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  • I hate reality TV. And the only reason I usually end up watching it is because nothing else is on. But America's Next Top Model is one that I find myself looking forward to seing. Uhhhhh!!!!

    America's next top model consists if skinnny girls fighting over the chance to win a photo shoot and big fancy modelling contract.
    The show is entertaining but mainly because the girls have so many cat fights... And because the challenges are designed for reality TV. They're weird and interesting.
    For instance imagine a bunch of models wearing bakini's and shooting on a set made of ice! Brrrrrrr.
    They even had seats made of ice they could sit on. Weird. It makes it hard for them to concentrate and shows the judges which girls really want to win. I hate the dramatic and cheesy 'eliminations' but love seeing the photos at the end of the episode.
    I guess that's just cause I'm female though. Otherwise don't waste your time watching this show.
  • i hate this show it is the worst show in the history of worst shows

    stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid! tyra banks needs to cut her own head off! i am serious this show is so stupid
  • i donot recommend people to watch this series, it shows how selfish and ugly inside people can be.

    i always wonder who found this group of i***t. through the show, you see them bitting each other all the time. cold blood.
    i like american idol. one reason is that you see a fair competition. when somebody was limited, others didnot show pleasure or happy, at least on their faces. instead they cried for the leaving buddy. you can be moved by that.
    while when you watch this top model show, you feel sick of all the jealousy.
    let's have a look at the name of the show, TOP model. what kind of person can be a 'TOP' model? My personal opinion, not only a beautiful outside, but also a beautiful inside. nobody in this group deserves the TOP model title.
  • I am boy but i like it ;D

    Soo i like this one ;D
    its better than Estonian model searching or whatever ;D
    Its fun and nice to see those Photo sessions and then the photo results.
    The photos are just wonderfull.
    So i like most the show that there are photo sessions.
    But at now the Americas Next Top Model is not running it ended and i ope it starts again soon.

    So go on and 10 points is yours ;D
    So go on and 10 points is yours ;D
    So go on and 10 points is yours ;D
    So go on and 10 points is yours ;D

    So go on and 10 points is yours ;D
  • I don't think the panel is hard enough on some of the young ladies.It's okay to push harder and expect more.If it becomes to easy to become Americas next top model it will take away the glamour in modeling.I say the challenges get more extreme.liver photo

    Personally I feel the show is great, like everything theres room for improvement.I would let Ms. Jay take over a little more.I can't put my finger on what it is that I like about that guy, but my gut says DIVA!!!!Tyra should interact more with the girls and also get some one on one time with them.
    Alot of the girls this season seem to have tons of potiental.Last season I was surprised anyone won!There didn't seem like a model in the bunch.I'm one of those pretty faced plain janes, so to watch the "under dog win or to say the least stay in the running makes me question the show and it's basis.In other words please stop lowering the standards of modeling.Referably to Heather: Yes she is a beautiful girl but if she has an issue with socalizing wouldn't you say keeping her in the running is setting her up for failure? Only stated because I feel she really has the beauty to win, but how is her life going to change if she does, everybody in the modeling industry aren't going to be as understanding as Tyra and her panel. The other High fashion models arent going to be as supportive as her current competitors have been.As for Ms. Ebony. she's a nice looking girl but she wasn't gonna cut it.Where ever she came from got her twisted!I think somebody done told her she was too cute too many times.When she got a dose of reality she couldnt handle it.It takes more than a pretty face to be high fashion,it takes some thick skin also and Ebony is as soft as she look,she not ready.Saliesha is good but she's too cocky.Your cocky should never surpass your cute!I hate what Tyra had done to Saliesha's her it makes her look too country!I see where they were trying to go with that look,she just doesnt have enough internal fashion to work it!Ambrial{I think I spelled it right} You people made me a believer,I didnt think she was cute,but you made her a knock out,from one sista to another,that was an amazing make over.Made me consider auditioning for next season:}.Keep up the good work.Oh, yeah leave Bianca alone.There ain't a nice diva alive.Mouthy or not she's stunning and she takes constructive critism well!Let that girl be her at her proper time in life she will be humbled!Not by America ,by life.Alot of the girls are just that still, girls.They will mature in there own time.Lisa is at the top of my list of likes, she needs to own that hair do first, If she bring it...this competition is hers.I considered her a pretty face plain jane until A.N.T.M put it on her and polished that diamond right up.Work it girlz!!Give me a reason to wait and intisapate wendsday nights.!!
  • This is one of only a handful of reality shows I can put up with.

