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  • Every "Cycle" Tyra banks and her panel of judges decides who had the guts to become a model. Putting each contestant through their paces and making sure they know what they are getting themselves into.

    LOL! I watch thii show just for the complete stupidity on the wanna-be models side. First they become friends with some one that they auditioned with, then when there isnt very many girls left, the friendship starts to wear thin and its only then that these model wanna-bes realise that this is a competition not a party. Its a good show if you are looking for a laugh on a rainy day. Its kind of weird what they put these girls through; posing with tigers, spiders, men, rollerskates. Its all so classic. Some of the girls they have on there are really stunnung but when they cry about lost makeup or something materialistic about that its hard not to laugh. All in all, the show isnt that bad, but dont get hooked on it.
  • I love this show, I've been watching since cycle 2 and just can't get enough! If you're a fan of fashion this is the show for you.

    I love this show, I've been watching since cycle 2 and just can't get enough! If you're a fan of fashion this is the show for you (I only watch it for the fashion and makeup, I can't stand how dumb most of the girls are!) It's so interesting to see their crazy makeup and outrageous photo shoots. I also like that they travel to other countries so we can see the fashion and culture there.
    The only part of this show I don't like is the girls can get annoying and there is always going to be one girl you can't stand who gets far.
  • Terrible. THese shows with the exception of some like Jackass, Wildboys, and shows like that are completely gay. There\\\\\\\'s really no point in them. They suck and are on for 1 season.

    America\\\\\\\'s Next Top Model is ridiculus. Who the h3ll care about the next model? The show is about a bunch of ugly girls put into a house where they, fight, curse, and compleat stupid chalenges with \\\\\\\"guys\\\\\\\" taking their pictures. The girls look like men, and when I last checked, a model was supposed to be pretty. And the contestants are the dumbest, washed up people that go on it just for the money. Who would really want to become a model off this show? I have never seen one do anything with their job as a model at all. I\\\\\\\'ve nover even hear of any of them. This show along with the rest like it are retarded.
  • I just started watching Top Model during Cycle 7 and im hooked!

    I love this show! its soo good and im glad CariDee won.. i hated Melrose she was such a brat and thought she was the best... CariDee was herself all throughout the competition and didnt make 1 enemy except Melrose... she is so pretty too... I just love everything about her.. i hope to see her doing something good in her modeling life. Although i dont like Tyra that much i love her show... some of the photo shoots are a little drastic like the bull one and the freezing cold pool water... but i still love the show... I felt so bad for the models who were freezing their butts off in that pool... Tyra was so stupid to make the water that cold... someone couldve gotten major sick like way worse than what CariDee had... and the bull was stupid.. how could she put the models in that kind of danger.. the bull couldve like killed them... I love Tyra's show but not really her....
  • excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent show i just love it, so much things that are just so good and people that want to be a model its awesome but they should do americas next male top model that whould be cool thanks for the attention goodbye

    this show is a very very very good show i would love it if there was a americas next male model that would be nice i just love the show its so awesome i love every winner my favorite from all the season ive seen them all is Eva and CariDee those two are my favortie they should do a challenge over here in puerto rico that should be cool so yeah i give this show a big big 9.9 the reason it doesnt have americas next male top model they should do it thanks for your attention good bye.
  • Pretty good show.

    America's next top model is s pretty good show. I find myself watching it whenever I'm bored. I'm not a big fan of drama like they have in the house, but I like the modeling part. The challenges are funny and sometimes really cool. Tyra banks is a great host and I get a laugh out of the judges. This show is good because you don't really miss much if you miss an episode. I used to watch it a lot in the earlier seasons but now I'm not as interested. Pretty good show anyway you should watch when their's not much else on.
  • grrr

    I actually can NOT believe that Caridee was picked over Melrose!! Are you actually kidding me? I will NEVER watch America's Next Top Model AGAIN! I'm pretty sure no one I know will either. That was so rediculous!! It's like Tyra chose who she wanted to win from the beginning.."Jaeda, your picture sucks a** again this week but we're gonna keep you have potential"..I honestly thought Eugena was gonna go home like RIGHT away..but no, she stayed..until the bottom 3! Melrose was the only reason SO many people even watched this season. Never Again
  • I am very sad that you have picked Caridee and not Melrose as now my daughter and I will never watch america's next top model again. We were really disappointed that you picked some one who is spacey then someone who knows how to walk down a runway.

