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  • junior americas next top model

    i love this show but i want something new i love the idea of men and women being able to come n but ive always wanted to be on this show but i am too young i was wondering if they could have a junior edition i bet tht would be an amazing season!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yvonne

    Yvonne looks gorgeous but very ehh. She is very talented and needs to try harder. She has a nice figure and needs to know how to use it.
  • Victoria

    get rid of victoria, all she does is bawl and whine. She obviously can't handle the stress. The stories she tells at a photo shoot proves she is psychotic and the stories r bizarre. That is not normal.
  • so ugly

    Kristian is pretty on outside but ugly as hell on inside !!
  • Go Americas next top model

    im 14 and ive been watching antm since i was 11. i never miss an episode and i prefer americas version more than any other across the globe. my future plan is to leave the U.k and go to America to fulfil my dreams in being a model. most people think that modelling is about taking pictures getting money and as well as that getting the compliments. they dont understand that theres more to it, i spend my money trying to have photo-shoots and perhaps someday a photographer will notice me. i'm planning to finish my education (university) in america. im not the prettiest of girls however my soul and determination will get me to where i want to be. i love antm soo much and love tyras hairstyles, face and personality, its a great show to watch and isnt only for entertainment.
  • All serious

    First off I'd like to say how rude it is to bash Tyra Banks after all she's giving these girls a chance of a lifetime. I watch every season and reruns on oxygn almost everyday! My favorite winner was danni (danielle) she was incredible as long as she didnn't have to speak. (lol jk)

    but I do think you should do A plus sized cycle BUT you will deffinitly need to put a limit otherwise you'll have all sorts of women/girls showing up and sorry to say it a 400lb woman will never make it in the industry thats just the harsh facts. I am size 13 and look damn good I think women with bodies like mine would make for a interesting show maybe do size 10-16 or whatever woman like us are taking over the music& acting industry so why not let us model too? I've been paracticing my smize since I was 14 I'm 22 now. so no bad comments just think you should expande your ideas for the show...let somebody with true talent shine :) curvy girls rock!

    :) email
  • New Format is no improvement

    I do not like the new format. I have to say, if I wanted to hear what people wanted to say about the models, I would go to the chats and blogs, I don't want to hear them on the program. This whole numbers thing has robbed the show of its personality. I loved to hear the judges going over the photos and girls themselves before giving one the boot. Taking that away and replacing it with a bunch of videos people send in is just dumb, and then turning it into a numbers game just robs the judges of any power. Starting to find it all a bit of a bore.
  • Over It Already

    Hmm, so where is the "top model"? After 18 seasons, Tyra hasn't managed to select even one top model. Ladies, you are better off avoiding this dog of a show. Tyra is has been that truly has no interest in you.... The show has no credibility in the fashion world and I wouldn't hire any one of the "winners" for a show. Bootie tooch? Please, this woman gives fashion a bad name.
  • Trya Banks

    I just need some help Tyra. Please email me at I need some help with my look ever since I was hit by a car in 2008.
  • Kiara is awesome(:

    I love her, she's gorgeous, she can make every pic look modeliissshh(; and she's real !!
  • Seriously?!?

    Kristen, you are to pretty in the pictures, it actually makes you look ugly.
  • Stop being a b....t Kristen

    Kristen I think she being a b....t to people I want her to be kicked off!
  • wow... is this what it has come to

    I always thought that ANTM began things i watched just cause it was a original now its like .....just another show what were they thinking. i never write reviews but as i watched this cycle im appalled these young ladies left school to maybe maybe win a game show what are you telling young ladies... if the show couldn't stay tru i think it should have just went away. Better to go away on top then to be forced out.
  • Dear Tyra

    I watch all ur refund every week. One of my favorites is with the winner of Danny. But they seen to just keep repeating over and over the last five seasons. Please c if u can c about them showing some of the older shows also why cant u do an plus size show only an also why cony they call for older models why not do a show with older models we that r older would like a chance at an oppertunity to model too just cause ur older doesn't mean we cant do the job an that older women army interresred in fashion. Please give it a thought a serious thought. Thanks for considering my suggestions. Sincerely a fan since day one Candy
  • Get Rid of Reality TV

