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  • This show inspires young girls... to become plastic, sterilized, anorexic and supermodels to an unrealistic degree.

    I've never even seen this show and I don't usually review things, but the idea is just really terrible. The show might not be half bad, but it's terrible what they're doing to young girls' minds - making them think that the only way they can be beautiful is by being stick-thin, wearing tons of make-up and having sterile skin. It's amazing that television has "evolved" from the 1960s TV show "The Twilight Zone" which had episodes such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" which criticized this type of extreme beauty and conformity (I was being sarcastic with evolved, most shows are devolved from "The Twilight Zone"). So, whatever you do, don't expose any teenage girl who is struggling to fit in this crap!
  • Season 14 - Really?

    So I've just found out that 'America's Next Top Model' Season 14 has been confirmed and all I can think of is: REALLY, WHY? I know some of you will argue that what Tyra does is inspiring and gives hope to young women of our generation. Fine. But what about the other 11+ girls who get their dreams CRUSHED because they 'weren't smiling with their eyes' or 'they couldn't fit into the sample clothes'. I believe that at the beginning, this show REALLY did motivate young females, now, the show has no focus. Now when I watch it, I'm not looking at the models portfolio and potential talent, but rather what new hairdo or outfit Tyra has on. I look forward to her 'antics' and over-dramatisation of certain looks/sayings. I love Miss J's way of saying goodbye to the contestants (whether he adds/minuses items of clothing from his look) but that's it. Tyra says that 'Anyone can be a model, if you put your mind to it and be yourself' but this is NOT TRUE. I find that you either need to have a 'weird' look to separate yourself from the cookie-cut models OR you need to have a great personality (which still won't get you the 'Top Model Status' – I mean look at Naomi Campbell, no one knows her for her charity work and other generous efforts , but rather her Diva demands and fights!)

    I may have generalised a bit, this post may come across a bit feminist and some will hate on me for saying what I have said, but you got to break a few eggs to make an omelette right? Basically, this show needs to go but I'm glad we have it for the time being

    P.S. I gave this show a seven, because I love the photography techniques and the make-up and hair are just AMAZING (even though some looks may raise a few eyebrows!)
  • I was reluctant to watch this show, thinking it would be shallow and frivilous. But luckily, when there was nothing else on, I tuned in because it's become my second favourite reality TV shows (only behind Survivor)

    America's Next Top Model is a great show, and it's more substancial than what I ever thought it would be. Even though I think they've made from very bad decisions, I think that ANTM is still a good show and it's actually more interesting than I thought it would be. Cycle 1 was very weak, with the only girl I liked, Kesse, being eliminated. I didn't care who won as long as it wasn't Robin. This is the one season I refuse to watch ever again (needless to say, this wasn't the first cycle I saw)

    Cycle 2 raised the bar A LOT. Mercedes was my favourite - she was a good model and her battle with lopus was very inspirational and upsetting. I was disappointed Yoanna won, although I didn't hate her. Catie and Camille were the two girls I didn't want to win.

    Cycle 3 - I'm probably in the minority, but I hated Ann and I don't understand why she stayed for so long. I wanted Eva to win, and was glad she did. I also liked Yaya but I wasn't too fond of Amanda, especially when she betrayed Cassie's trust. Cycle 4 - HATE KEENYAH! The worst top model in history. Kahlen should have won, as she had more talent, but Naima was a good choice. I think that Naima had more drive than Kahlen and the judges saw that, and I actually don't think Kahlen is modelling anymore so it's a good thing they gave the prize to Naima.

