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  • Not the best...

    This reality TV show is definitely not the best one I have come across. However, it offers tips on becoming a great model, and shows that you don't have to be pretty to be one. The host is Tyra Banks, who was in Coyote Ugly with Piper Perabo and Adam Garcia. I have seen way better TV shows than this, but somehow, it is strangely addictive. I want to see all of the episodes, but my mum doesn't let me watch it, so I have to sneak it on and change the channel if anyone comes in :(. You would be better off with X Factor or something like that, but watch this if you ant to be a model.
  • SO COOL @!!@@!!@@!

    I think that this is the coolest show ever and I watch it all the time. I think that there is so much drama in the sahow but than there is always sad and happy times to in the show as well. I like the show a lot and it is very fun to watch.
  • Oh My God I love Miss Jay...and the others are okay too!!!!

    Top Model ain't exactly a genius formula. The whole girls competing to be a singer/model/dancer/actress thing has been done to death and we are on our eighth top model but the show is still really entertaining. I never realised how hard modelling actually is til I watched this show, and being really pretty doesn't necessarily make you a good model. I dp think the show needs to end soon though-it's produced seven (soon to be 8) great models but people are already forgetting the contestants because theree are sooo many of them out there now. Out of respect for the talent of the winners I think the show should really just quit while it's ahead- I'm sure Tyra Banks can think of something else to do.
  • A reality TV show, which gives the winner a modeling contract

    This show is amazing. I love reality TV shows, and America's Next Top Model isn't a let-down. I think Tyra's great, and I love the fact that she's so true and honest - she has to be in this type of show. Although the girls do sometimes get on my nerves with all the crying and moaning, I do feel for them - they're stuck in a house with the same people for too long..And modelling can be hard work - But've gotta earn it. And that's exactly what this show is about.
  • Tyra banks selects 12 girls, gives them makeovers and takes pictures of them. Each week another girl is sent home until finally we're left with America's Next Top Model.

    Normally I tune in to see the **** half starved modles battle it out off the camera. Also I use to love the interesting photo shoots, but latley it's been lacking. The girls barley even fight any more. There's just so much love in the house. The Photo shoots, which use to be my favoritare really going down hill. There was an interesting one with the death scene, but since then nothing. Tyra might be running out of ideas. The girls also seem to be getting smaller and smaller. One of the girls on this season would dissapear if she turned side ways. The "full-figured" models never make it very far and it seems like some sort of cruel torture to throw them in the house with all the stick figures. I'm hoping that it will begin to have that spark again. I will continue watching, hopeing to see something interesting.
  • ANTM rocks! I wanna be on top, top, top..

    America's Next Top Model is a reality TV show hosted & produced by Tyra Banks, America's famous top model & host. This show is about how ladies compete with one another to be 'hailed' as America's Next Top Model. They face many challenges, walk the runway, and, the most important of all, taking unique photos. They do photo shoots with Jay Manuel, the creative director. When it's time for judging, the girls meet with Tyra and the panel of judges, Twiggy, the legendary fashion icon, Nigel Barker, the noted fashion photographer, Ms. J. Alexander, the "queen of the catwalk", and a guest judge.
    Adrianne won! Yoanna won! Eva won! Naime won! Nicole won! Danielle won.. I wish it was Joanie.. CariDee won! Who got what it takes to become America's next top model?
  • Definite trendsetter- which has seen a few spin off versions such as Britains' Next Top Model and Australia's Next Top Model..........

    America's next top model or ANTM is a good show and very entertaining. Basically Tyra picks out 13 girls (from hundreds who audition),who live together in stylish and fashionable surroundings. Each week the girls are put through a series of tests and challenges where the winner of a particular test is usually awarded a prize such as designer clothes, jewellery,or even appearing as a guest actor on a hit sitcom!
    The girls then have to face the judging panel who praise or critcise their photo's and challenges, i.e. appearing in a makeup advert, and each week 1 girl is eliminated until finally there is a winner.

    I started watching ANTM at season 2 and my favourite season so far has to be season 3! where Eva was 'crowned' ANTM!!I think that Tyra is definitley onto a money spinner here. This show is a trendsetter- that has given many girls the opportunity to see and know more about the modelling industry as well as the opportunity for some to go on to pursuing their dreams of becoming a model!
  • Wait, wait...

