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  • a show about being the next top model

    I really enjoy watching this show it keeps me glued on the tv i love watching the marathons and when the get makeovers some of them turn out rally good and some are just really ugly my favroite season would of have to be the 3rd season when Eva won because i think she had a good personalty. this show is awsome and everyone should watch who love fashion and want to become a model!!
  • Tyra Banks produced and hosts this show. It takes everyday young women who dream of becoming models compete to make their dream come true.

    I didn't think I would be a fan of this show, but I am. Cat fights aside (the girls are living're going to get these), the show has a valid competition. All the girls get a makeover at the beginning-some turn out bad, but the makeovers work for the most part. Watching the photo shoots is the best part. Most of the time, the photo shoot themes are really cool, and it's great to see how the girls get styled for the shoots. Afterward, the girls get judged on their best picture. Sometimes I feel like the judging panel is critical, but overall, they are fair. Each week, a girl gets eliminated, and the others continue in hopes of becoming America's next top model. I hate when a girl who deserves to win goes home, but honestly, all the winners throughout the seasons have turned out to be deserving so far. Tyra, despite her being a little annoying and weird sometimes, does a great job with this show. It's pretty decent.
  • This is my favourite show!

    I love this show. My favourite models so far have been CariDee, Nicole, Naima, Joanie, and Danielle. My favourite season was the one with Jad because she was so funny to watch. I am currently watching Canada's next top model and I love this show too because Jay Manuel is hosting it.

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  • A show in which a group of girls compete against each other to be america's next top model.

    Omg, I'm in love with this show. I got hooked a while back, and i still haven't missed a season. This is one of those shows which draws you in, and if you begin the season or the show with no fav. you end up having a fav. by the middle of the season. Personally i've liked every season, the funniest person ever on ANTM was Jade, because she basically believed she was perfect and was better than everyone else, and heres a 'jade quote'-"this isn't America's Next Top Best Friend!" haha, also my older sis and i would always laugh and make fun of her whenever she had the scarf thing on her head, my little sis said it was because she wanted long hair, since she got it cut off. She seriously complained about that, after she said she was fine if they cut all her hair of, lol. But over all you always have a person you love, hate, find funny, find weird, and find slightly interesting if you know what i mean, lol. Watch it!
  • A show in which several girls compete in the hope of recieving a model contract.

    I really love this show and like the classification says it is unintentionally funny!
    I love the way they are all so fake it is so funny!
    The tasks the recieve are really good as well.
    I think Tyra Baks is a great host as she just tells it like it is and really does want the best for them in the long run.
    The photo shoots are good ways of assessing the girls to see how the could handel the real modelling industry. I also like Twiggy and Nigel Barker in the show, but i cant stand Miss Jay! Sorry guys if you like him!
  • Girls go for the kill as they do all they can to be the America's next top model.

    It is the best fashion show, everyone knows. Tyra has done a great job and I think she deserves plaudits and more so, a kiss from me. NO wonder she's in Time's list of the most influential people on earth. The show takes you through the fashion world and attaches you to a particular contestant. It also brings out aspect of people's lives that they haven't discovered yet. I would say America's next top model is a must watch not just for people in the fashion industry, but also for everybody that has the ability to fall in love, you will just fall in love with this one. The contenstants are gorgeous, Tyra Banks is .....(o my God!).I love you so much Tyra.
  • This is a show all girls should watch. It inspires girls to be whatever they want to be... a MODEL. They give girls lessons and notes of being model. Featuring, Tyra Banks, Ms.Jay, Nigel Barker,and other famous folk, this is the show everyone should love

    I love the show always. I'm always right about this... I know which one wins in the finals except on the third season, I THOUGHT it was, YAYA. I was so so so so mad. I wish you won gurl. Shout- out. Any way, I lost the bet. I betted my mom $30 because it was the 3rd season. HA HA HA. Well any way. This show inspires me alot. It's cool. Except the fights. It was cool, I hit someone's chest after they made fun of me the next day. I wanted to hurt them that bad man.
  • I really like this show.

