never be as good as Tyra was last week). Their mission: to capture the best picture of Paulina (and play nice with her at the same time) within five minutes. Fatima is up first, and she took charge, but with a professional manner. Dominique mastered the art of talking in circles. Whitney directed well and was very professional as well. And Anya tried to have Paulina be as perky as she is, but didn't have a whole lot of direction. As far as results go, Whitney's lighting came out well and she "didn't hesitate." Anya was a "fun" photographer. Fatima made Paulina feel "relaxed" and provided "a lot of options." Dominique's critique, "Your compositions just weren't quite there," and, my personal favorite was Paulina's, "I was going to go wherever you were going to lead mebut you led me to a cactus." And the winner--Dominique! Juuuust playin'. Fatima went home the victor and nabbed herself 50 extra frames on the next photo shoot as her reward. Back at the house, Fatima put in some extra time practicing her runway walk. And guess who had the most to say? Oh, Dominique. What you call self-confidence, we call self-obsessed-without-merit. Anywho, tonight's challenge: the girls get to do a night shoot as a '50s movie star stalked by the paparazzi. But wait, who's that running towards the girls? Why, it's noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker! Let the shoot begin. First up is Anya. She couldn't seem to get out of the posey rut until Jay distracted her. Fatima was next and no one was impressed. But good thing she won those 50 extra frames, right? Wrong! She botched those, too. Whitney was taking the posey shots as well. Dominique was her overly confident self going into the shoot, and according to Jay, "actually took a few steps back." So basically, the question now is who sucked the least. At judges panel, Anya lucked out and got an amazing shot by the judges standards. They all loved her "fresh" energy. Whitney looked great, but they found her to be a bit stiff. And then was Dominique. Even in the final four, Tyra had to teach Dominique to dress at panel. According to Paulina, her picture was that of a transvestite. At least she calls it like she sees it considering that was her softest shot. Tyra had to give her a little how-to lesson on avoiding the tranny look. Fatima looked like more of a Covergirl in her shot, but it was decent. With Fatima and Dominique in the bottom two, who goes? Bye-bye, Dominique! And then there were three. And that wraps up another episode of Top Model. Personally, I think it's about time Dominique left, but if I said it once, I'll say it again; I'm truly surprised Whitney hasn't been cut yet based on plus sized models of past cycles. Perhaps there really may be a plus size model in the Top 2 (but I'm not holding my breath). Overall, I secretly was hoping for a bit more drama, but come to think of it, now that Dominique is gone, the cat fighting may be as well. Hopefully Fatima will step up and resume her old role as the annoying one.