    Cycle 5 - Nicole should not have won! Nik was more talented, although I was rooting for Kim! I don't care if she was mean or anything, I thought she was different and someone who can have a positive influence on the fashion industry. Imagine my disappointment when she was eliminated over Bre. Cycle 6 - I wasn't fond of Joanie (unlike most people) but I did think the prize should have been hers. I liked Danielle from the start and was proud she won. This season was my favourite except for one person: Jade. Cycle 7 - Jaeda was annoying and I didn't like Melrose. I wanted one of the twins to win, but I did like Anchal's look - imagine my disappointment when her personality was really self-critical. But nonetheless I still wanted her to win. Cycle 8 - Didn't see most of it, but I hated Jaslene. I wanted Natasha to win, but I wouldn't be upset if Renee won. Didn't like Dionne much either. Cycle 9 - Didn't see the end of it. But I liked Heather mostly, but I wanted Chantal to win. Unlike most people, I didn't really like Jenah and I would have been glad to see her go, actually. Cycle 10 - Hasn't aired here in Aus yet!
  • Model wannabes compete to become the last one standing with a $100,000 contract with Covergirl and their photos in Seventeen magazine.

    I have to admit, this show is my guilty pleasure..for I am too short to be a model myself, and I don't think I have that "it" look but I can't help but tune in to this show every Wednesday night. It all begins with hundreds of girls auditioning, slowly getting picked off little by little until Tyra Banks (the head honcho of the show) has a group of fourteen girls living together in a fabulous house and each competing to be..America's Next Top Model.

    With fourteen strangers cooped up and estrogen raging, of course there is going to be drama, fights and tears. Sometimes it can be shocking..such as the season (6, I think?) where Bree dumps out Nicole's energy drinks because she believes Nicole stole her granola bar. When Nicole confronts Bree, she flatly refuses to replace her energy drinks, knowing that she was wrong and tells the "secret" camera that Nicole will be wearing those drinks if she hears one more word about it! Wow. How can you not be riveted?

    The most interesting part is the photo shoots. In the earlier seasons, I felt they were cool and realistic. Jay Manuel, the creative director, is great at his job instructing the girls through the shoots (though as time goes on, he becomes less tolerant) and has a clear vision on how he wants them to look. However, in the later seasons, some of them are plain weird (the bald photo shoot, for example) and sometimes too demanding for novices (expecting them to pose nude..which I don't think Tyra has done herself but I could be wrong) Sometimes the makeup is just plain ugly (One model has makeup like a fish, unflattering with her prominent eyes..then she gets blamed for the "worst photo ever!) Yet I can't wait for the judging, just to see how the photos turned out. For the most part I agree with the judges' critiques but not always-but then again, what do I know about the modeling industry, besides it being very cruel and judgemental?

    The panel of judges consists of Nigel Barker, Miss Jay, a guest judge and usually an experienced model though I am not sure who's on this year. Last but not least, Tyra Banks, the ultimate one to make the final decisions. Unfortunately, it seems the only flaw in the program is Tyra herself. While Tyra is clearly knowledgable and gives the girls excellent advice on how to survive in the modeling world, each season seems to be progressively about how to be like her rather than how to be successful being true to themselves. The house is adorned with pictures of Tyra only, where it used to have pictures of various supermodels through the ages. She seems to think herself flawless, with her ridiculous "acting" and exaggerated voice in nearly everything she says. Yet the girls look to her like a goddess, and drink in everything she says. While I still respect Tyra for being beautiful and intelligent, I feel the show has gone to her head and it's showing more and more with every season. (or cycle, a term I dislike for some reason) Yet the show is worth watching, not because of Tyra but because of the transformation the girls go through and the insight on how being beautiful comes at a very high price. And of course, the drama, drama, drama!!
  • Do the girls on this show ever even get famous?...other than that a pretty decent show

    The only reason it get such a high score from me is because, well the show is pretty good. I love when they have the photo shoots, I Tyra Banks, Ms. Jay, and Nigel, the challenges and their prizeds are amazing. But some problems I have with the show is the fact that the girls aren't that well known in the fashion world except for a few of them like Eva, Naima, and Yvonne. I mean Adrienne said herself that holding the title of America's Next Top Model Winner meant nothing in the fashion industry and getting a gig was still really hard. That's why she's a reality tv show star now. But other than that the show is really entertaining and I don't think it's goign anywhere for a while.
  • I don't really know what it is about this show, but something makes me come back to it season after season.