    I really like this show, America's Next Top Model. It is not one of my favorite shows to watch on TV, but it is still a pretty good show. I like watching the first episode, to see all the new contestants. I also really enjoy watching the makeover episode to see how all of the makeovers turn out. Sometimes, they turn out really badly!!! I really love to watch the season finale to find out who will be named America's Next Top Model. It is always very exciting to find out who will win and receive all the great prizes!!
  • americas next top model is a good show no matter what anyone says because modeling is fun and most people look good when they modeling soooo my opinion is different and the people who should won from cycle 5-8 5-nic 6-jade 7-caridee won any way 8-kathleen

    americas next top model is a good show no matter what anyone says because modeling is fun and most people look good when they modeling soooo my opinion is different and the people who should won from cycle 5-8 5-nic 6-jade 7-caridee won any way 8-kathleen and it is a good show to all them hatterz ol well they be lookin good and i wish that could be me because modeling is fun it great to practice to what i can be and achive in my goals to become any thing some thing and to be great at it sooo
  • i have to say it's not great but it's good

    America's Next Top Model says: Later for that talent stuff, girlfriend. (We're all girlfriends when we watch ANTM.) Those who love (or even love to hate) the show know that actual potential for Top Model-dom in the real world has little to do with why we watch. Or why Tyra Banks and her sidekicks favor one poser over another. In season eight, we've got a girl who cries a lot and swears that every breath she takes is for her baby son. There's the girl who's a Russian immigrant bride, the girl who's intellectually vain (to be fair, she's the only one, yikes, who claims ever to have heard of legendary photographer Richard Avedon), the gawky, biracial punk, and the breadstick-thin Latina with a lot of mouth. There are also two, yes two, ''plus-size'' girls, an attraction the now juicier-size Tyra proudly points out as if she has funded an eating-disorder clinic in New Orleans.

    I mock because I marvel: By now ANTM runs like a dream, a crazed circus of hair snarls and temperament snarls. Who's on top? The answer is easy: all of us slobs who get to judge at home.
  • Girls fight for the chance to be the next top model.

    While I don't watch this show regularly, I have no problem sitting down on a saturday or sunday afternoon when I have nothing to do and watching the recording my sister has made earlier that week. Its not bad, its just not one of my favorites and I can usually find something better to watch on the nights when its on. Tyra does occasionally get on my nerves at eliminations, and I don't like watching the interactions in between the models usually. I do like watching the shoots asnd compettions though, and find those very interesting. So the show balances itself out.
  • Its about girls who want to become model with the help of tyra backing them up.

    So this is a show about girls fighting for the chance to become the next top model. You gotta have the look, personality, and the modavation for modeling. Theres always 4 judges and they decide on who goes home every day. But to even get that far they have to send in a video tape of how they want to be the next american idol. I like the main character of the show tyra because she is one of the few models that has some thing up stairs and has her own tv talk show unlike most models like herself.
  • Catfight and high fashion. If you don't get yourself together when spot is on, it's sooooo over!!!

    I started watching ANTM month before I saw the first episode of Germanys Next Top Model, moderated by Heidi Klum. And compeding to the German Version (completely stolen ideas...) I love ANTM. But this season just irritated me. I don't get why they kicked out Renee. How could they "suddenly" decide that she is too old??? She did the best work and had the most viarity in her looks. While Natasha became more plaine in each episode. Jaslene is beautyfull and dissurbt to win, but not against Renee.
    It is the same strange thing like with Nicole and Nic. I just don't get it...
  • america's next top model is my best modelling show yet. it is better than all the other next top model shows eg canada, britain and australia because it is original.

    tyra banks deserves to be the best host title for this show. she is a good role model n a good model. this show has shown many people where they are headed in life. this show shows many how hard you have to work to achieve you goal. you have to go through pain, insults fights and other bad sides of life just to reach your goal. i watch this show because it is so interesting. for me personally cycle 7 was the best. i think it was different from all the other cycles. it showed how mean people could get to others just to achieve their goals. it shows how to b comforting to your friends. this show was also interesting. to me because there was always humor in between. hopefully this show keeps being aired on tele.
  • Nossa! America's Next Top Model já está em que ciclo???!!

    Vocês podem não acreditar, mas aqui no Brasil ainda estamos no Ciclo 5!!!... alguém ai saberia me dizer como acaba este ciclo? quem ganha??? acho que as finais são no ciclo 7 ou 8 né....

    Uma coisa que eu acho muito legal são as fotos delas, aqui é muiiittooo bom, eu tenho O SITE com todas as fotos, se alguém quiser é só me comunicar!!!!

    Aqui no Brasil está fazendo o maior sucesso o ANTM no canal da Sony Entertainment Television, esse, na minha opinião é um dos melhores Reality Shows que fizeram até hoje!!!

