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  • it is ok yet i think tyra picks the wrong people at the end of the show she tends to go more towards how she is than the others!!

    it is ok to watch yet i wouldnt watch a whole season.It gets old and they pick ugly girls most of the time at the end who are not that great to look at.They need better talent and pretty girls in general.This show needs to be changed asap.It is getting very old fast and shouldnt BE called Americ's top model no way they are so not!!! There are way better reality shows out there to watch and actually want to watch the whole season not just 2 episodes and the ending.Tyra has enough shows it's time for a newer person and the other 2 people shouldnt act like they know it all when some of the men jugding look like rapist which is sick and sad!
  • Americ's Next Top Model is a Unonriginal show.

    America's Next Top Model is about a group of Models that want to become Americans Next Top Model. I dont now how it has lasted this long. This Show is stupid and should be cancelled instead of showing reruns on MTV every weekend. It is the worst show. Tyra Banks is awful. It's the same thing every season, to many skinny appalling girls, Bad photo shoots and Awful Judges. The worst show in the world. I don't know why people watch it. Tyra banks is Terrible. One out of 4 star. Most of the mdels are ugly and have a major Additue problem.
  • Girls compete to become America's Next Top Model!

    I love this show. I have watched it since the beginning and it is amazing. I think Nigel Barker is hilarious, as all the judges are. The photo shoots and challenges are amazing, and so creative. But, the reason I only gave it a nine point three is because cycle 9 was horrible. Saleisha, the winner of cycle nine, cheated. Chantal should have won HANDS DOWN. So, hopefully cycle ten, which returns to New York!, will be better than cycle nine. Hopefully, none of them will cheat like Saleisha, and Tyra wont be so unfair. Otherwise, I love this show so much!
  • This one possibly one of the most realistic portrayals of modeling that I've seen on tv thus far.

    I have enjoyed watching this show since season one, and in my opinion, each season gets better. The world of modeling is very unstable, controversial, biased which is depicted in each episode that airs. Tyra Banks, a former Victoria Secret model (among other things) is the host and one of the judges on the show. Each season has the aspiring models going through different developmental challenges, and photo shoots and each week a contestant is eliminated based on the level of the pictures they take. For the most part, I agree with the final winner of each season, and so do most as a lot of them end up with very lucrative careers and branch out to do even more. It's one of the few reality shows that requires its contestants to actually have a passion for their job and talent that is able to be molded. I recommend this show!
  • ty ty

    Created by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, who executive produces the series with Ken Mok, America's Next Top Model chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels. Thirteen participants will live together and vie for the incredible grand prize: an opportunity to be managed by Elite Model Management, a fashion spread in Seventeen magazine, and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics.

    this show gets better and better every seson i think that its great that tyra give all the girls a chance at there dreams and i dont think that this show will end any time soon GO tyra
  • I like this show!!!

    I really like this show! Here are my fave people: My fave is Jaslene she rocks. My 2nd fave is NO ONE looool hi i am just going to type h the rest of the time!!!!! h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
  • A model show which is truly addicting.

    This show is very addicting and I don't like missing it on Wednesdays. I always find myself rooting for a particular model and admiring some of the things that they are taught. Although, there is always so many models though that I really don't like and think are mean, rude and horrible! I must say that one thing I love about the show is Tyra Banks! She is so cool and very inspiring. I also really like Jay, he's really cool too. It would be really interesting to be on the show too. It would be a lot of work though. But it would be cool.
  • i think this show rocks!

    i think that this show rocks becuz of the pictures, and makeovers! they make such a diffrence in everyones life! even the people who do get kicked off they are still actually very good at modling and got there lives changed! i came home everyday and change the channel to this shw! i love to relaxe and watch it! i love it also becuz its funny how the gay judge acts like a girl! lol i think that this show will go on for a looooooooongg time!! becuz of that i gave it a perfect 10! and i dont care what anyone says ~ this show rocks!
  • Top Model Never Gets Old

    I love love love Top Model and I used to love Tyra just as much until Joel keep bagging her out on The Soup and now I just can't stand her. I think she's full of herself and her talk show is terrible. BUT Top Model still rocks and it's nice The two Jays are still there. The show needs another Janice, more cat fights and more makeover tantrums. It's pretty satisfying to see the model wannabes hating their makeovers and bawling their eyes out. Have been disappointed with the last three winners, didn't think they were anything special. When will a plus sized model win!?!? Never. "You can kiss Tyra's FAT A**"
  • I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title.

