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  • Asia's Next Top Model S5 - expect the unexpected!

    I loved each episode of ANTM but i think the one to watch is Asia's Next Top Model and the awesome thing is that the episodes are entirely availlable online on the official website of the show
  • Drama is overkill

    Hey what happened to ANTM being about modeling. It has become a show that is focusing on the inside drama. Hope that they can get back to it being about modeling!
  • Get Rid of Kelly

    Please get people on the judging table that are models or past models. Kelly is a racist. She shouldn't be judging. She treats blacks very disrespectfully. There's a way to give constructive criticism and communicate with respect without smashing someone's hopes, dreams and heart. If she can't critique in love, she doesn't need to be working with youth.

    Tyra has a way with words. She encourages and gives feedback the models can use and apply. You can't just give someone feedback without offering them another alternative and something positive to consider.

    I cannot support this show with Kelly mistreating these young adults and discriminating on their striking cheek bones, form, attitudes etc. This is what diversity is about. She needs to get with the times and welcome open mindedness and diversity. There is no reason to call a model an alien or delusional. She is pure trash.
  • too many changes!

    The show is changing way too much. Now the focus isn't modelling amymore, it's all about a campaign. I like when they did a challenge to learn a modelling skill then had a photoshoot and then elimination.
  • I usually like this show, too bad Kelly Cutrone ruined it.

    When the show started, right away I knew I would be dissapointed. Kelly is honestly the worst person you would choose as one of the judges for this show. Yeah I understand you don't like "excuses" but damn you have no need to be a huge b**ch about it. Also Kelly was sooooo rude to Nyle in episode 13 when he couldn't see or hear anything, oh you only asked one question? He was trying to explain himself which already isn't very easy to do. You are a HUGE dissapointment for this show. I really really hope you aren't on the next season.
  • Poor nyle

    How could they do that to nyle! That was ABSOLUTELY unfair. I can't even believe how rude they were to him in panel too! He has a MAJOR disadvantage and has done AMAZINGLY and better than majority of those other models consistently throughout the competition. And they take away the sense that he relies on and he STILL does a good picture and they criticize him lol. thats ridiculous.
  • Unfair to Niel

    Why would they make them model in the dark when Neil cannot hear & the flash light was in his eyes so he couldn't see they had the nerve to tell him he did poorly... I thought that was a terrible thing they did to him...
  • 'ANTM'

    "America's Next Top Model" cycle 22 host and judge Tyra Banks took to Facebook to support his photographer friend Matthew Jordan Smith's campaign called Future American Dream.
  • Eva was a good model before they ruined her hair

    Eva was so gorgeous and a good model before they ruined her hair and sent her home.. 1 bad photo for her after they ruined her and made her look like some hippie not a model... and she was out i know she would of had a better chance if they didn't give her such a ridiculous make over and for her to leave saying it's her fault ... the pagent girl got so many chances and she should of been going home her face wasn't even in the photo and the judges just made up some bull shit to keep her around because she's drama and gives a show... I am so disappointed ....
  • Worried about imperfections

    the current episode in the newest cycle they're looking at their pictures and pointing out little imperfections their legs a little bit of that on their stomachs. these are all kids and they are skin and bones. kids trust me you're not that you don't have an ounce of I feel so bad for Courtney because that guy mislead her and he's an ass. and how is she starting trouble in the house for telling the truth. The only ones that are starting the trouble are those guys because they're the ones that said it and it only shows are jealous they in there Courtney men are all pigs they want to see you gone the best revenge is winning!and to make sure I understand in case they read this regarding ava and her picture,you guys say it should come down yes everyone wants their picture up there but that's petty and shows jealousy anyone would defend themselves to that and now she's a bitch I don't get it but ok. who's the real troublemakers it's pretty clear
  • search your model story

    I am very dissapointed because Belo is fake, take him out
  • America chose Lenox..

