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  • If you want a show that contains sissies, dumb drama, and well fake people this is a show for you.

    This show is the worst I repeat the worst show that I have ever seen in my young life. I never thought a show with girls in it could be so stupid! And they always saying "Tyra Mail" no one gives a dang about "Tyra Mail!" And Tyra always being so fake! And why do you have gay people on this show? I espacially want to slap "Ms. J Alexander" for bringing disgrace not only to the black race but to the entire human race! Seriously and the judges? I can get a paper bag that would be a better judge! And seriously when they get elimanated Tyra just show the dang photo of whose stayin' It would save a lot of time and save everyone a breath of fresh air.
  • ??? ANTM ???

    America\\\'s Next Top Model always brightens my Monday evenings =]. My favourite was cycle 5 but the cycle 7 models are so ugly.... No offence to anyone of course... Tyra Banks.. she takes a bunch of average looking girls and turns them into real models. I love this show so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. Actually I dont I just wrote that to take up 100 words lol =]
  • This show is a good one, but there is always room for improvement.

    This show is actually pretty good. It certainly fills my boots when I have a craving for gossip, or want to know the latest dirt on a person. It follows the same train of thought through every season, which just works for the show. They do new challenges, and come up with new twists and turns all the time which keeps the show fresh. However, sometimes people don't always agree on who gets the incredable opportunity to be America's Next Top Model. I suppose we can't always get what we want, but maybe at the end of the season, they can try something new, and get a bit of opinion from the viewers on who they would choose and why. It may not be the most logical idea- but the show would certainly get some awesome ratings!
  • I have mixed feelings

    But I still watch the show why? I have no idea. I guess in some way it appeals to me or I would not be here writting this now would I. I'm not sure I know who I want to win the only one that I can see that really wants it is Cardee I know I spelled it wrong sorry:(
  • I hate that I love this show.

    Honestly, I\'m somewhat embarassed to admit that I like this show. However, I\'m still going to be the one sitting in front of the TV watching an eight hour marathon of America\'s Next Top Model on VH1. I admit that Tyra Banks tends to get on my nerves, but there is something amazing about watching how catty and fickle the \"models\" can get throughout the show. I also love watching their transformations, as most of them are only plain to somewhat cute looking until they get their hair and makeup done by professionals and are photographed by famous photographers. It\'s kindof like the wicked stepmother meets cinderella reality tv fantasy. I hate that I love this show!
  • Trya Bank turns fashion wannabes into fashion superstars!

    This show is one of my personal favourites because it shows that models arent just GIVEN the right of being a model, you need hard work and commitment to become a TOP model. The challeges and creative photo shoots keep me watching this show . But at times it seems a little bit scripted, i dont like having to watch scripted scenes in REALITY shows, like c'mon. Pretty nice show over all.
  • Not good for young girls. Bad influence. The show is about young, beautiful, and skinny girls and they still think about their weight and looks, and young girls look up to that and they start to think that way and it is not healthy.

    America\\\'s next top model is a nice show that people enjoy to watch, but it is not healthy. It has affect on girls of all ages. It has that effect because they take beautiful and skinny girls and judge them. Young girls and older women look up to these girls and want to be like them, and then they start to think about how they look and start to think that they are fat when they are pefectly fine. That can cause anorexia or bulemia. It is not healthy for the brain and health. I think we should put more shows about healthy people and not just about young girls who are thinking about their weight.
  • Last week, the girl who left was a high school senior. It was obvious that she was torn between her excitement of being on the show and the fact that she was missing her high school graduation.

    Tyra was heartless on this episode. While it is true that being on the show is a wonderful opportunity for any girl, Tyra could have still acknowledged that not being at a kid\'s high school graduation is a loss. It was painful to know that while this girl was being kicked off, her high school senior class was graduating. It felt like the show was being self important and not honoring the way the girl was feeling. It is possible to be excited about being on the show and still sad that she will not graduate from high school with her classmates.
  • WHY Her!