    I love Top Model. It's funny with a the cat fights, the backstabbing and all the arguments. The girls get worse every season with the fighting and moaning. Just so funny.

    I love Mr Jay. He's a sweetie. And HOTT for a gay guy. He just tells the girls off if they are being "divas" like a girl of the other cycle. I can't remember her name.

    Miss Jay is funny too. With her outfits and weird hair do's. Her runway class always cracks me up.

    My favourite winner is Danielle. I knew she was going to win. I loved her up on that elephant. That was a good photo because she was sick and she still pulled it off.

    And I love Tyra... How could I not mentoin Tyra?!?! She's pretty and cool. And I love her talk show too.
  • It's just another reality tv show, but I can't help myself. It's so addictive. :P

    It's just another reality tv show, but I can't help myself. It's so addictive. :P Tyra Banks is such an incredible person, as well as an incredible model. And I think it's sorta good that she's giving aspiring models a chance. (Even though many models are extremely sickly and unhealthy and need to choose a different profession.) But it's still a very addicting show. :P I don't always agree with the judges. (In fact I usually have very different opinions from most of them. But whatever.) Some of the girls are sweet, but of course there are those you love to hate. And I guess that's another reason the show's so addicive. :P Lol. IDk. I just like the show.
  • Tyra Banks annoys the heck out of me, but the challenges and cat fights are interesting to watch.

    I just started watching this season... oh sorry, "cycle" [*rolls eyes*], after i saw a marathon of the last "cycle" on MTV earlier this year. And i must say, it is a very addicting show.
    I enjoy watching the challenges and photo shoots with the models, and all the drama (which is inevitable when you put a bunch of girls in a house together) keeps things interesting.
    However, this show could have gotten a straight 9.0 from me, if it hadn't been for its incredibly annoying host. Sometimes i'm watching and i'm just like "okay, tyra, stop talking." Like this one week when she just decided to break into a fake french accent while introducing the judges. It was just kinda like, tyra, shut up. And she's always acting so self-important, and imperious to the models. I don't really care if she has more experience than them or not, she's never going to help them by talking down to them and telling them what SHE did to get so successful. Like that's what they should be doing, instead of finding their own personality and style of doing things.
    I don't know, i just find her a very unlikeable person the more i watch.
    But, like i said, it's the models and their different personalities that keep me interested. They prove that modeling isn't just looking pretty, it actually takes work
    Overall show grade: B
  • I think that they went too far this time by changing Lisa who was very good looking. It is obvious they are trying to push her off the show and this is not fair. She was one of the strongest there and now she is not any more because of their poor job.

    I think that they went too far this time by changing Lisa who was very good looking. It is obvious they are trying to push her off the show and this is not fair. She was one of the strongest there and now she is not any more because of their poor job.

    Overall the show is pretty nice but at the same time things like that get me upset over it. Heather is awesome I think it takes lots of courage to have this decease and be at this gutsy show. She should win it and be there till the end.
  • Search for the next American top model.