    This show sucks
  • Dreams

    Im a 13 year old girl and i have always wanted to be a model i watch your show. I have always wanted to be on the show and i thought would be good. I am 13 5'9" and i have wanted to be on the show scene i was 10 or 11. I have been practicing the walk and the booty tooch. So ya just wanted to tell you i am a big fan and would love to audition on your show. <3

    your show is awesome who wouldn't wanna be on your show it looks so fun. :) also i have a question how old do you have to be t be on your show? post back or email me at
  • Im getting disappointed

    Im a 15 year old girl who dreams of being a model im 5'7 and have wanted to be on the show since i was 12. I will always watch the show, but im have a few issues with it.

    I think the last cycle that i absolutely loved was probably cycle 14. ever since then the show really started going downhill. here are the reasons

    1)The show used to be about modeling, now its about being a "star", I mean making them record a song is a bit dumb. I just want to see them model!

    2)the judges, im sorry but they need Miss Jay, Paulina, Twiggy and basically evryone else before that. I am not a fan of this new judge Kelley.

    3)Judgings used to be my favourite time because of the judging tests, its where we really got to see girls shine. But now i think the last judging test that they have done was in cycle 11 where they had to runway walk with clogs.

    4)The photo shoots are not as interesting, or creative anymore. i remember when they would do the craziest stuff. I think one of my favourite photoshoots was the underwater one in cycle 13. i mean they never do that stuff anymore. They were close with the recent Macau tower one, but all they did was pose on the tower. even their outfits were a bit bland.

    5)I really dislike how they cut it down to the final 2, i remember when it would be final 3 where they do cover girl, and then final 2 runway. not to mention that they dont look back at their photos at the end.

    6) and the final thing is that i just want a normal cycle agian. where they do the casting episode (which is always super fun) and they select 14 girls from the u.s and they model. i mean now they are doing a college themed thing? i mean really. im sick of these themed cycles, i liked the petite cycle theme. but really where is the pureness of the show

  • Plus Size?

    Tyra, why dont you do a plus size show, the skinny girls are not the only beautiful women out there. Plus size girls are too. i'm plus size and i love your show, don't get me wrong it is amazing. But i do believe that big women are beautiful just like the tiny girls. I'm a big girl, and being a model is any girls dream. Even one of mine. I'm 16, i feel though as if models can only be "Skinny" , thats the way all modeling shows or performances put it out. Please if you could email me @ I would love to maybe have your thoughts on this idea. Thanks.
  • Next Season

  • For the Fashion Enthusiast

    What's NOT to like about this show?! You get to travel around the world with the silliest judges, the talented Tyra, and get to see the best in fashion and photography. I am a fan of both, so this show is definitely a hit for me. Being a model is not easy, but most of these models are very versatile! Keep it coming!
  • QUESTION?????

    Tyra, PLEASE where did y'all get the booty tooch panties? They looked real, and you just don't know how how much this would mean to be able to get them.

    Thank You
  • Remember when?

    Remember when, once upon a time, ANTM was about modeling? Of course, there has always been the reality show element to add the drama we secretly crave, but season's 17 and 18 of this show have gone way down hill. They don't even pretend to find models anymore, now it's more about finding the next big reality star. Yawn...
  • question

    dear tyra,

    im a almost 16 years old and i am only 5"2. its my dream to become a model. i watch Americas next top model every chance i get, which isnt a lot because i moved to israel almost 3 years ago. i lived in america for 8 years before moving back. is there any way i could get on your show when i am 18 even though i wont be taller than 5"5. if there is any way i could i would be a dream come true.

    please e-mail me back if theres a chance my dreams could come true.
  • Question.

    Dear Tyra,

    I am sixteen years old but only 5'0 and may not grow any taller. I have wanted to be a model for years and wish to be on the show. I watched the season where you had the 5'7 and shorter and I was curious as to if there would be a way to get on the show when I'm eighteen at the size of 5'0 without any trouble.