    Okay, I loved watching this showed, I can\\\'t missed it. But it was so so wrong for them to take Brook out... she was one of my fav. girl. So, what went wrong w/ her picture? is it because they think she is too young... she doesn\\\'t have the potential or what? I disagree with them, If taking one of the girl out at that same time, I will go for the one standing next to Brook.... I saw something in her better than the other girl who got to stay. okay. enough. it\\\'s done anyway.
  • America`s Next Top Model is a show where girls interested in the fashion industry showcase their talents to several of judges. Typically they would be assigned a photoshoot, then they would be judged at the end of the episode, and one would be eliminated.

    America`s Next Top Model is one of my favorite shows of all times. The writers and judges manage to keep it in the spotlight because of how they put the show together. The show isn`t just \"take a photo and we`ll judge that.\" The competing girls also do a number of tasks such as walking a tightrope, taking yoga, and putting together an entire outfit in less than a few minutes. Another thing that makes this show so interesting are the girls. They each have their own personality, and it is moving to watch how they deal with each other. They each have their own stories and their own problems. Sometimes the mean girls rather piss you off or makes you feel real sh*tty but that`s just how they are.

    In the show, there is a room with a webcam where the girls can just rant and say how they feel without being bothered by the others. We get an inside look at them through these webcams, and that gives the show some good karma points.

    During the photoshoots, each of the girls are either assigned to act as this certain character, or otherwise, work on the same thing. During judging time, the girls are shown their best shots of the day, and the judges talk to them about the pros and cons of their modeling. Sometimes they give tips as well. Then the girls are asked to leave the room while the judges are left to deliberate who ends up going home. In conclusion, the show is very straightforward, and is interesting and popular enough to keep going for a lot of cycles. I give this one a nine.
  • What was Tyra thinking sending Brooke home totally turned me off the show she had consistently better pictures it's absolutely a crock, why does Tyra continue to eliminate the girls who have taken good shots and keep the girls whose pictures SUCK Jaeda

    Tyra sucks, she thinks she is the next Oprah but let me tell you you're not even on the same page. Learn how to keep the girls who are good and send home the ones who suck, instead of doing what you think will be good for the ratings...there's a big difference Oprah is smart enought to keep a good person you aren't
  • Tired.

    I'm actually quite sick of this show. When is Tyra Banks just going to realize that she's old news and that her trying to take up spots on television is just going to make people hate her? I mean, did you see her little crazy spell on her talk show? Crazy **** I don't like her.
  • I got hooked to this season's ANTM!! Jeda should be next off.

    America's next top model is interesting to me this season! I have seen a few episodes from the last few seasons but didnt really catch on. I like seeing how it is, to see what it takes and to live (well to get there anyways) to be a model. I see these normal/ beautiful ladies go struggle to stay on this show. Transforming each time there is a photo shoot, which I love how extroidinary they are! It's amazing how creative the pictures can be, and to watch these models do their best to capture that picture is so nice to see. I do not like Jeda, she doesnt seem to have the passion to win. She was saved again, her luck cant take her to the end. I agree with the judges on sendin aj home :) they both are pretty but are lacking on showing it on pictures and I dont see either of them caring about it either.
  • I enjoy watching Americas Top Model .The girls are fun to watch and I enjoy seeing them trying to win. I also love to see when they get made over and cry over cutting their hair. Do top models really go through this?

    I give this show a number 1 rating. Its good for all age groups,young and old but i am not sure weather men go for it. Why not add male models? It would make the show a little different.Also, Tyra should apear more often I guess she is busy with her talk show. They should also show a bit more of the girls personal life such as their home boyfriends ect. Other than that, I really enjoy this show and look foward to seeing the hard work it takes to become a top model. I can also say I like knowing how the past top models are.
  • Americas top model is a show about belimic [i dont care if is spelled it wrong] models that are trying to make it. thoe they suck there is still hope for i are sexy trim girl tyra

    Tyra is awesome thoe in the tabloids they said she is gaining weight which is so totally not true tyra should a beauty pageant instead i have noticed also on the show how models kiss butt basically i think its prett pathetic i am not trying to trash this show it has good points also to i think the show is inspiring to young african americans with hope to be a model as well as tyra it is a alright show but not the best
  • Needs to be shorter and needs to take out the fluff. Nothing special....