    Nobody really knows I watch it. Just as the classification says it's a guilty pleasure, and wow is it a fun pleasure. Nothing is more relaxing then eating a pice of chocolate and watching another cycle of ANTM. The cat fights can be petty and the judges harsh, but the beauty of the pictures is constant. This season there are some promising future models, my favorite: Heather. Heather is very beautiful and slightly awkward with the other girls due to her mild form of autism, aspergers syndrome. However she and several other models take great photographs and so far only one fight has broke out. Here's to another season of ANTM and more guilty pleasure.
  • I watched a marathon a while back that showed all the seasons up until Cycle 6. I was never even interested in watching, but I ended up getting hooked when watching the first cycle and I haven't looked back since.

    Since watching the marathon I've watched cycles 7, 8 and currently 9 but I feel they have gone down hill since cycle 6.
    Cycle 6 and 3 are my favorite!

    One thing I can't stand about the show is Tyra...yes I know she's the host of the show, but she's such a hypocrite and so full of herself that it's really hard to watch her when she's on. luckily she doesn't take up too much time on the show, but she is getting worse with each season.

    Overall the show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I try not to take it too seriously when my favorite girls are kicked off or when my least favorite stay. My favorite part of the show is watching the girls at the photo shoots and seeing the outcome. It's a fun show but I wouldn't be sad if they canceled it. I actually prefer watching reruns of the older cycles (1-6) then the newer cycles (7-9) although I can't really judge season 9 too much since it just started....
  • America's Next Top Model is a great show.

    Tyra and the judges are doing a terrific job on the show. I learn so much from them. They give girls around the world such a great opportunity. They are exposed to the entire fashion industry this is fabulous. They teach them about different cultures and customs. This is amazing and I love to watch the show. One of the great things about this show is I also found a charity that I just donated to by Tyra Banks TZone and Angel Wear Charity. Its funny they become like family members to me. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    All The Best to the creators of this show. Keep creating more shows like this so America can be taught in the best way. Thank you and have a Spectacular Day...

    Marissa Lang St James, New York
  • It seems that everyting here is completely wrong...

    Why MTV would even bother to put on a pointless competition of women competing for a top prize of getting a contract that they could easily get themselves if they were so "beautiful". The girls that they choose are ok, but they have many emotional and phsycological issues that get in teh way of the goals of the photographers and managers. The people in charge expect roo much from models, who are not able to manage to do something for too long, and are allways getting into arguments about pointless trivial things. The tests they do and the kind of modeling to do has been both good and bad, sometimes morbid, so I think this show deserves a 5.
  • Well it seems that this show is really intresting at first and makes you think you could model, because all of these girls are just ordinary women with different kinds of beauty. It gives you an imediate respect for the hosts.

    Although this show is purposeful and give alot of girls amazing oppportunities. it shows alot of hypocritical behaviors from the judges. they seem to say that they know what is beautiful, when "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" the girls are kind of spoiled and slow to learn and do not really come outside of their selves to show their inner beauty. The judges eliminate some girls for very insignificant reasons instead of eliminating the girls for the obvious. the show gets boring beacuse it is monotonous. The challenges serve a specific purpose which is to look unmoved by outside disturbances, but hearing Tyra kind of not put too much personality or care into her evaluations ruins the show for me, and makes me think she does not deeply care for people.
  • I am a long time viewer of ANTM & until last night i planed on staying that way. I am a Cancer Survivor of 11 yrs & I was very,very offended by last nights show. You should really think about the people you may hurt b4 you run a show like that. Lori.

    I used to watch ANTM because I loved the things you came up with. I loved the pictures and I loved the art. However the art (if you can call it that) that was displayed on last nights show was horrible. I got offended. I was hurt. I will never watch ANTM again. To see that girl laughing and making fun of people that had Chemo. The way they made her look. Do you people have no concept of what Cancer is like. Why on earth would you think that was ok. I went through such hell when I had Cancer. I was in high school and loosing my hair seemed like the worst thing in the world. Not to mention the way I felt. I didn't even get passed the scene of that girl laughing until I changed the channel, it even took me a minute to figure out what she looked like that for. I will never watch ANTM again or the Tyra Banks show for that matter. I hope that you got the picture you wanted. Cancer Survivor of 11yrs.
    Lori Cagle
  • Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model was the best so far!Cycle is gonna be the next best one!

