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  • New Season, new set of girls.

    Season 8 is about to start, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm surprised I'm not tired of the show. But I happen to enjoy the catty nature, the tasks that have to be done, and seeing why the girls get eliminated. It's amazing how easy these girls must think being a model is, and when the reality sets in, they find out it's not so simple. So it will be interesting to see what happens in season 8. My main reason for being excited is this season there will be two women that are not skinny women. They have bodies on them, normally we get one young lady that is "normal" figured, and the rest of the girls are super skinny. So let's see if a "normal" bodied woman can win for a change. Will be tuning in to tonights two hour show.
  • World renowned model Tyra Banks along with a panel of judges gather 13 girls to see witch one will be AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

    All in all Americas next top model is a great show ( I like the theme song ) but anyways these girls are put through some of the hardest tests ive seen , like takeing a garden of Eden shot , takeing a tennis picture with a stuborn client takeing a bollywood picture , takeing pictures with wild animals , or a spider or the time that Tyra told them to shot a commerical in Spain for sercret with was profete por una donna or strong for a women. and the final test was being in a runway show in Fashions greatest peak Fashion Week and in the end Americas next top model was chosen , but unfortunatly it's usually never the person who deserves to win , but all in all its still a good show.
  • America's Next Top Model is a show where 13 girls a selected to come compete to be America's Next Top Model. There are challenges and one girl is voted off each week. Some of the judge are Tyra Banks, Ms. Jay, Nigel Barker and Twiggy.

    America's Next Top Model is great to watch because every episode is different and every season the girls are different. America's Next Top Model is much better than all other reality show where people are put in a house together with lots of drama, because there is a lot of drama between the girls but there is actually a compitition and the girls actually have talent. This show is great for watching when your sick or watching with your friends. Guys also love to watch it because of all the hot and sexy girls. The judges are also very fun to watch espacially Ms. Jay.
  • The show just keeps me wanting to see more and more of what happens next.

    I have been watching america's next top model since the begaining and what I think makes me keep watching it is seeing these girls fight and complete to win and it is quite funny. One other thing is that how they can make one of the ugliest models look great in the pictures. This show just really entertains me just how some girls can not get along and what they will do to win. Well I have seen every epsoide so that shows I like wasting time and I especially waste time when they have those marathons then I catch myself spending a whole day in my room watching this show. Great show in the end thats what I think.
  • I haven't made up my mind yet... Is this show good and entertaining, or totally crap and entertaining?

    I think that this show is the best idea Tyra Banks (or whoever came up with the idea)ever had. And the worst. I can't really make up my mind on that subject. The show is very entertaining and I think it's hilarious to watch all these girls fight with each other and say stupid things. Because you gotta agree with me, the DO say pretty crazy things sometimes. On the other hand it has lots of prejudice in it sometimes, and think of all the bad influence it has on young girls! I'm guessing that most of them compare themselves with these skinny, and often pretty, models. So that's of course the main thing why I think bad of the show.
  • This show's format may seem a bit unorthodox(hole up girls ages 18-26 in a posh pad in LA, document their every move, force them to do humiliating and unnecessary stuff), but it actually works...

    Forged from the mind (and forehead) of supermodel Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model (or ANTM as its called by its lazy fans)has made a name for itself by being "that show that exploits young women, their fakey emotions and their PMS fits". While that's half true, it also shows the cruel, judgmental, and thin side of the fashion industry. Dive in and be immersed and hooked to this show that's had 8 cycles in 3 1/2 years! It's like meth! Fun for the whole family (may not be fun for those over 55)!!!

    The first season of top model was, in my opinion, one of the best seasons, simply because I don't think anyone knew what they were in for. There was Adrienne who was from the Joliet ghettos and she got on Elyse's nerves with the "Jay and Silent Bob" quotes, she was also my favorite and she was also the miltitant atheist who had problems with Robyn who was the ultra-devout Christian who befriended Shannon who also made friendly with Kesse (who's from the city I live in) who, I believe, had no problems with Ebony's lesbiosity, but Ebony had a problem with Giselle's wastefulness and spoiled-brat attitude. There were some other wh0res there, but I didn't care for them. Anyway, Adrienne had convulsions and went into shock when she won. Did I mention she has a dislike of Tyra now?