    Even in every show melrose at been told by every one she went to that she new what she was doing. It really goes to show that all you have to do to win this show is be a cry baby and spacey and i really do not want my daughter seeing that. This is just my opioion and probaly doesn't mean anything but I just want to voice it and let you know that maybe the next show you might pick someone who actually knows what they are doing. Thanks I will never know.
  • I don't know why I watch this show? Every week I get made at Tyra or one of the girls, but I keep coming back. For some strange reason I find it interesting.

    I don't know why I watch this show every week. Tyra is getting on my nerves! She thinks shes some much better than everyone else and it so rude to the girls, when shes talking about their pictures and when she's sending a girl home. And what is with that one judges hair? I mean come on! What do you actually think you look good?? Someones needs to stuff a sock in Melrose's mouth and send her packing! She is completly rude and a total captial B witch!! I seriously hope she doesn't win, but for some reason the Bi**h always wins these types of competitions. I think Caridee should win!

    Some of the things they have these girls do is SUPID! What was the point of having the girls in freezing water?? Talk about a law suit! This show really needs to get some new judges! I don't understand what they see in some of the girls they kept and why they sent home some girls that were better! I mean what is with Anchal? She doesn't look like any kind of model! She should have been sent home wat before AJ and Brooke!
  • World renowned super model Tyra Banks places 12 girls into a house as they compete in fashion related competitions in order to achieve the coveted title of \"America\'s Next Top Model\".

    I decided to classify this show as a \"trendsetter\" because up until this program (and soon after Heidi Klum\'s \"Project Runway\") there never was a detailed look into the life of an aspiring supermodel. Sure, there had been VH1 and E! Hollywood True Stories following the destructive pathes of famous runway divas (drugs, alcohol, the works), but no reality show had decided to take such a poignant look at this billion dollar industry.

    The girls who are involved with this program are thrust into the hardships that the modeling world has to offer: complex shoots, on-the-spot interviews with a panel of widely known judges, and most of all the inner demons a model has to face while traveling on their career path. Topics such as eating disorders, infidelity issues, and overall the high demandingness the fashion life thrusts upon an impressionable 20 year old as to who they should want to be.

    This show is obviously tailored towards the young female demographic. We live vicariously through the experiences we see on such reality programming. But hey, if you have a boyfriend or male friends who would more than enjoy seeing attractive girls in sexy clothing, then tell them to tune in, there sure is a lot of it.
  • It ain't about being pretty.

    Tyra makes it look easy to be beautiful, but modeling is hard work. Drawing from her own career, Tyra devises technical, mental and emotional challenges for the contestants that test their will and determination. How well can you walk on gravel in high heels? Ever try posing with a tarantula on your face?

    Judges fiercely tear the aspiring models apart, comparing bone structure, runway skills and eating habits. One contestant was voted off because she was sick and missed a photo shoot. This competition is as much about psychological stamina as it is about physical endurance and if you don't have what it takes to be a model, then you're gone.

    Each week is an exercise in dedication, as the girls take in what the judges have to say and put their best face forward.

    Kudos to Tyra for showing us the rigors of modeling.
  • Americas next top model is Americas new guilty pleasure. Thirteen aspiring models audition to be Americas next top model. Created by former Super model Tyra Banks in 2003, the show has become one of the top rated shows on Prime time television.

    Ever since its debut in 2003 I have not missed a single episode. I am completely addicted. There is something interesting about watching these girls compete to be Americas next top model. Although I Tivo Americas next top model every week, I am disappointed in the type of girls Tyra chooses to compete. Half the girls that are chosen to be on the show have no chance at all, the girls that do have what it take are voted off before the girls that dont, and the recent top model winners are not at all top model material. The first season was great with Adrianne Cury, she was awesome. I think Mercedes should have won season 2 and the competition was fierce in the end because the best of the best made it to the finals. It was down hill from there when they voted plus size Tocara out and chose cant-model-worth-a-damn Anne. Tocara deserved to stay hands down and the reason Tyra said she voted her off the show was wack! Anyways, from that season on te show lacks its original Luster for putting top girls into a competition for the title of Americans next top model.
  • This show is sooo great!