    I only watched this show with my fiance once.. but let me get this straight. Tyra Banks has her own talk show which she consistantly says she cares about young woman and their weight. Then she comes up with the "brilliant" idea that she wants to host a show denouncing those very principles that she has on her talk show. For people who disagree with me.. check out the physical and personality traits of the contestants. They are annoying, crabby and made me think all models look like a bunch of dimwitted backstabbing idiots who don't eat much. Way to go Tyra. Thanks for revealing a stereotype for me.
  • america next top model is a good show and has very preety girls with crappy attitudes the one person i hate is ...

    america next top model is a good show and has very preety girls with crappy attitudes the one person i hate is ... tyra she tries to be all that any girl on the show looks 10 times better then her why why why tyra is a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    she is well dont you agree that she wants to be all that
  • The best show on TV!

    I think that America's Next Top Model is probably the best reality show on the air. They have very interesting people on it. It is very entertaining to watch. I sometimes believe that they eliminate people for the wrong reason. But I still love it. Every season there are different types of people. The diversity of the people makes it very interesting and entertaining to watch. The judges on the show also make it very interesting. The judges are Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Twiggy, J. Alexander and a guest judge every week. Each week the model wanna-bes are tested in different challenges. A very worth while show to watch.
  • America's Next Top Model

    America's Next Top Model was a very interesting show to me until I found out that they don't want real models. I used to watch this show all the time because I am an aspiring model.Then I went to the casting call in Cincinnati Ohio and it was nothing like a real audition. Usually a model would have to do their "best runway walk" right, well not at this one. the only thing they did was give us a number split us in groups of 50, have everyone say their name age height and weight. Then they said if i don't call your number leave, don't ask any questions or come to the table just leave. They called 4 numbers out of the group of 50 that i was in. All 4 girls were like 6 feet tall and I was just wondering what did they base their decision off of? They didn't see our walk, our pictures, they didn't even look at our 15 page application that they filled with pointless questions. So that proved to me that America's next top model is not really a search for models it's pure entertainment.
  • This show is a good show but if Tyra knew how some of these girls was she wouldn't never pick them to guest star on top models.Some of these girls have no respect for nobody.If they really want to win they wouldn't act like the way they did.Evil girls.Bad

    Tyra pick the right girl at the end.She pick a girl not just pretty but had something up stairs.We don't want a girl who party and drink all time.We don't want a girl whose loud for no reason.We don't want a girl who evil to the next girl.Half of those girls was a waste of Tyra time.A lots of those girls disappointed Tyra.Janice Dickenson spoke the truth about each of those girls.Half of those girls was pigs.They didn't clean up behind them self.Some girls making out with strange.Girls talking behind other girls back.I see why Tyra had to be a sometimes.When you act like that people's don't want to no your names.All those evil girl are ugly I don't care if there pretty on the out side.
  • Reality show based on modeling.

    I do enjoy watching this show. I like watching reality shows. I like watching these models compete against each other. As with all reality shows, things get edited to make certain contestants out as villians or sweethearts, but you still can't help picking favorites and "hating" others.
    I am getting tired of some of the judges (and host) like Tyra and Miss Jay. I like it when Jay Manuel gets to be a judge. I feel he knows the girls the best and uses his best judgement as a judge. I am not fond of Twiggy and wish they would've kept Janice Dickinson as a judge, even if she didn't get along with Tyra well.
    I like this show because the girls are models and they can be more catty and more petty than other people, seriously. I like to see the photo shoots and the photos each week. It's interesting to watch a girl progress through the show and become the winner.
    I am tired of Tyra, but continue to watch the show. She is on so little of the show that she doesn't bother me. I am tired of Tyra but I think I prefer her to many of ther other supermodels out there.

    This show is about 13 girls who are trying to be a top model. My favorite part is when they get their hair and everything changed- it is so much fun to see what they look like after. Watching America's Next Top Model makes you want to be a model in my opinion. It inspires me!!!!

    I love this show. Although they always create more drama then needed. But drama makes for good tv right! I think Tyra Banks is doing a great job with the show and i really hope it continues for as long as possible. It is awesome!!!
  • About 13 girls get picked to challenge each other and Tyra will only pick one to be ANTM!!

    Great show! I started watching it in cycle 5 but I wish I watched it earlier because it is a great show! My favorite winner is CariDee and then Adrianne(I seen part of cycle 1 on youtube). Cycle 8 I hope Jael wins. So far Tyra picked girls that deserved to win and not the b***hy girls who think that they are all that(Jade not included)!! I hated Melrose the most! I don't like Jaslene! She didn't make it in cycle 7, haha! I didn't like Monique much but she was better than Melrose because when she left Melrose like took over! B***h!!
  • Girls compete to be America's Next Top Model, hense the name!