    The second cycle rolled on in and it displayed more losers from Middle America. Shandi, my favorite, had an obvious eating disorder and did very well except for the fact that she was always overshadowed by April, the over-analyzer. Ummm...I liked Mercedes, not because of her lupus, but because she exuded so much flavor and culture and vivaciousness. Camille was the wannabe from Jamaica Queens, I think, and she was the fakest one out of the entire group. She took mediocre photos, but, somehow, she made it to the final 5 and went on a "free" trip to Milan. Catie was the youngest and she looked like a child prostitute. She could walk, but when she cut her hair she turned into Dakota Fanning Jr. Let's see...who else...oh, yeah, Anna, the fat loser who left the show, basically, on the 3rd day. She had a son at home and she couldn't model, blah, blah, blah. She didn't want to be nude and all that jazz, whatever. She sat there for a while breast feeding her son and exposing her breasts to him then, why not show her goods now? She had such promise. Lastly, there was Yoanna, who was probably the whitest, stiffest, plainest, blandest, plain-Jane model they've ever had. Okay, her face looked beautiful and her cheekbones WERE her forehead, I get it, but anyone can slap on a motorcycle hat and take a good picture. There were some other losers in the background, but I don't care for them. Overall, it was a good season.

    The third season was probably the best and the last of the good drama-fueled and catty menstrual cycles. Eva the Diva was probably the sexiest one on there and she won, what a surprise (not really). YaYa was the one who thought she had it and thought she was the hottest sh!t this side of the Atlantic. She was good, but couldn't compare to Eva. Amanda, the "blind" woman with the son was an excellent model who probably could've won the first two seasons if she was on there. Ann, for some strange reason, made it to the final four. This was the oddest thing in Oddsville. And not only did she make it that far, she beat out Toccara when they were both in the bottom two. This was the greatest injustice the show has ever committed. They gave Ann 80 octillion chances and Toccara only got one because she "wasn't the same". I was sick, disgusted, and over it by the next episode. I loved this season and it may be the best ones ever.

    Ugh...the show was so diluted at this point and I was so high off of it, I just kept on watching. Despite it's blandness, there were some pretty good models. Kahlen, the trailer trash from Oklahoma, Tiffany, the former sassy black girl from Miami and Naima, the mixed, chopped and diced-up breed from Rust City Detroit. I think the models were better this time around, but they were so lame! Brittany WAS the porn-star who turned into the Virgin Mary by the end of the show. They got rid of Brandy so quick that there was smoke coming from my television. Michelle was the unbearably plain lesbian, who, unlike Kim in the next season, didn't try to get it on with Brittany! Well, nevermind, by that time she was Mother Teresa. Oh, and Keenyah was there too.

    Cycle 5...let's see. Lisa should've won, Nicole's the 2nd plainest and blandest winner, Kim was the incredibly horny and feisty lesbian Bree was my favorite and Nik was a beautiful brat. Jayda should've got hit by a car before I started liking her again.

    Boring. Boring. Boring. Jade kept it interesting. Dani(elle) won (representing for LR!!!)and Joanie was good too. Sara looked a smidge like Scarlett Johansson and others were there.

    I don't really remember this cycle. Melrose: loved, Twins: genius, Eugena: loser, Caridee: psycho woman from ND.

    I love the show and it's so addictive, but Tyra, where are the claws??? Bring them out like you did for your @$$!!! (BTW, I did write more in all-caps, but these people over on this website get physical when you do, so I had to downgrade.)
  • This show rox!

    Okay, this show is genius! I've always wanted to model and this show shows you how hard it is to be one. Sometimes you don't even have to be that pretty. You just have to have the certain "look" about you. Every season, I pick out my fav model, and they normally win! Maybe I should start holding bets?
  • My friend and I look forward to a new season OF ANTM all the time...In between seasons I sometimes will watch Canada's next top model...I wish there were back to back seasons.

    I love it...I love it...WE love it!!!!!It is my fav and am so excited with the new season starting February 28th as I saw in, "In Touch".
    I wish they had back to back seasons...I am waiting for one about preteens...or maybe older women like in their late 20's to about mid 30's. That would put an interesting spin on things.
    Anyways always a fav!
  • firs let me say tyra is a big..............

    Insperation to young girls like me lol she is amart beautyfull and she's like her own boss how cool is tha lol...she is like so cool she has her own show, she acts, and she even use to sing hahahahaha take that who ever thinks tyra iz lame i can't stop laughing at yall hahahahahahahahaha Insperation to young girls like me lol she is amart beautyfull and she's like her own boss how cool is tha lol...she is like so cool she has her own show, she acts, and she even use to sing hahahahaha take that who ever thinks tyra iz lame i can't stop laughing at yall hahahahahahahahaha
  • This show is about a group of wanna be models getting together to compete aagainst each other for a modeling contract and some money to start of there career in modeling.Thwy have had like 7 seasons. The host is Tyra Banks.