    I really want eugena to win becuse first i wanted caridee but then she got annoying and plus she was bad in One Tree Hill. i wanted the twins to go because they never really wanted it. Melrose wants it so badly that she really deserves it but shes not getting better she is just average. ANd everyone around her are becomeing intense compition. So next week is the season finale and i cant wait. It will be so amazing and i can't wait. WHen they judge the final thing i think they will choose eugena which is fine with me.
  • I have watched many shows because there are hot chicks, but the lameness cancels out the hot chicks on this show.

    I actually watched this show or at least part of it a few times. I saw some of last night. I thought the twins were cute, that is the type of girl I think is hot. I never realized how much Tyra Banks was into herself. She put all these chicks in a house, and put her picture all over the place, that's a pretty big ego, how full of yourself can you be. I really don't watch some aging models, drag queens, and stuff like that. I understand I'm not there demographic, even though there are alot of guys who watch shows like that just to see. Not to be pervs or anything but just to check it out.
  • I don\\\'t get why nothing was mention about the white guy saying he doesn\\\'t want to kiss Jaeda because he doesn\\\'t date black girls.

    I don\\\'t get why nothing was mention about the white guy saying he doesn\\\'t want to kiss Jaeda because he doesn\\\'t date black girls. Tyra he was a racist and it meant nothing. If I were Jaeda I would have mess up on the commercial also with that in my mine. Tyra please don\\\'t forget who you are, you are doing an excellent job and I love you but remember God gives it and he takes it away.
  • bull crap

    this americas next top model os bull do u know that gurls have started deits and starved themselves because they want to look like her and the models the one that realy hurt me was the one where thier was a big boned woman and they took her out beacuse she was according 2 them fat man that day and 4 the rest of the month i realy hated tyra banks and modeling and fashion all together u know cause the fact that they didnt even give the dang woman i slim chance of winning so hate that show and everything about it
  • A heaps good modeling show.

    This show is a great reality show to teach girls how to be and how not to be america's next top model but some of the girls on the show are stuck up and hursh about little things but if u want tips on how to become americ's next top model it's the show to watch.
  • I love this show i watch it when it comes on and i love ms j she is a trip

    I loved the episode when the girl had to win a roll on one tree hill and the girl that won did a good part on one tree hill when she kissed mouth but not when she sleep with brookes boy toy. any way i can't wait until the next episode i just know it's going to be good.....
  • If you want a show that contains sissies, dumb drama, and well fake people this is a show for you.

    This show is the worst I repeat the worst show that I have ever seen in my young life. I never thought a show with girls in it could be so stupid! And they always saying "Tyra Mail" no one gives a dang about "Tyra Mail!" And Tyra always being so fake! And why do you have gay people on this show? I espacially want to slap "Ms. J Alexander" for bringing disgrace not only to the black race but to the entire human race! Seriously and the judges? I can get a paper bag that would be a better judge! And seriously when they get elimanated Tyra just show the dang photo of whose stayin' It would save a lot of time and save everyone a breath of fresh air.
  • ??? ANTM ???

    America\\\'s Next Top Model always brightens my Monday evenings =]. My favourite was cycle 5 but the cycle 7 models are so ugly.... No offence to anyone of course... Tyra Banks.. she takes a bunch of average looking girls and turns them into real models. I love this show so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. Actually I dont I just wrote that to take up 100 words lol =]
  • This show is a good one, but there is always room for improvement.

    This show is actually pretty good. It certainly fills my boots when I have a craving for gossip, or want to know the latest dirt on a person. It follows the same train of thought through every season, which just works for the show. They do new challenges, and come up with new twists and turns all the time which keeps the show fresh. However, sometimes people don't always agree on who gets the incredable opportunity to be America's Next Top Model. I suppose we can't always get what we want, but maybe at the end of the season, they can try something new, and get a bit of opinion from the viewers on who they would choose and why. It may not be the most logical idea- but the show would certainly get some awesome ratings!
  • I have mixed feelings

    But I still watch the show why? I have no idea. I guess in some way it appeals to me or I would not be here writting this now would I. I'm not sure I know who I want to win the only one that I can see that really wants it is Cardee I know I spelled it wrong sorry:(
  • I hate that I love this show.