    Gente, caso alguém não intenda essa Revisão só porque está em português é só me comunicar que eu traduzo tudo isso para o inglês!!!


    Cauê :)
  • Natasha should have won!!

    This is the only cycle of the entire series that did not like. Jaslene did not deserve to win. Natasha did alot better in the runway show than Jaslene did, even Tyra said that. Natasha had such a nice personality, unlike Jaslene, she wasn't jelous of anyone who was doing better than her, or try to get that person eliminated. Maybe Natasha's portflio wasn't as good as Jaslene's, but it was definately close. She blossomed int his ompetition so much she started off as the worst, but ended up as the top. Usally i have a pretty good hunch about who is going to win on the final episode, this is the only time i have been wrong
  • This show is definately a winner.

    I love to watch America's Next Top Model. My girls and I will start watching the marathons and spend the entire day watching each episode. As they get older there is not a whole lot of things that we can enjoy all together, but this one is definately a winner. I admire Tyra for having the vision to do what she does and to share it with the world.
  • Best modeling show!

    This is my favortite modeling show yet! Tyra Banks is a great model and even better role model. She was determined to be a model and she made her dream come true. She is helping girls with dreams in and out of the competion. Everyone is more inspired by her! The seasons I look forward to every year. More girls with spunk and really great personalities get on the show. They all have really great careers in front of them but only one can be americas next top model. They all want that title and all the great rewards that come with it!
  • Top models climbing the ladder of success.

    I watch America's Top Model because the show is interesting to me. I like to see what they are looking for in models today and I enjoy it when they go to another country and we are able to see the differences over there. What I watch for in a good model is one who has inside and outside beauty. Her strengths should be the same way. She should be willing and able to learn as she proceeds thru each level. I never like the young women who act so hateful and are always trying to start trouble with the other young ladies. To me a model should always be professional where ever she is. If you have to put other people down to try make yourself noticed then one day somebody is going to come along and crush you. So far America's Top Model has chosen some pretty good top models; a few had a some negative characteristics, but hopefully they will learn as they go up the ladder of success to always do the right thing and be professional.
  • American's Top Model is about 14 model wannabees who will compete for a 100,000 contract and to become america's next Top Model

    I like this show every season because it's nice to see new people competing for their dream to be a model every season. I especially like it when people from the previous season who didn't make it go on it again. I find some of the girls stories touching because they are real people and they also go through rough times themselves. I also think that this show is very influential for girls because the show shows that anything is possible. For one example, Jaslene(America's Next Top model Winner for Cycle 8, did not even make it to the top 14 in cycle 7.
  • America's Next Top Model rocks it.

    I'd be the first to tell you that I didn't like this show in the beginning. (Janice had a a lot to do with that.) But as I continued to watch the show, I liked it more and more. It was funky fresh and edgy. It also gives me ideas and tips for when I get my own photos taken every year.
    One critism I do have is not for the show itself, but the girls on it. Every season, they give the girls hair makeovers. Every season, girls are resentful about their hair. It disgusts me that they are worried about their hair than their job.

    Other than that, it is an awesome show!
  • I love watching models!! not bad!

    WOW! its really kool i guess i think its goodto watch if u have nothing else to watch but my mum me and my dad sometimes... just can't stop watching it i just love the clothes =] and the models are REAL tall lol and skinny .-.- but still great to watch!! i usually watch it but havnt watched it much this year (2007).... the models are really good just that some are just PLAIN and when i watch them go it gets real boring....but i think its a great show! and everyone should watch it well only if u enjoy fashion LOL!
  • A whole bunch of girls showing off their bodies to America just so they can be the next pretty face on America's 'hot' magizane.

    Ok Tyra, you had your fun on 'The Trya Banks Show' now please Move On!!! You go on about how 'natural' you are and then you go to the girls and tell them how to make this look bigger and how to make this look smaller. It makes me wonder how hard you try to make yourself beautiful. Whatever happened to your 'natural beauty' that you say you love and appreciate. Make Up Your Mind, Tyra!!! You're just trying to make these girls like you. I feel like this show was created so you could have your own personal drone-women army. All it is is a popularity contest between the girls now.
  • Highly overrated

    This show is highly overrated. It will not teach you anything about modeling. It rather shows you the mistakes of the other girls and how they are not good models. The reason I dislike this show so much is because they constantly show you the girl's weakness and strengths and when it comes time to pick a winner they always pick the girl who has more weaknesses than strengths. I believe this show could be a lot better and teach girls a lot more things rather than showing the girls constantly fighting and screaming at eachother. The purpose of the show was to name america's next top model, but it really doesn't seem like it anymore.
  • I don't think that tyra banks has the right to shoot down anybodies dream!!!