    I am a big fan of America's Next Top Model. One reason would be because I like Tyra Banks (In a healthy way). The show may be the same concept every season, but show is every show. Most people might be wondering what's so great watching girls fight over the title as America's Next Top Model. I think about that myself sometimes as well, but I'm not sure why, but it's just interesting. You see how the girls start out, and watch them mature through out the show. These girls are very beautiful, model beautifully, and thet take beautiful photos.
  • America's Next Top Model is a great show that features women who want to be models.

    I love this show!!!!!!! It is a total guilty pleasure, and I absolutely love to discuss it with my friends. Sometimes they kick off girls who were really good, which is pretty lame, but I like it for the most part. It is on Wednesday nights on the CW (check your local listings) at eight o clock Eastern time and seven o clock central time. I love this show and I watch it every week. Tyra Banks, the host, is so fierce and she really knows how to model. They have great guest judges as well, which I like. Great show.
  • Tyra still wants to be famous so now she critiques other chicks.

    Why are these girls never really that pretty??? Who told any of them, besides attention seeking Tyra Banks that they could ever be models??? I mean modeling what. These girls are sooooooooo broke down. Transvestites look better than some of them.... And don't thay know why they always go home..... thay didn't bring out enough of the cat claws. Message to all future contestants Fight a chick if you want to make it to the final three contestants. Say alot of nasty thinga about the other girls too when thay are not expecting it.. or really don't watch tyhe show at all.Seriously it and Tyra are starting to bore me.
  • This show is surprisingly addictive, however I don't follow the episodes consectively. Occasionally they'll play a marathion and thats when I'm hooked...

    I enjoy the beautiful girls, I enjoy the companionship, and the drama. It's funny to me how catty girls can be because, lets face it, they're all competing against eachother- and how they can all hold eachother and cry when a girl is eliminated. I don't necessarily agree that they're ALL pretty, however that kind of treatment- professional make up artists at your finger tips, free makeovers... I can't imagine. It dose help alot. In season 6, when Danielle won, I was a little upset becuase Joanie was classically beautiful, the judges even said it. They compared her to some back-in-the-day Cover Girl model. I really wanted her to win. But thats the way it goes. So far this season, I've only seen a couple of episodes but I'd much rather wait until that Saturday afternoon that they play the marathon and I can tune in :)
  • Americas Next Top Model is an addicting original series!!

    I've been hooked since the begining. This is an awsome show. The photo shoots are the best part. The fact that all those girls can live with like 12 other women is pretty interesting. The cast is hilarious and yet still blunt with what they expect. Ms.J is is so fabulous with his walk 'n' talk. Tyra is beautiful and totaly down to earth, Love her other show by the way!!
    I pretty much love everything. The fights, eliminations,makeovers,judges,photos,shoots and even some of the contestants.
    I watch every wednesday at 8 and im going to keep watching.So all in all this is a really entertaining, funny , heartbreaking show.
    And is as original as the cast.
  • Entertaining! Love it! Tyra is a great inspiration to women. Americas Next Top Model reveals that “beautiful” can come in different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Not just stick skinny!

    Tyra clearly is one of the major factors in making the show a hit. The show reveals that beauty can be a woman who has curves or the classic skinny i.e. the blonde or the brunette and the tall or the petite, there all beautiful. The show also makes the audience think that beauty is in the mind and the attitude. I believe it’s a positive show with a message that’s more than the just outer beauty.
  • i love ittttttttttttttt

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee antm!!!!!!!!! i started watching it when cycle 5 was finishing and then i watched the other seasons in and it was like.....i adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show!!!!!!! i lurv ittttt.

    i have mixed feelings against tyra cause she does seem a little fake but then she is such a nice person that it's like i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and mr jay iss wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss jay is kinda stupid and twiggy sucks...

    but my personal favorite is janice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so hilarioussssssssssssss omggggggg i love the jokes and the bitc*y stuff and all!!!!!!!!

    but most of all i love the photoshoots and of course the girls...its like all my family hates it and im at 10 pm the tv is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehehe
  • I cant believe I watch this show.