    I found somewhere inside of myslef to watch this show. In the beginning, I was shocked to see that the first thing they show is what the girls do inside there house. Isn't this show supposed to be about modeling? After the first commercial, they got into the modeling stuff. I found the stunts that the models had to perform really wouldnt help them at all. Real models probably didnt go through all the hard things that these girls go through. After 40 more minutes, we were at the last ten. The judging was overdone and Tyra needs some help with giving the girls advice. The more she talked, the stupider she became. The last 5 minutes were completley useless when the last two girls are to be told who is going home. The speech that Tyra gives them is way to long and repetative. She also gets way to dramatic and talks so anoying that I dont even want to listen to her anymore. Overall, the show may be great to some people, but they have not experience real tv. This show should only be a half hour every week, and fix all the fluff.
  • This show, while good in showing diversity and character, needs a lot of help in judging and the situations that they put the girls in.

    I mean, how many times are we going to see the same thing people? Probably it's just me, but it feel's like they have lost that edge they had with them eversince Eva Pigford won the thing a couple of years ago, when the storylines were good and the characters didn't seem as such rip-offs from another season or two ago. I don't know, maybe it me, but i stopped watching this because it lost my interest. the first and second and third seasons were indeed good, but it lost it somehow. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it the situations or whatnot.

    This show just lost it edge with me.
  • Review of the 3rd episode of the newest season of America's Next Top Model...

    I have loved Tyra Banks since I was a kid. In fact, I still have the self-love/beauty book she published when I was 9 years old! So that's why I tuned in to the premier episode 3 years ago and it was amazing. I've been a fan ever since.
    Usually I agree with the judges' decision most of the season and then by the end, when I've got a favorite or two, I don't. However, this year, the judges threw me off right away. At the end of episode 3, I was shocked that the judges sent home "Rock & Roll" Meg and kept Jaeda around after being in the bottom 2 twice! I know other contestants in past seasons have been in the bottom several times but they're usually fabulous and worth another chance BUT that is not Jaeda. I really don't think she's got what it takes to make it all the way. I don't think she's particularly attractive and I just don't see what the judges see. I'm not even sure they see anything and they certainly haven't in her photos so far. So why is Jaeda still here? Anyway, my picks at this point, since my front-runners Meg and Megan are gone are: Melrose & Anschel. 'Til next week...
  • tha program is interesting because you can see the tranformacion of normal girl to a top model

    North lavishes praise on Kim, no word on test
    Reuters - He set a brilliant example in modelling the whole party on the great (self-reliance) idea, advancing the revolution with the might of ideology and opening the heyday of socialism. \"Our great leader Kim Jong-il\'s leadership has written a The models appear with Fabio in a photo shoot; and burlesque star Dita von Teese tries to help the women get in touch with their sexy side. Later, another model is eliminated from the competition
    A contortionist teaches the models how to strike extreme poses, which they later use in a circus-themed photo shoot. Back at the house, gossip leaves one woman in tears
  • A one hour show about whittling down 13 models to find america's next top model.

    What a great show this is. It\'s truly addictive tv ! Tyra Banks as the host is fresh original and funny and is clearly a bit part of what makes this show so successful. The different photoshoots, the judges and the drama of the girls adds up to one really addictive show ! Watch it!
  • funny

    i like how they show the models at home, so you can see how they really act. i also enjoy all the challenges and photo shoots they come up with for the models. i love ms. j. and how she coaches the models. i also enjoy how tyra seems willing to help them by explaining exactly what they need to do. this show really makes you realize how hard it is to be a model. one has to be more than just pretty, she has to be pretty tough. it would be interesting if they did a show with all male models or male and female mixed.
  • Lame Show with not much purpose

    This is one of the worst ideas for a tv that i have ever seen. I mean its really quite pointless. The basic point might be ok, but to try to make a show of it allis a bad idea. basically all that this show is is just a talent search with skantily clad women. The only reason that i think that it is still on the air is because UPN has no other good shows. To some people this might be interesting, but to me and probably the majority its not. They should take it off the air and replace it with Surface.
  • Girls compete from around the country to be America\'s Next Top Model.

