America's Next Top Model

Season 10 Episode 12

Ready for My Close-Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 07, 2008 on The CW

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  • I this episode the girl's challenge is to take picture sof Paulina, and whoever does the best gets 50 extra frames, Fatima does the best so she wins. There photoshoot is the girls portray Italian movie stars being pursued by the paparazzi.

    In order to better understand their role in front of the camera, the girls are given a lesson in photography. This is followed by a challenge in which they must direct and shoot Paulina Porizkova, as Seventeen editor Ann Shoket looks on. Dominique's lack of focus and Anya's over-enthusiasm gets critiqued, while Fatima and Whitney's professionalism gets praised. Fatima is chosen as the winner, with a reward of 50 extra frames at the upcoming photo shoot. At the photo shoot with Nigel Barker as the photographer, the girls portray Italian movie stars being pursued by the paparazzi. Mr. Jay and Nigel experience difficulty getting the girls into character, leaving all feeling vulnerable. At panel, Anya is commended for a stunning photo, though it is noted that it was essentially an accident and that she required continual coaching from Jay. Whitney is told by Paulina that she at last produced a photo that does her beauty justice. Dominique is once again criticized for her dress and appearance in person, and for looking too "drag" in her photo. The judges express disappointment in Fatima as she didn't listen, therefore she did not capture the correct theme, even with 50 extra frames. Dominique and Fatima are left in the bottom two, with Dominique ultimately being eliminated.