    I am so irritated that I signed up just to put my opinion out there. I don't know how they go about it, whether it's a vote or what but Lenox is going home, and should have gone home a while ago. This is Americas next top model and the girl who stood next to her was better.. Quit with the pitty votes. You can see it in Tyra's face that Americas vote was a let down and a joke. She sucked at acting and the photo shoot.. Like wth! I'd give the show a 10 if Americas voting rights were taken off cause they suck..
  • I probably won't finish the season

    I used to really like this show when it was about modeling. Now it has turned into cesspool of nonsensical depravity. I understand that some events on reality shows are created for the sake of viewer interest, but this show has gone so far as to make most of the happenings on the show contrived sensationalism. More than that it is nearly a political campaign for homosexuality. Every single episode has to find a way to push the homosexual agenda. I don't care who a person kisses, marries, or sleeps with, I just wanted a show about the struggles of aspirating models in a fun reality based atmosphere. I liked Tyra's real woman, sophisticated, professional model image, now she's cussing more often on camera?! I guess I'm old fashioned (I'm completely unapologetic for that and won't change). I just liked the show better when it wasn't so trashy.
  • really!!

    I think I would get rid of this ungrateful bunch of kids. Better shows in the past
  • what have they done

    The new media decision is awful. The judges are judges because they know the business not who the general public want to see because they are funny or theres a romance blooming.

    I miss the old judges, and the fresh batch of models there are only a few genuine people. Alot of them are very self indulgent with their "heartbreak sstories"needing a serious reality Phil being homeless - THAT is real. All the others welcome to the real world, the fact they mention it or draw any experience to it is ridiculous.

    I also think having many photo shoots with multiple guys and girls in one shot stunts the overall improvement of the models. Guys working with girls, gay couples or scenes is great. But having two guys one girl ect just seems a little unfair. I personally think this was done to save airing time nothing more.

    Ive followed Americas Next Top Model since the bbeginningand this is the first series i've been massively disappointed with. its too loud, busy, and no wheres near as serious. The only good thing still about this show is makeovers, final shots, and of course Tyra. Rant over -phew!
  • used to love this show!

    I have seen all seasons many times!once the j's and nigel were gone the show lost a new creative director new system of voting is ar judges for a reason they should be deciding not to mention i hate the guy who gives out social scores he is so annoying,
  • i have a son that is interested in being on the show to be a model top model.

    is there going to be another girls and guy Americas top model? I have a son that would love to be on the show..

  • I love Americas next top model

    I think Victoria should go home, I am really concerned about her health.
  • Tyra Really ?

    Really Tyra ? You didnt choose right !! Laura ! No its was supposed to be Kiara , && You Know It !!! Just wait til I Get To that age !! Im Going to nail it ! You Shouldnt have chose her & YOU KNOW IT ! I still love your show though . . Kelly you are the worst ! How are you a judge ? You *CRITISIZE* Big Time , But I dont see you up there walking or making your best pictures ! Stop being a hater && lose some weight . All That food got you all cranky && Stupid .

  • Welcome to the Newest Season of America's Next Top Blonde!

    As soon as the makeover episode comes along, we all know EXACTLY who's going to win.

    Cory, wherever you are, we love you , and in our hearts you totally won!
  • no blacks please

    Has no one noticed that Tyra Banks talks about being black in the business, yet very few black women become Americas Next Top Model? Tyra is about Tyra and no one else. The walls of the models home are plastered with pictures of Tyra. Im not surprised that both Don and Renee were eliminated this season-they are not White!
  • Dumbest Judging System EVER!!!!

    WTH!!! What a load of new judges are the worst ever in Top Model history. Don should still be there if the old judges and judging system was in place. PLEASE!!!!! bring back the Jays and Nigel Barker. Tyra I don't know what you were thinking when you got rid of them and changed the judging system. Because you are not getting an honest vote because some of the public is not voting for how good the contestant is because they are voting for who they like and is good looking as well as a person back story. This and last season have been the lamest season ever. You are going to lose a lot of fans if this new voting system as well as keeping this stupid judges you have are still there next week. I know quite a few people who have already stopped watching the show and if the judges are the same and this social media voting system is still in place next cycle you will lose me as a viewer as well. Tyra please listen to your fans and bring back Top Model the way it was
  • What a load of manure!

    What a load of crap from both the judges and social media! Don is by far the contestant with the most potential and his natural exotic look is something sorely missing from most male models today.

    I am so very close to stop watching ANTM because of the BS judging. Not just this season but previous seasons before. Who gives a rat's ass about social media. PUULEEZE... makes me want to puke!

    Tyra, you are running your brilliant idea into the pig sty. Dirty, smelly and full of chit. You have come up with some lame brained ideas for the show before but this season takes the cake.

    Chris and Jeremy should have gone weeks ago for their single expression look and stiffness.
  • I enjoy it!