    I've seen all 12 seasons of ANTM, and I still don't know why I enjoy it so much. There are so many things about it than annoy me. The way Tyra always tries to make it all about her, how incredible self important and arrogant the judges are and the seemingly arbitrary criteria they use to send girls home. Some girls have top picture week after week, then have one bad picture and are sent home, while others are consistently at the bottom of the pack and still make it far. My favourites hardly ever win (though they usually make it to top three).
    Yet I keep coming back to the show, season after season - watching Tyra becoming more and more unlikable - as seeing basically the same things happening, just with different people.
    I like the photoshoots and love seing the resulting pictures and though I'm not sure why, I'll probably keep watching as long as they keep feeding me new seasons.
  • ummm...riiight

    First of All I would like to say that no one forced the girls to be on the show. They should all know by now what they have to go thru. The modelling industry is cut throat and to be honest ANTM is tame compared to the treatment that young models face. Hair is hair and short hair can be transformed into long hair easily by extensions. Photographers and stylist do it all the time.
    The issues I have with this show is the lack of great photoshoots, the cheesiness, and the inconsistent critiques. I watch this show expecting it to get better, but every season just gets boring. I like Make me a supermodel and wish that ANTM would take a few tips from that show and Vice Versa. It would be good to have the models have a body coach and to take measurements and do more go sees.
  • models. whining, crying, acting immature, etc.

    this is totally a guilty pleasure show! i enjoy the photo shoot part, and that's about it. i don't understand why the girls cry and whine when they get their hair cut. it's a free makeover! and hair grows back! the judges are annoying, the photo shoots are somewhere between creative and ridiculous, and i have to fast-forward through a lot of the show. but i still watch it...over and over and's like a drug to me. help!! i don't know how long it will keep going- i find tyra so obnoxious and stupid. project runway is ending, and at least that show has contestants who actually WORK for their winnings.
  • Man, this is the greatest reality show in the world. Not because they show hot as woman, but because of the dramas that are acked within this show. Plus I like fashion, and these girls are so good and tall and beautiful. Australias next top model sucks.

    America's Next Top Model, is a show for all ages. From 5 yr olds to 50. With the dramas that go within the modelling career, America's Next Top Model, shows that its not just a pretty life. Hosted and produced by Tyra Banks, who is now a retired supermodel, who used to model for Victoria secrets, she is now one of the most successful models in the world. With the dramas happening in the show, such as: fighting, aggression, love and heartbrake, dreams will be fullfiled, whilst other won't be. So America's Next Top Model is for the whole family.
  • good show to watch when nothing else is on..

    America's next top model is overall an ok show. The concept is ok but seeing the same thing every season gets old. I only watch this is there's a marathon on or if there's nothin else on tv. In my opinion, the winners never actually become the "top models". yes, they may gain popularity from the show and be in a few magazines or commericals. but none of them have nearly as much success as tyra or any other top models. i think they're prime is directly when they leave the shoe and then it goes down hill from there.
  • My personal favorite! ^_^ ~XD~

    This show is one of my favorites shows ever! (^_^) It is just fascinating, educational, and inspirational for anyone who desires to become a model themself. The participants in my opinion learn from their experience in the show and it helps them grow as young women they are. The show itself is amusing, and entertaining. Tyra Banks as well as the other judges really work towards preparing these girls towards how the real fashion world is. I dislike how most of these young girls are not mature enough to stop gossiping and stop talking behind each other's backs. But in overall it is a fantastic show to watch!
  • god babes

    Wow THis show is so cool because you watch how real models work. I loved this year because so one is a plus size model won! I love whitney! She is so cool. You see all the dramas and friendshipsform all the girls and it is pretty interesting. It is kinda hard for the girls in the house probably because people get to see you at your worst moments. I love all the photo shoots they do. THey are soooo cool. I would love to audition to be on the show. The show will probably last a long time. I hope you liked my review.
  • What an amazing show!