    I love ANTM.But Personally my favorite girl that one was Jaslene!!I love her!!!I was rooting for her the whole entire time!She never went into the bottom 2 the entire time!!Thats a first!She is gonna be the next most successful model from ANTM.I wanted her to be in Cycle 7 but unfortunetly she dint make it that season,and ironicly enough,she made it in Cycle 8 and was crowned the winner!!Awesome isnt it!She is the ONLY true CoverGirl!veryone else is boring except CariDee. The only one i extremely DO NOT like is Adrianne but i LOVE ANTM A LOT!okay im done now.bye peoples!
  • This is the best show in the world. I wish that we could actually see the ones in other countries. From what I understand there are a lot out there.

    This show really puts a spin on what is a stereotypical reality show. You almost feel like you're watching The Facts of Life. Every episode you either learn or are reminded of what's important in life. "Get over it! This is your future", "Take a slice of some humble pie", "don't let your emotions show" or "Use your emotions to make you stronger" "PAY ATTENTION!" This show reminds you that you're not alone and that we're all only human. Here's a reminder from me to you. Do not spend money on a life coach; just watch America's Next Top Model. antm
  • Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty! Modeling! Beauty!

    What a show! Like no other! I love the fact that we get to watch people becoming so beautiful... It is all glitz and glamour like no other.. The show truely inspires people to dream and try to make that dream become a reality with the right attitude, focus and spirit. Becoming a model is talent in itself.. the grace and enegry required to fulfil such a dream is what this show is all about. Thanks to Miss Banks, we get to enjoy a show that not only provides entertainment but gets right down to the heart of becoming a true celebrity!! Fanstatic!
  • ALright

    It is alright show, nothing great, But for whatever reason I am addicted to it and I always want to watch it. One of the better reality shows and I am really not into reality shows at all except a couple. I don't know. Tya Banks I don't like how she does the opening on the show with all it is a quite look at each girl for like 2 secs then like 5 picutres of her all over the place I don't like that.. She is alright on the show but I really think she has a big head. k
  • antm rocks biaaacthhh!!

    So its a show about 13 or 14 girls learning about how to be models. While they learn they learn something new each week. And the girl who does the worst of the week gets sent home. So at the end only two girls will be left & they'll walk the final runway & one of them will be the new top model. There are two seasons every year. Tyra Banks didnt know the show would be so loved but the nation loves it! There has even been spinoffs in many countries like australia, france, italy, great britain && many more. I want to try out for this show but I'm too short (i'm 5'3) && you have to be 5'7 the only girl ever to be shorter than that is Eva Marcille Cycle 3's winner! I love this show alot alot & so should yu!
  • Great show. Real people with real dreams. Who would have thought?

    Greatest show on TV. If you don't watch it, you should. Ok, so, some of the girls are mean, some way to skinny, but, it still makes for good tv. And, for some girls, it really does change their lives. Tyra really knows her stuff. It's great that she gives girls-some from small towns, some not- the opportunity to do something like this. It's great how she and others show the girls how to act, be poised, walk, all things models need to know. America's next top model gives real girls a chance. I only wish I were tall so I could try out for the show!
  • Originally, I never watched it or thought of watching it, but then there was that night when you're bored and there's not much on TV and I stumbled upon this show on MTV and I like it.

    Like I said in my summary, I originally never saw myself watching this show. I'm not into modeling or clothers or fashion or anything like that, but there's something about this show that I like. I don't know, it's funny at times, and interesting at others. The cat fights in the house are pretty funny to watch. The challenges these girls have to do are hysterical. MTV never shows some seasons, though. Like I always catch it on when they show either Cycle 3 or 5, and I've seen them too many times! But, in all truth, it's a good show.
  • Get your claws out, this show is catty!