    I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title.
    (why reqire the word count? :( :( ) I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title. I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title. I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title. I don't understand those judges, the models they like are so urgly.Do they pick top model or KingKong? Some winners don't deserve the title.
  • Turning women into art.

    This show illustrates all the science that goes into making these women into pieces of art. Sometimes you can't help but wonder about these women as they begin to strike gold as they pick at the competitive world of high fashion. Everyone picks a favorite, and usually, these favorites are the most humblest girls out of the bunch. But we watch these young aspiring models mold into something they weren't, on the tryouts.

    Now, after that, there is also a side-effect to a show with nothing but beautiful woman doing fabulous things, winning awesome stuff, and taking glamorous photos. It makes a lot of people jealous. Not that they could do it better, or be in their shoes. But to be pretty, and have a chance at something like that, with nothing to lose.
  • I love this show, but I am tired of people saying that Tyra and the other judges are racist and only choose certain people. I hear it a million times. The only reason I am writing this God damn review, is because everyone pisses when their fave loses!

    Ok anyways, It's hilarious to watch and always a good tv show to tune into. So I hope everyone enjoys it as much as me, because it is worth watching and a good way to cheer yourself up a little bit.

    Another thing that I must add is that the judges are hilarious, and you never know who will be sent home. Though not everyone agrees with the choices. You just have to let it go, I mean seriously. If your too much of a crybaby, go watch something like Heroes. (Hah that show sucks) :) :) :) :) (My opinion)
  • Brilliant entertainment

    I really enjoy weatching this show, from the drama from the judges to the arguments between the girls and the most wildest photo shoots ever, what not to love.

    My personal favourite series is series 4. Even though i was gutted that Kahlen didn;t win i really loved watching as most of the contestants in this season were all weak right from the start and you really saw all of them grow in confidence with the shoots and with the judges.

    Even though she can be really wild and she doesn't get on with Tyra I actually really miss Janice, she was so brilliantly honest that you just wanted to know what she was going to say next!!

    I really do like this show and i love watching the photoshoots, especially the really wild shoots like the shoots with animals, and the comercials always make me laugh!!!
  • All abou the planets! Let's go green everyone!

    Love the show! Next season, if you continue the "green" theme, you should really do a photo shoot with the planets in mind! Colors in the models outfits that represent each planet in our solor system how much greener can ya get?
    I loved the last season, but none of the shows compare to season six!!! I loved Dani! And who could forget Jade? What a set-tripper she was! Also Jay the shoot director is awsome, he's smart and witty and doesn't sugar coat nothing! Keep the shows coming, it gives me something to look forward to every Hump-day!!
  • I don't feel that I should be discriminated against because I'm only 5ft 5 and wasn't accepted to go on the show.

    I don't feel that I should be discriminated against because I'm only 5ft 5 and wasn't accepted to go on the show. How is it that everything is fine about my body but my height, it's not my fault I can't grow anymore. I feel you have crushed my dreams to be a model. They've reviewed my application and thought that I was fine only too short. I also feel no I know that I would've been America's Next Top Model. You may not care about the letter I'm writing but I feel that I should be heard regardless. Thanks but no thanks! It seems as if you pick what you want before the competition starts and bring in all these people hoping and praying that they will be ATM but you already know who you want to win before the first show. Why have everyone come in and you know who you want to pick ahead of time. I feel you are wasting mine and other hopefuls' time.
  • OKay

    ANTM is an Okay show due to its model topics. But I hate how the drama is taking over the model topic. And Tyra should annouce who is going to be elliminated faster so it can just be over. I mean she takes like 50,0000000 hours to announce who's goin home. I mean really! Americas next top model is a good show. But I'm not going to give it a 10. It deserves like a 5!Saleisha is the winner but I wanted chantelle to win! But Saleisha's okay! Don't you think? But like I said I'm not that much of a America's next top model fan that much anymore.
  • ??