    This show is at the top of my list when it comes to favorites! Some people might complain that it is all about "being thin," that is hardly the case! Just look at Tyra Banks herself! It is an educational program for anyone aspiring to be a model, but for the rest of is just simply fascinating! I love seeing the challenges of the week, and the prizes that the winner recieves. I love seeing the photoshoots and how wonderful (or not) the pictures have turned out. I have seen every cycle, except the first, and I have gotten to a point now where I can predict the order of strongest photos! Thank you Tyra Banks for ANTM, it is simply, pure fun!
  • Basic beauty/modeling challenge where young women complete to avoid elimination by the current "experts" in this field while discovering personal strengths/weaknesses. The mask & parts they play determine the outcome. Inner beauty has little place here.

    I am in no way a bigot, but trying to raise children in a morally corrupt world is not easy when you see beautiful women kissing each other as if it were nothing. I was offended that this was treated as socially acceptable. I don't appreciate seeing it in male-female kissing to that degree either. It just further adds to the sterotype that our bodies are simply playthings. We don't have to truly care about others or ourselves...we just use the tools around. Honestly, this show won't be on in my home anymore. My teens learn enough ways to disrespect themselves and others from other sources without this program adding to it.
  • The classification says it all. Absolutely fab :D or should I say fierce ;D [Warning: Sense Of Humor Is Needed... and maybe a positive attitude.]

    Let me start this off with a sentence which should sink into your brain and follow what the sentence asks you to do... Watch America's Next Top Model Please!
    That should have been straightforward enough :) I even mentioned the magic word. That's how this show makes me be a better person :)

    Even though this show (in my opinion) can be rigged at times, I can't help myself to love this show!
    This is the kind of shows you can watch over and over again. There is so many cycles but that just means so many pleasures ;D (does that make sense? sorry if it doesn't) Not everyone realizes but this show actually makes you want to go talk to your fellow ANTM fans/friends and talk about what happened and who is your favorite. You may even start SCREAMING/complaining to your friends when your favorite leaves (which always happens except when CariDee won which made me scream happily :D)

    Since, this show has many cycles, your conversations with your friends about ANTM will be never ending. (unless your friend suddenly gets brainwashed then that's a different story.) I talk to my friends who watches ANTM for hours just talking about ONE cycle! This is what your ideal conversation will be if you watch ANTM (unless you don't like it :S which I find impossible D:)

    Usually, the auditions in other shows are quite boring for me and they seem to be Deja Vu every season example American Idol. (Sorry to American Idol audition lovers. I love American Idol too though just not as much as I love ANTM.) But in ANTM, the auditions are always different and makes me roll around the floor laugh my head off most of the time :).

    Now, did I mention the judges? They are probably the most funniest judges in the whole reality tv world. Just watch ANTM like I told you too at the start of this review :). Finally, I think this show has a lot of memorable quotes that I probably mention every day to a random friend :D (Example...
    "Norelle: Toccara, your boobs are as big as my head!"
    "Norelle: I'm the only one with bling bling on my grill, okay?") [Sorry, I'm in a "I LOVE NORELLE" day that I forget all the other quotes but they are in my head somewhere. Just ask me about the quotes another day.]

    So, does anyone need any more points from me about how wonderful this show is? I'm sure you guys know already how amazing this show is :)
  • This show is defiantly my guilty pleasure!

    I've been watching this show from the very beginning. And even now quite a lot of seasons later, I still love this show. Which is kind of wierd, cause normally I don't like these kind of shows, but this show I do for some bizare reason. I really like the way that Tyra Banks is hosting this show, I guess in my opinion it made this show even better. Though I do think that I liked her better in the first few seasons, I still think that even now she does a great job. There is also a Dutch version, which isn't as good as this one, but I still watch it.
  • ANTM

    This is one great modeling show. It has drama, it is funny, and they are life threating situations that might occur. The show is for a certain girl who is supposedly chosen to be America's next top model, with a with a ( I think, don't remember) $10,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and be apart of the best modeling agency in the country, Elite modeling agency. The girls have to be put to test in order to become that girl with the cosmetics and modeling career. It is one great show to watch. Just see what might happen on America's Next Top Model.
  • I love this show!!!!!!!