    This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I like seeing the new contestants every season. Some of them are really pretty, some of them are natural model, some of them annoy the heck out of me, and some of them I can\'t figure out why they are on the show. But either way, I watch and enjoy. I love it when the girl I want wins or the girl I can\'t stand gets eliminated. Most of the time, the judges make the right decision. Speaking of the judges, they include top model, Tyra Banks and hottie photographer Nigel Barker. It\'s really a fun show to watch.
  • What can I say...I have watched this from the beginning and enjoyed each moment.

    Tyra takes modeling from behind closed doors to right in front of us. I hope this show can be motivational for girls to realize that they can be something that usually seems so far from their reach. It might not be modeling, maybe becoming a doctor or an engeneer. You're glued to your seat throughout each episode and you can never wait for the next one. Hopefully Tyra will continue helping girls reach their dreams for many more years.
  • Loves it.

    I love this show. I like the variety in the photo shoots each season. I absolutely love watching the make-overs and seeing the transformations. I am usually not really very happy with who the judges pick as the winner though. I usually tend to be a bigger fan of the runner-up. I thought Joanie should have definitely won last season...she had it all. I do like that every year they visit a different country although i hated it when they when to japan, i just thought it was boring. I hate the girls who think they're all that and aren't grateful (or at least don't seem like they're grateful) I think this show is an amazing opportunity for a lot of girls and it makes for good tv.
  • I was extremely upset to see that Tyra actually agreed to having the girls pose nude. I thought that was very degrading not only for the girls that were not chosen, but to Tyra\'s accountability. This goes against what she speaks about on her talk

    I can remember her telling inspiring models on her talk sho
    that they do not have to pose nude to get a modeling job.She encouraged them no to take their clothes off if they felt uncomfortable. She also told them that if they felt pressured for forced that they should leave.What she allowed to happen last night, was totally out of character for her. Atleast that is my opinion. Makes me wonder if she\'s ever done any nude posing. I think that was a very bad choice and I\'ve lost much respect for Tyra.
  • i reli didnt think i was going to lke this show. but turns out i doo. right now im watching the season premaire, n yah its good!

    I reli lke this show so far. itl bee reli interesting to see what the girls have to go thru to achieve their dream. i reli wonder who's going to win. i didnt think i was going to lke this show. but i decided to give it a chance. n i reli lke it. n its going to bee great watching it right before one tree hill. a great wednesday lineup! this show is good, so anyone lke mee, that didnt think they'd lke it, you should reli watch it!

    I'm such a chick! This show is so good in my opinion. I love seeing how hard it is for people to succeed in an industry I've always assumed was easy. And maybe the modeling (photoshooting) is easy for most good models, but getting into the business and making it to the top is more difficult than I realized. Plus the tension in the house is so natural and I love it. I also like to see the girls make friends with eachother. One thing about the show, however, is that they always seem to have character archetypes when selecting women. These are: the angry black woman, the proud and arrogant one, the insecure or shy one, the lesbian, the drunken or crazy one, and so forth. But these archetypes do make for a great dynamic. This show deserves a out of ten.
  • I love this show!!!!

    This show is about young girls or women whatevern you wanna call them but they go on this show to become America Next Top Model. The girls have to go and strike a pose and every week or somethin like that one person goes home! Lets hope it not you that goes home! Well this is a really good show and I think it deseves a 10 because its just so great and I think everyone should watch it! Well I really have nothin else to say so I am going to ramble until I get 100 words! And here we go i now have 106!
  • This show is about women training to become models.

    I love this show. Its so fun and inspiring for young women all over the world. It also helps people around the world learn to take nice pictures. It teaches you about the techinique to become a model and to take "fierce" pictures. This show is amazing. This show is so much fun to watch. This show also shows young women all over the world that modeling isnt as easy as it looks. Its's not all about taking beautiful pictures and traveling all over the world and metting new people, its about hard work. Its about commitment. This show really makes people understand what modeling really is.
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