    THe only reason Saleisha won was because she went to Tyra's camp when she was younger and Tyra picked her because of that. Chantal should've won she took far better pictures than Saleisha. THe whole time this girl bragged that she will never be in the bottom two and she did end up there and that's when she should've been kicked off the show. I didn't like Bianca as much because of her mouth but I would've rather seen her in the final three or even the final two should've been between Jenah and Chantel. Then it goes back to how Tyra only goes between picking black or white girls the only time she picked someone one else who is a hispanic was Jaslene. Tyra always tends to kick off the Indian girls why is that is it because they look way better than her. I am half indian and I would like to see an indian girl be americas next top model
  • A crappy show!

    this is a really bad, stupid, dumb show! it is pointless. I have tried to watch this show but i can't and i have no idea how anyone else can. I mean this show is ranked number 1 in the reality tv section. Thats really sad. I mean how can people watch this crap. If nothing else is on then go watch a movie i don't care but don't let this crap on tv. The way Tyra stands makes it look like shes king of the world. It makes me sick to my stomach. I hope that the only people that watch it watch it to make fun of it.
  • why saleisha won???its shocking...

    it was sooooooooooooo horrible to saleisha sorry to say but she is doesnt deserve this.On the other hand chantal has a pretty face and style ....her shot on great wall,on top of building and in THE GROUP PHOTO with jinna,bianca and saleisha...chantal is fantastic and most prominent model...i think it was unfair decision because saleisha has previous modeling experience and we cant expect from model and judge like tyra to be unfair.i dont know what tyar has done...girl like saleshia ohh God...she has ugly hair and has no looks to be a top model..judges should tell their viewer their criteria of juding and selecting a very ordinary girl as saleisha as top model..its really rediculous.
  • And America's Next Top Model is... Saleisha!! sorry if i misspelled her name.

    I am personally happy that Saleisha won because i think she did the best through out the whole season. chantal could have been a great model but saliesha did get the most call backs on the Go-sees. i also think that saliesha can me a great role model. Oh and Jenna i felt sorry for her when she left because she did have to take care of her family and take the role of her mom. But other than that, this season was pretty cool, not as good as the first ones but it was still good. i need to see the next one to give my opinion.
  • I'm from Trinidad J alexander he makes me laugh Tyra has taught me not 2 quit Twgy why she there she just agrees with everybody Nigel a sweetheart+ very astute mrJ is great i agree with everything he says Tyra u have broken the stereotype of models .

    I am from Trinidad i like americas next top model because it offers you helpful tips on everyday make up applications useful tips on how to walk in general i particularly like miss J alexander he makes me laugh and Tyra has taught me not to quit i have always admired her and when i heard her tell Ebony one thing she does not like is a quit well that made me look inside myself twiggy i don't get why is she there she basically just agrees with the other judges Nigel he is a sweet heart and very astute mr J he is great i8 basically agree with almost everything he says he is always right on target i have tosay this season was a bit laid back i still watched it but something was definately missing i think something needs to be done to spice it up also it should have americas next plus size model we could represent just as well as skinny girls Tyra your great once again you have broken the stereotype of models .
  • I used to like it...

    I used to really like this show when it first started but recently, especially this season, I just can't get into it anymore. The girls all look the same; classic boring model, the photo shoots aren't as creative as they once were, and it seems like the same type of girl always wins. This season had so much potential but they eliminated everyone who was truly top model material, there is more to being a model than cover girl ads and that's all they seem to focus on. I hope by next season they get their act together (get better girls, think of some interesting photo shoots, and stop focusing on all the drama) so I can keep watching it because it used to be really entertaining.
  • I like America's Next Top Model but I have to say you all did a horrible job on Saleisha's hair. She looks like a 1960's beatnik or one of the Beatles.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves giving her that messed up hairstyle. She is the only one on the show that had her hair jacked. It looks horrible in all the shoots. Good thing she looks good, can model and takes good pictures. For shame! Other than that the show is great. I like when you all give constructive criticism. It took you too long to get rid of Bianca. Her attitude made her ugly. I do have to say I did not really start watching the show until the middle of last season. I was very surprised Jasleen won. Her speech is horrible but she does take good pics.
  • America's Next Top Model is a reality TV show that depicts the intensity of the challenging, critical modeling world. Girls are selected from all around the United States to audition, only 13 are selected to compete for the title of America's Top Model.