    THis show is so cool because you watch how real models work. I loved this year because so one is a plus size model won! I love whitney! She is so cool. You see all the dramas and friendshipsform all the girls and it is pretty interesting. It is kinda hard for the girls in the house probably because people get to see you at your worst moments. I love all the photo shoots they do. THey are soooo cool. I would love to audition to be on the show. The show will probably last a long time. I hope you liked my review.
  • what is this?

    Ok this show takes all these women and puts them trough dumb pointless tests to see who would make the best show but wait plot twist wow if you win your america's next toip model oh my really it is to bad that your fam only lasts through the tv show because even if you did become america's next top model you would have one front page cover at best noone cares ok how about you go get a real job and you know what else i don't get who is tyra banks gonna tell someone to do better cause we all know her career is down the drain aanyway and that just makes me mad it is like a fat gym teacher telling you to get in shape great motivation right
  • Tyra Bank's hosts this reality television show eliminating one model hopeful a week to end up with one "Top Model" for America.

    I personally like watching this show every week, however, I can not get over Tyra Banks and her unwillingness to listen to the other judges, or letting her own personal input be the only input that matters. It seems like she dictates her own opinion as being higher than anyone else's, and that gets annoying to watch week after week. I do like the challenges and photoshoots, that is what draws me to the show. It gets addicting to see who will be leaving week after week, and to sometimes see amazing photos. The only reason I really watch this show is because of the photoshoots, I could do without the cat-fights and Tyra.
  • ANTM with all the drama and fun

    ANTM is a show made up of around 13 contestants who compete against eachother to be America's Next Top Model. They live in a luxurious house bearing the company of other girls they don't know and the drama or fights. I myself watched it since cycle 5 when Nicole won. Trust me, these girls are beautiful but some of them are kind of like full of attitude like Jade from Cycle 6. Tyra chooses a variety of girls like Plus Sized Models. The winners who the judges choose are like unlikely. Just to let you know the first Plus Sized Model won. I'm like so shocked.

    All the fights that these girls have and all the funny stuff is just like hell, but fun to watch.
  • I could watch this for days.

    America's Next Top Model has to be one of my favorite shows. One of the best things about it is that it's one of the only REAL shows left on MTV. I get so sick of all these fake shows that are obviously scripted. You could actually call this a reality show.
    I could watch these reruns for days at a time, and it never gets old. Tyra Banks cracks me up. I love her ha! This show is so entertaining and kind of inspiring in a way. To me anyways. I love watching all the challenges and photoshoots. To put it simply..I love this show. It's amazing. ha!
  • Surprisingly entertaining...

    I didn't think I would like this show...but I love it!! It is different than your typical reality show because it is actually real!! These girls struggle to get where they are...and sacrifice a lot. I love Tyra's beliefs...especially those that big girls can make it too. It also helps you learn about the modelling industry. And you will instantly find your favorite...and least favorie girl. The challenges are interesting and exciting...and even if you are a photography lover you will find this show interesting. It is not just about beauty---you have to have a great personality and be passionate about what you do in order to make it...which is why I love this show.
  • This show is about girls who are given the chance to become real models while being evaluated by Tyra Banks and her team of experts. Love it!!!!!

    This show is really good and i think that the best thing about it is that it gives girls who want to be models a chance to get their dream. My favorite winners were Caridee and Jaslene and Whitney was ok. But like most people i rather disliked Saleshia and didn't think she deserved to win. Some of my favorite model's were Anya,Fatima,Katarzyna, and Stacy-Ann from cycle 10. Chantal, Heather, Bianca, and Jenah in cycle 9. Renee, Dionne, and Natasha from cycle 8. Anchal, Eugena,Michelle, and Amanda from cycle 7. And Joanie from cycle 6. All and All this show is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is about girls that want to become fames models so they compete for it.