    Well I think that this show is a Complete waste of time. Watching a nice young girl have her dreams shot down by an old lady who says she knows what she's saying but just looks so stupid... ~ANYWAYZ~ I DoNot think that anyone has the right to shoot down another persons dream it is just unfair and unhuman... It ain't right. Season after season watching thirty six girl lose all of thier confidence to have only one girl win the over all prize that only last one year. I just don't know why they would put these poor girls through all that trouble when they don't win anything!! Its so sad...
  • ANTM rox!

    I think that antm is one of the best shows on tv to date. tyra banks is a fashion beauty an dshe is just adorable everyone loves her so why not do a show that is watched by millions? i mean it is now like wat the six or seventh cycle? i just love it an dive seen every season backwards and forwards. my fave character being of course cammille and jael. keep up the work tyra ur going down in history!
  • Judge fashion model Tyra Banks sends wanna-be models through challenges to find the diamond out of the bunch of girls. The winner (or as I call her) the chosen one, will get a 100,000 dollar contract with Elite model agency, and much more.

    This show is something that gets me excited about Wednesyday nights. I know that it is probably the most cliched show on television, but I think it is actually, one of the best reality shows out there. Now I know you are probably say to yourself, "Who the freak would watch this trash?" but it is not trash. It sends these girls who call themselves "sexy,beautiful,etc. etc." and shoves them into the real world of modeling. It teaches them you can't just have a pretty face, you have to think and act with every shot. The reason I watch this show so religousley every night, is because I beleive besides all the nasty b***hes tha make the show fun to watch, it gives people a glimpse of how being a model really is. Tyra gives a comforting motherly nature to the reality of it, while being strong and harsh in the judging room. This show is really classified as a guilty pleasure for most people (including myself) but I'm almost 100% sure that more people would give it a chance if it wouldn't get such a bad wrap from other reality show watchers.
  • Deasent enough show

    I first started watching this show cause my sisters were watching it and since there was nothing on so i was watching it and it is actually not a bad show and it gets sort of interesting . People just see it and be like oh well that looks kinda of so lets not watch it but it is really good with lots of cat fights and stuff all just to win a thing to be America's next top model and get a whole bunch of really good job opportunities and such and it can be funny some times but i just think to my self wow i can't even do some of these things they are doing .
  • It a Reality TV show made by Ms.Banks anyway its a show where she picks a girls that she thinks has what it takes to be a top model!!

    It a Reality TV show made by Ms.Banks anyway its a show where she picks a girls that she thinks has what it takes to be a top model!! The show could be better as long as you have the right girls! anygirl can she tought how to pose but if she has a bad adttudie then its brings down the house! I also think that Ms.banks should watch the clips form that house cause some of the stuff the girls do it realy messed up. Like the way they act towards each other!!! they get realy nast some time!
  • Top Model has gone downhill but still fun to watch. It has run on the same formula for far too long.

    Top Model peaked in Cycle 2, which is arguably the best season of the show. What makes or breaks the show is the cast of models and the photoshoots they are asked to do.

    Since Cycle 2, the girls have gotten smarter (some are camera hogs, some stay out of the drama), which makes the show more boring. It's like comparing the exciting first season of "Survivor" compared to the latter ones, which many have lost interest in. The contestants know what they're in for so it's not as fun.

    The photoshoots are still fun to watch, but they have gotten out of hand. What made Cycle 1 and 2 so fun to watch was the photoshoots were realistic -- meaning these models might actually do them in real life. (For example: selling Steve Madden shoes, lingerie shoot with a male model in Paris, action shots with a football player, a STUFF magazine shoot) It feels like the show has gotten out of hand with ridiculous concepts such as taking photos in a grave, in freezing water, inside an airduct, etc. I highly doubt any models do that because it's too extreme and we have technology called Photoshop and green screens.

    I wished the show would do something shocking like have an all-male model or plus-size model Cycle. The formula has gotten boring with the same old cat fights each season, the same old one girl's confidence is diminishing, one girl is pretty but can't take pictures, etc etc. I already know what's in store for each season without having to watch. Still, I can't stop watching if it's on. Don't we all want to be a top model?
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