    America's Next Top Model is one of those shows I thought I would never be caught watching because I was never attracted to reality TV. Actually, I almost always hate all reality shows, but I ended up liking this one.
    I think a couple of months ago, my friend and I came across an ANTM marathon (it was season 4- Naima won!). We decided to watch it just for fun, and my goodness, I loved it! There was so much drama! We were laughing and sometimes yelling at the television- it was great! Oh and the girls- very thin, but over all they were mostly gorgeous.
  • americas next top model cycle 8

    well well...what would we do without americas next top model. its the best, i cant wait for the rest of the season!!!!i love it i love it i love it!!!! i could not live without this show, tyra banks is sooo awsome...she is so cool, nice, and she wants everyone to be succesful! every one should be like tyra. i love both J's and twiggy is my idol, tgus us sycg a great show and i think that everyone should watch this show!!! well maybe not the guys...that might be strange, okay i love americas next top model whooo hooo!!!
  • Put a groupe of overly skinny dramatic girls in a house, take pictures of them and let the drama fly! This show proves that you have to be painfully skinny to be a modle and you have to be fierc to survive in the modeling industry

    What do you get when you take a groupe of skinny girls who like themselves a little to much, put them in beautiful outfits and makeup and take pictures of them, well you get Americas Next Top Modle. Even though i know i can never be a modle i watch this show a secretly practice my posing and struting downt the runway. I get so emotionaly attached to the characters that when someone gets sent home its like they died. This is yet another tv show that proves that you have to be thin and beautiful to be a modle and i dont think that is the right view to be achnolaging.. yes i understand that modles are supposed to be a size 0 but what about those of us who are size 6 go forbid we want to be on this show. When you take beautiful people, put them in over dramatic makeup and flawless costumes you get amazing pictures and that is why you see the beauty that shows up in this show!
  • 13 girls compete to be ANTM

    i started watching durin cycle 7 and i love it
    it really interesting and makes me want to watch more
    i really like the cycle 8 contestants
    i hope renee or natasha win because thier awesome
    i liked the political photoshoot but the girls didnt try that hard i cant wait till the makeovers
  • The girls on America's Top Model are unattractive, look extremely malnurished and are incredibly underweight. They look so sickly that it is quite disturbing. Basically, this shows makes every girl in the world feel better about themselves.

    I just dont get it. Where do they pick the women for this show? I just can't believe these girls are considered models or model hopefuls! I dont want to be mean, but most of these girls are not even close to model material. Some look like they are so under weight that they are made up of bones with flesh color painted on them. Whoever said TV adds weight is full of it. I am seriously afraid that if one of them jumps in excitement they will break their shin bones. If you want to see more of a natural beauty, then watch some of the girls on American Idol, they look good. The "models" on America's Top Model are just not even close to model status. I can't stress that enough! Whatever happened to models like Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klume? They were beautiful! Tyra looks absolutely great as well. I am 100% puzzled to what qualifies someone as a model. By the looks of it, according to your standards, anybody off the street can be a model. I think this show makes every girl feel better about themselves. Good job.
  • New Season, new set of girls.

    Season 8 is about to start, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm surprised I'm not tired of the show. But I happen to enjoy the catty nature, the tasks that have to be done, and seeing why the girls get eliminated. It's amazing how easy these girls must think being a model is, and when the reality sets in, they find out it's not so simple. So it will be interesting to see what happens in season 8. My main reason for being excited is this season there will be two women that are not skinny women. They have bodies on them, normally we get one young lady that is "normal" figured, and the rest of the girls are super skinny. So let's see if a "normal" bodied woman can win for a change. Will be tuning in to tonights two hour show.
  • World renowned model Tyra Banks along with a panel of judges gather 13 girls to see witch one will be AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

    All in all Americas next top model is a great show ( I like the theme song ) but anyways these girls are put through some of the hardest tests ive seen , like takeing a garden of Eden shot , takeing a tennis picture with a stuborn client takeing a bollywood picture , takeing pictures with wild animals , or a spider or the time that Tyra told them to shot a commerical in Spain for sercret with was profete por una donna or strong for a women. and the final test was being in a runway show in Fashions greatest peak Fashion Week and in the end Americas next top model was chosen , but unfortunatly it's usually never the person who deserves to win , but all in all its still a good show.
  • America's Next Top Model is a show where 13 girls a selected to come compete to be America's Next Top Model. There are challenges and one girl is voted off each week. Some of the judge are Tyra Banks, Ms. Jay, Nigel Barker and Twiggy.

    America's Next Top Model is great to watch because every episode is different and every season the girls are different. America's Next Top Model is much better than all other reality show where people are put in a house together with lots of drama, because there is a lot of drama between the girls but there is actually a compitition and the girls actually have talent. This show is great for watching when your sick or watching with your friends. Guys also love to watch it because of all the hot and sexy girls. The judges are also very fun to watch espacially Ms. Jay.
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