    This show is amazing it really shows hows how fare some may go to get what they want.It has creativity,fears,tests,and much is also fun to see how they make pictures to so pretty and amazing they way they make them look. The test that they are given sometimes are crazy but sometimes it helps them pass some off those fears they have witch helps them with so much it there careers and there personal life.To get pass things that you fear makes you fear nothing and that is what some of the girls learn.this show is not just some girls trying to win something like money or something else is so much more then that.
  • A great reality show where contestants compete to become America's next top model. They also get fantastic careers making prizes that include a modeling contract and usually a contract with cover girl. This show is hosted by the fierce Tyra Banks!

    I'm a huge fan of this show. I love to see the different photoshoots, some of the ideas they come up with are completely crazy. Also when thy have runway challenges I love to watch those! Another thing that I really enjoy about the show is the transformations that some of the girls go through, sometimes they start out copletely clueless and end up turning into fierce models.
    I also love how after 10 cycles of ANTM some girls still freak out about the make overs... I mean you would think that they would get the point by now! Another thing I find completely amusing is how some of the girls cannot live together without starting huge amounts of drama. But I've got to say that the drama is a guilty pleasure of mine, it definitely keeps the show interesting!
    One negative thing I have to say about the show is that they should have kept Janice Dickenson as one of the judges, she caused so much drama but at the same time she's been through it all and she's not afraid to tell you what it's really like!
  • Hi, everyone I love america's next topmodel this is where i always wanted to be, and i am not going to stop until i made it there. Love Eseta,

    I love america's next topmodel so much, i just cant wait to be on there to show everyone what i can be, and what i have to give. i want to be a model so bad words cant even explain. modeling is what i always wanted to be in life. i just cant wait to be apart of it oneday. to me it would be a good idea to show the world that i have what it takes to take it to the top and be a topmodel. you know everyhing i have to show america to coming from inside. i love modeling, this is what i want to become in life.
    Love Eseta,
  • Thank ANTM for redeeming itself this cycle!

    Last cycle was a disaster! The one I wanted to win was elimated and then the winner did too much modeling before! Fortunatly, this cycle was much better! A refregee, one of the most confident plus sized model ever, a great mom, and a girl who doesn't look like a model but, takes great photos! In the end, Top Model redeemed itself by selecting Whitney, the first full figured model to win ANTM. She is a great role model for all girls. Great job ANTM! She will be the perfect Covergirl and will be a great runway model. You go girl!
  • "America's Next Top Model" is a show with a good concept for a reality show. But, do I really care who wins.

    "America's Next Top Model" is the popular hit reality TV Show hosted by Tyra Banks.

    "America's Next Top Model" is a competition show about who can be a better model. Tyra Banks who is a supermodel hosts the show and gets to decide who gets to go home and who the best model is.

    Now here's the problem, the show has a very good concept and I like to see more of that. But, "ANTM" doesn't make me care about who wins because I don't know which contestant I should support. Because I don't know what makes a good model. Personally I was shocked that I see are thin girls and not any real looking girls. The girls are too thin and I think that shows a bad example for little girls who watch this show. Because it's says that you have to be skinny to be a model. Good concept, mediocre show. This is not bad, just not very good either. I just wish also, that the show had made these girls careers that I could follow like "American Idol" where regular people sing and you could follow their careers.

    I recommended this to adult women, but, not to little girls, or adult men.
  • Where is Twiggy? She was an excellent choice as an ICON! Seems the new judge has not finesse!

    Love everything else about the show except the new JUDGE. Even Janice was better with all her sarcasim. She still in some instances had a heart. Love MR.J, Love Ms.J, Love Nigel, but I think the new judge brings nothing to the show. In fact, as you can see, she's not even memorable, I forget her name! I would like to see Whitney in the final 2. It's about time Tyra picks a plus size model. On the talk show, Tyra strives to set young girls straight about body image and talks how they should learn to love themselves for who they are...WELL...Whitney has proved that she is all that! Bring it home Tyra, walk the walk! Thanks for listening.
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