    Tyra's great, the challenges are great, really its a good source of entertainment. I'm very pleased with the how they spice it up a little, and add males to the challenge. As a little girl I was always sad when the seasoned ended but ecstatic to see a new season start.
  • Tyra Banks Next Top Models

    I am sick and tired of Tyra fake self, this morning I was watching her show with the Young Black Girl Alicia, was attached by three white girl and also the photo people. The show seems more racism than anything else. Jessica should have been the next top model. I believe the gay guy was jealous of her confident about herself. The Judges and Tyra is all ugly themselves, I am glad tyler was not interested in tyra. Pleas Tyra with all your gay men know nothing about a real model or women u all are fake fake fake, Give to your black race Ms. Tyra. You look gay yourself. Most black people don't like your show anyway. Please change yourself u are a burned out model, now it time to be yourself. How can you allow mixed up men to judge other womens. God is not pleased with you.
  • This show has gone off the deep end

    This is exactly how I feel about the quote from 18/2012_Apr_20_nigel-jay-miss-j-fired

    "America's Next Top Model's limp toward its death accelerated yesterday, as Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander, and Jay Manuelwere fired from The CW reality competition. They won't be back for season 19 in the fall, but Tyra Banks and her ego are both (They should get them back). It's not fun anymore.

    Having the public vote on these girls' futures are ridiculous! What the heck do they know. One week a girl could be on top then the next week sent home because some STRANGER didn't like her picture. I've seen it happen. This show is absurd. There ratings are ridiculous. They can't even get a million viewers, at times.. The entire voting system is stupid.

    I agree about Tyra's ego! It needs to go!
  • Sad Societal Statement

    It is a sad statement that your producers have run out of ideas and you have to stoop to half- naked photo shoots. There will be only one "Next Top Model", but the rest of these young women will have to live with what you have asked them to do, for the rest of their lives. These half-naked photos could cost them dearly in years to come. They could be disqualified from many opportunities because they believe you have their best interests at heart. They could lose among other things scholarships and internships all because they posed for bare photos. Maybe you should get a little more creative and think about these young women instead of your ratings and pocketbooks. I have watched my last "Next Top Model". I will no longer watch, or support Tyra Banks in any form, as well. Gwen Craig
  • how about next "little/young" model

    even though it might have to be recorded only within their vacation of school days, it is still a whole new topic
  • New Format

    I don't feel the new cycle's changes have helped the show progress in anyway. I have watched the show since cycle 1 but in recent cycles, it's easy to see they are struggling for ideas. I don't like the college theme, all these girls have basically left college to go on top model. Plus, I strongly dislike the public participation. I liked the idea of them taking the public's opinions into account, but only that they would look at the remarks and take them into consideration; not score them out of ten. Also what with it being a college theme cycle, people will have allegiances to vote for the girl from their own college, regardless of whether they think they are good or not. Also, marking out of ten for every challenge/photo shoot they do is ridiculous. It rules out the girls potential and their personality, which is important.
  • An inspired idea..

    Hey Tyra! First and foremost I'm a huge fan of ANTM! I've been thinking about this for a long long time and never really knew how to bring it up, or if these fan reviews even make it to you? Hopefully this one does.

    On ANTM I always hear you promoting healthy living lifestyles for your models, as well as promoting career, and success. I think you should start a show for the unsung hero's of communities! A weight loss/beauty competition for people that want to be accepted and gain the looks to match their beautiful personalities! We wouldnt need prizes as the ultimate prize for me would be to become healthy for the first time in my life and learn how to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my days.

    Well, me? Yes, I am a very overweight 24 year old woman. However I have the spunk of a 19 year old, and carry the responsibilities a usual 40 year old would. I'm a full time single mother of a 2 year old, as well as a full-time student. In my community I work with 50 families as an Early Childhood Coordinator at our local School district. I do home visits and book bag exchanges, as well as playgroups and read alouds for our community. I'm very involved with other students in the high school as I take on the role of 8th and 11th grade advisor. I'm also supporting the Senior class this year in getting volunteer hours with Early Childhood Development for one of their classes. I care about the children and my community very much, and see myself forever contributing and supporting the success for not only myself but the community and youth as a whole.

    I'm outgoing and know how to be a real friend. I work hard and am determined. But I do need help. I do believe in myself that I am a beautiful person with all of these amazing traits, however, the world doesn't accept me that way. I've been made fun of my whole life for my weight and it truly is a toll that I deal with everyday no matter how positive I am. I really want to become healthy and allow my body to match my personality for the first time in my life.
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