    America's Next Top Model is an immediate addiction. Once I began to watch the show was hooked instantaneously. There is no explanation of the desire I acquired to criticize the models, and all of the little details about them. I found myself sitting in front of the TV acting as if I were a professional judge or model, I would observe the pictures with a critical view and believe that I could do better than any of them (which I can't). The show captured me into the world of the harsh modeling industry. However, this show is beginning to lose its purpose. There have been more than 5 cycles, seriously there cannot be 5 "Top" models, after a while they are all just more models none of them the "Top" or even the most recognized in the industry. The latest cycle of the show is very depressing. The people are not as dedicated to becoming models, they have lost the passion in their eyes in their photos and that burning desire to be in the modeling world; thus defeating the purpose of the show entirely. Furthermore, I have a major issue with the latest cycle because of Heather. Heather is a contestant for the cycle who has a disease. The latest episode the contestants had to shoot a Covergirl commercial, truthfully Heather was awful. The judges did not send her home though, instead they sent home Lisa, who I do not care for, but she did do a better job than Heather considering that Heather was even hand-fed the lines and she still could not produce a commercial even close to being decent. My final opinion about this show is mainly that its purpose has been lost, and if Heather wins this show it is just illustrating that it is not America's Next Top Model anymore, it will become America's Next Top Model With Some Sort of Disability That We Feel Sorry For And Want To Win; that is just too long a title for a show but that is essentially what it has come down to.
  • Surprisingly, every season is fun to watch!

    This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. Each season comes back as good as before, never stale or boring. The show always has a good mix of characters that keep the show interesting, and it is fun to watch the process of the photo shoots and how they eventually turn out. The show isn't as superficial as you would think, and although Tyra Banks is annoying, the show manages not to be pulled down by her constant need for attention. It is very enjoyable and there is always a surprise in each season. Also, it is very fun to try and predict who will go home each week.
  • Love this show.!

    OMG, I love this show.! It is so good; it is so original probably because it was made by Tyra Banks who is amazingly talented. They are really creative when it comes to the ideas for the show like when they had a shoot in the jungle and they took pictures with the animals like the elephants and stuff.! I watch this show all the time with my friends and sisters even the old episodes because they're also interesting.. Even though I don't agree with some of their decisions, it's still a great terrific show, people should watch it and see if they like it, because I guarantee you will.
  • Excellent show! Not better than CSI which is not reality tv( not in the same realm)... but still a good reality show nevertheless.

    I'm guilty of watching this show, big fan of Tyra! This season is hard to pick. I like Lisa shes tall she has the ultimate supermodel body type. I like Saleisha she has a beautiful face and knows her poses. Like Heather ( exotic features very unique), but Heather may not have the cofidence to make it. I'm guilty of watching this show, big fan of Tyra! Bianca I really truly believes looks too much like Eva Pigford which was the light skinned beauty from the very first episode of ANTP. Strong feats but too snobby soemtimes. The rest well no offense but I am weary of seeing the typical blond hair blue eyed model.
  • Reality television at its best! ANTM incorporates a variety of personalities and inflicts all the elements necessary to bring out emotional struggles, competitive nature, and all of what makes co-existing difficult, then gives them a chance at success!

    I love that Tyra gives girls from various backrounds a chance to break in to the industry. She does it with sensitivity, fairness, and helps young women learn how to be introspective and grow. The settings, challenges, and critiquing are gripping and beautiful. I rarely disagree with what the judges say, and marvel at the growth girls achieve from the lessons they learn. Tyra and her wonderful crew of judges and professionals give me hope that there are those that care in the entertainment world, and are making a difference. I love ANTM - thanks Tyra!!!
  • Hot Tyra hosts models through tough eleminations, hard photos, and harsh critisism, to see who has what it takes to be on top!

    ROCKS MY SOCKS! Tyra, and other girls. Twiggy. Nigeal, Miss Jay, Jay, GAWD this show is HOT can you think of a hundred thousand million gazzilion things to say about a show? no? Did not think there was a chance that you could but maybe there is... 46 words so far... this show is brilliantly brilliant, awesomely awesome! Oooh... Stop me before I start trying to spell really big words that mean fascinating to describe this meraculouse show! I am SUCH a bad speller! Bad little girl! Bad! Wow, anyway, this show will probably amaze you as it did me! Oooh... I'm a tough critic! Not! But I hardly ever watch Television but I put aside time for this cool, hot, beautifully produced show! Beat that reality world!
  • i do'nt get this show at all who whould be will to put themself in a passion like this so the that they themself become anuroxie and have a career off of it where's the point in it it make no sence what so ever it shouldn't even be on tv who came up with

    who came up with it it's one thing to look thin but it's another thing to look like you've been stured to death and then put in a modeling shoe where everyone can see your ribchage what's the point in having this show on T.V. and then have the press tell everyone that the model is yes in fact anorixe or belemix i mean come on what's up with this show take it off the air so non of the people who happen to be fat don't have to feel bad about themselves i mean i'm fat and i don't mind it at all your just make everyone who is fat even worse then before so do us all a pheper take the show off the air.
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