    If you can give me any information it would be a pleasure to hear from you on my e-mail: thank you for your time.
  • Question?

    Tyra how old do you have to be to go on your show to be a model ? Please Tyra if you read this email me at
  • Not like most reviews I've read!


    I watch occasionally just because I like to see how the makeup & clothes can remake the girls and how different they are as they act & model.

    To me this is what is so interesting! I don't like it that this show as well as other shows like "Trading Places" feel they have to keep adding stuff like drama scenes hoping to make the show(s) more interesting. The drama can be done away with - but maybe it's just me -

    As for this show - I was greatly disappointed on the two were were on the bottom. I honestly do not care much for the two chosen first. I feel that the bottom two were more realistic, more real people who can model and act.

  • Hmmmmm, I can't help but watch this!

    But if I am honest, it's only to watch the dumb "contestants" and hope one of them falls over/out of a bus/collapses (again).

    Sick? Yeah, I guess so, I don't profess to be anything else.
    Going to hell? Yeah yeah. I am. So I may as well get some enjoyment out of life before it happens ;)

    Anyway, back to the show. Reams and reams of skinny, ugly "girls" back to become the next big thing (before being knocked off by the next, next big thing that is).

    We're in the 11th "cycle" (series? season? nah, that word makes it sound like a production line) now and it's getting old - as is Tyra, although she seems pretty genuine at times.

    Miss Jay ... not sure what to make of him (her?) but it is amusing to hear some of its comments.

    Mr Jay, well, I like his silver hair and again, he pulls some very funny expressions, especially when the models simply ignore him.

    As for Nigel and the rest (Paulina Pizzaroniface) not a lot to say about them :p

    Overall, worth watching just for the girls falling over.
  • Love it

    Love, love, love America's next top model. It is amazing that these girls are willing to put themselves out therw like that. I have watched AMNT off and on since it came on and everytime I have, it has been great. Tyra hit a jackpot. She is gives the girls the guidance they need to make it in the beauty industry and she speaks from experience. It is also great to see the girls react to the feedback that they are given. Hello girls! They are trying to help you, and they speak from experience, quit being so bull headed and listen to them!
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Problem is there aren't any real men on the panel of judges. I applaud the woman who left because the wouldn't cut her hair any further.

    Perhaps the sitting judges wont be happy til they get a bunch of men to put make-up on and grow there hair out and walk down the runway. As it is half the women they have look like men in drag the other half they try as hard as they can to make them look like men.. yeah chop all their womanly hair off. Contempt? Maybe just a little. Lock me up. Shame on you. You need some real men sitting on that panel that way you won't get a bunch of woman that look like ten year old boys from behind walking down the runway. If you going to make one girl cut all her hair off you should make them all cut it off. Very unfair. I for one won't be watching any more episodes of Gay America's Next Top Model"!
  • AMERICA'S NEXT BIG BULLIES!The panel is simply vile has beens who are jealous of the new young talent. They take great pleasure in abusing the girls.

    Tyra and her gang humiliate,dominate & bully the models into taking their clothes off or gewtting ridiculous short haircuts and awful dye jobs because it makes good tv to see the girls cry.Tyra herself forgets her old mammy went with her to all her auditions (she says this on her talk show anyway-of course the truth and Tyra parted ways long ago) was her manager & would have never allowed Tyra to be bullied and forced into doing anything against her will & that would take years to repair.Long beautiful hair takes years to grow and there really is no valid reason for every season to have girls in tears and cut for not allowing themselves to be abused and bullied.Who the heck is that FREAK Miss Jay Alexander to tell ANYONE ANYTHING about looks....Buckwheat on crack! I just refuse to watch the show any longer although some roomies do so I see snips and the bullies are still at it. Tyra is a self important camera hog. I commend any girl who walks off the show standing up for her own views. What difference is this abuse to the old casting couch? "You either do as I say or you'll never be a star".... It's just rape in another way and all for ratings. Tyra Banks is a has been and she's got fat, flabby and mean. She's a disgrace!
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