    America's Next Top Model is a show that I considered to be "just for women". There's no way that a guy would like to watch this show, and so I avoided it (like I do so many other shows). Until, yet again, a friend of mine saved me from a terrible error and forced me to watch this show. From season one to present, this show has kept me watching. Not only is it visually amazing to watch the transformation of some of these girls into stunningly beautiful women that would do the cover of any magazine proud. I also love to watch the girls bicker, fight and try to ruin each other in the process. Something about that is very appealing, and fun to watch. Makes for great television.
  • girls from all over the nation compete in hopes of becomin America's Next Top Model.

    If i don't watch this show everyday i feel like there's something missing from my life. I love this show. Tyra Banks hosts it along with the other judges (gotta love Nigel Barker) and it gets so intense after each episode. The director of the photo shoots-JAY MANUEL- is FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's gay but maybe he'll turn straight one day...oh well. The girls go under severe pressure but i think it's all worth it in the end considering all the modeling contracts the winner'll get and a pohto with Tyra. this has got to be one of the greatest shows ever.
  • ok show...

    America's Next Top Model is just another reality tv show and is just like all of the others. Tyra Banks hosts the competetion to see who would be a next top model. The contestants go through a variety of challenges and the best one wins. Overall, the show is basically a copy cat. It's just like American Idol and all of the shows like it. Tyra gets incredably annoying in this show. It's really annoying how she repeats the prize every single evalutation. It sounds like a machine and it's annoying! Anyways, ok reality show, but nothing special and nothing that I would watch unless there was nothing else on.
  • I love this show!

    This show is amazing; the script, the actors, the dimensions, the art directing, the timing, the locations, the emotion... everything. I simply cannot fault this show. When a program impacts you so incredibley that you almost feel inspired by it, you know it's definitely a hit. Not only does it bring a consistent string of drama, humor, emotion, humility, suspense and impemding punctuality, it almost feels real, as though it's happening in your general life. In reality, I think it's the executive producers, the script writers and the (strangely!) the wardrobe department that bring the combintion of rehearsability and realism to the camera, projecting a staged yet accurate perception of life to our TV screens. Should be made into a motion movie! And then add a sequel...
  • This is a show where contestants compete to see who will be named America's Next Top Model.

    This is a show where contestants compete to see who will be named America's Next Top Model. The contestant who wins also recieves some prizes. It is always interesting to watch the first episode where you get to meet the girls competing for the title. The girls are usually all very different from each other. In each episode, the remaining girls compete in a challenge and a photo shoot and the judges tell them later on what they did right or wrong. I always enjoy watching the final episode to see who will win. Overall, I think this is a pretty good show.
  • this show is so cool, tyra banks is upgrading her show and it gets better every season

    Created by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, who executive produces the series with Ken Mok, americas next top model chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels. Fourteen participants will live together and vie for the incredible grand prize: an opportunity to be managed by Ford Models, a fashion spread in Elle magazine, and a $100,000 contract...
  • America's next top model

    i love to watch this show just because of the high fashion and the glamour, and sometimes the drama. I love watching to see what they have to do and the different things they wear. I'm not an addict to this show but when it is on i like to watch it. I don't like Janice very much cause shes a littly B itchy :) hah
    but i love seeing the cool stuff they get to do and the prizes they win if they do the best. I like to watch and say "oh i think she should win" and stuff like that.
    thats why i like this show :)
  • Created by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, who executive produces the series with Ken Mok, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels.

    This show started of week. It got better and better. Now every season is better than the other. My personal favorite winners r Adrinne and Nicole. Tyra Banks is a complete genius. This show takes place in LA and every week a contestant gets elimanated. Eventaully when they r getting close to the finals they fly to somewhere else around the country. They so need to bring Janice Dickinson when she is done with her show which is also pretty awesome. This show rules and the weakest seasons were 2 and 6. They were the worst winners on the show.
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