    Honestly, I\'m somewhat embarassed to admit that I like this show. However, I\'m still going to be the one sitting in front of the TV watching an eight hour marathon of America\'s Next Top Model on VH1. I admit that Tyra Banks tends to get on my nerves, but there is something amazing about watching how catty and fickle the \"models\" can get throughout the show. I also love watching their transformations, as most of them are only plain to somewhat cute looking until they get their hair and makeup done by professionals and are photographed by famous photographers. It\'s kindof like the wicked stepmother meets cinderella reality tv fantasy. I hate that I love this show!
  • Trya Bank turns fashion wannabes into fashion superstars!

    This show is one of my personal favourites because it shows that models arent just GIVEN the right of being a model, you need hard work and commitment to become a TOP model. The challeges and creative photo shoots keep me watching this show . But at times it seems a little bit scripted, i dont like having to watch scripted scenes in REALITY shows, like c'mon. Pretty nice show over all.
  • Not good for young girls. Bad influence. The show is about young, beautiful, and skinny girls and they still think about their weight and looks, and young girls look up to that and they start to think that way and it is not healthy.

    America\\\'s next top model is a nice show that people enjoy to watch, but it is not healthy. It has affect on girls of all ages. It has that effect because they take beautiful and skinny girls and judge them. Young girls and older women look up to these girls and want to be like them, and then they start to think about how they look and start to think that they are fat when they are pefectly fine. That can cause anorexia or bulemia. It is not healthy for the brain and health. I think we should put more shows about healthy people and not just about young girls who are thinking about their weight.
  • Last week, the girl who left was a high school senior. It was obvious that she was torn between her excitement of being on the show and the fact that she was missing her high school graduation.

    Tyra was heartless on this episode. While it is true that being on the show is a wonderful opportunity for any girl, Tyra could have still acknowledged that not being at a kid\'s high school graduation is a loss. It was painful to know that while this girl was being kicked off, her high school senior class was graduating. It felt like the show was being self important and not honoring the way the girl was feeling. It is possible to be excited about being on the show and still sad that she will not graduate from high school with her classmates.
  • WHY Her!

    Okay, I loved watching this showed, I can\\\'t missed it. But it was so so wrong for them to take Brook out... she was one of my fav. girl. So, what went wrong w/ her picture? is it because they think she is too young... she doesn\\\'t have the potential or what? I disagree with them, If taking one of the girl out at that same time, I will go for the one standing next to Brook.... I saw something in her better than the other girl who got to stay. okay. enough. it\\\'s done anyway.
  • America`s Next Top Model is a show where girls interested in the fashion industry showcase their talents to several of judges. Typically they would be assigned a photoshoot, then they would be judged at the end of the episode, and one would be eliminated.

    America`s Next Top Model is one of my favorite shows of all times. The writers and judges manage to keep it in the spotlight because of how they put the show together. The show isn`t just \"take a photo and we`ll judge that.\" The competing girls also do a number of tasks such as walking a tightrope, taking yoga, and putting together an entire outfit in less than a few minutes. Another thing that makes this show so interesting are the girls. They each have their own personality, and it is moving to watch how they deal with each other. They each have their own stories and their own problems. Sometimes the mean girls rather piss you off or makes you feel real sh*tty but that`s just how they are.

    In the show, there is a room with a webcam where the girls can just rant and say how they feel without being bothered by the others. We get an inside look at them through these webcams, and that gives the show some good karma points.

    During the photoshoots, each of the girls are either assigned to act as this certain character, or otherwise, work on the same thing. During judging time, the girls are shown their best shots of the day, and the judges talk to them about the pros and cons of their modeling. Sometimes they give tips as well. Then the girls are asked to leave the room while the judges are left to deliberate who ends up going home. In conclusion, the show is very straightforward, and is interesting and popular enough to keep going for a lot of cycles. I give this one a nine.
  • What was Tyra thinking sending Brooke home totally turned me off the show she had consistently better pictures it's absolutely a crock, why does Tyra continue to eliminate the girls who have taken good shots and keep the girls whose pictures SUCK Jaeda

    Tyra sucks, she thinks she is the next Oprah but let me tell you you're not even on the same page. Learn how to keep the girls who are good and send home the ones who suck, instead of doing what you think will be good for the ratings...there's a big difference Oprah is smart enought to keep a good person you aren't
  • Tired.

    I'm actually quite sick of this show. When is Tyra Banks just going to realize that she's old news and that her trying to take up spots on television is just going to make people hate her? I mean, did you see her little crazy spell on her talk show? Crazy **** I don't like her.
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