    I love this show because it has alot of drama. It shows you what its like to be a model. Its actually very nerve racking. I love last season the best because i love the picks they did. My fav. pic was the controversial pic of the twin that showed her as a bulimic .And the pic of the circus freaks..all the them.I still remember the first season when Adrianne won, it was her against shannon i think and i thought shannon was going to win because she had great smile and they always had something to say about adriannes accent and how she wasn't fit to be a model.But Adrianne won and also the person i most hated from all Americas next top model was Liza.She was scary looking and really mean.
  • AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL is a reality show that chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels. Fourteen participants will live together and vie for the incredible grand prize.

    I loved this last season of ANTM. The models seemed to have the best personalities of any of the previous cycles. The most beautiful girls came from cycle 5. I still believe Nicole Linkletter was the most naturally beautiful contestant of all the seasons. Caridee English is nest in line. I loved her classic All-American beauty. Dani (Danielle) is my least favorite of all cycles. Although amazingly gorgeous, I just felt the runner up was better suited for the prize. I do wish they would spend a little more time on the photographs and less time on the drama. Maybe show 2 of each girls best shots.
  • America's Next Top Model!

    I wasn't a fan of this show during the first season. I became interested in it while watching the reruns on VH1. I thought at first that it was just a stupid model related show, but when I sat down and watched it, I realized that it was a whole lot more. I was drawn to it because of the photography. And then of course you fall in love with your favorite contestants, and you hope and pray that they will become America's Next Top Model.
  • I love this show its inspires and tell me i can be what and who i want to be witout people putting me down every chance they get!

    I love the show because it shows even people with the biggest dreams who were put down because of the way they look, talk, act can furfil thier dreams. It really inspires me. People who had skin diease or, were to big, or too skinny or too short were able to succsessed. Thier were pleanty of people on the show who didnt beomce "Americas next top model" but are modeling today and doing what theyve always wanted to. I thnak tyra for giving everyone the great oppertuntiy to try and make it to where they want to be, it really means alot to me that one day maybe i have that shot of making it and becoimg americas next top model!
  • Extremely amusing and addictive.

    When I first heard about this show I poo-pooed it and decided I was never going to watch it but I eventually changed my mind and got pulled in thanks to VH1. I saw Adrienne Curry on The Surreal Life and VH1 also played reruns of the cycles. Now I'm a fan. It's a crazy show sometimes, and definitely entertaining. I like the photoshoots, getting pulled into the drama, and when the judges get nutty. Of course, it's doubtful that any of the contestants will be actual TOP models, but I'm in it for the entertainment value. My favorite cycles were probably 2,3 and 6. I guess I liked 7 too. I got my sister into it as well.
  • Tyra Banks is host for America\'s Next Topmodel and it\'s getting harder and harder to stay on it for the contestants.

    I used to like this show but it\'s not on here anymore and it has gotten slightly boring but I used to watch it. I liked how they all went through all kinds of photoshoots. Some of the contestants are just snobby and boring to watch. I watched it when Nicole became America\'s next Topmodel and that was the best one I think since then it\'s been rather boring to watch and it\'s like going downhill fast but I didn\'t put it as that in the classification. I think Midly Interesting is a good way of putting what the show is.
  • Trendsetter, literally Tyra, does an amazing job taking her experience from being a model and shares it with these contestants. Contestants will face the real deal with learning how to deal with facial expressions,and criticism!!Do they have what it takes

    I love this show soooo much!! Just from what all the judges, designers and the photographers know what to do with this girls, really makes me feel that they know what they\'re doing. Modeling is very tough, I have actually modeled for a couple ads myself. It seems that it\'s all them though, and it\'s their job to pick their facial expression that suprises the judges. In my opinion alot of girls that were sent home should have stayed onto the next round, insted of the ones that stayed without being eliminated. Almost every shot or task they have to do catches my eye and you get to see the creative side of these girls. One of my favorite shoots would have to be the one when the were making the Astrology Calender, the designers got creative with that one!! Good job!!
  • I watched the show initially to get insights into the modeling industry, now it seems like it's mostly about the arguments between contestants. I'm quickly losing interest.

    I got hooked on the series around the second cycle because I have a daughter who is starting out in the modeling industry. This is all new for us and my husband and I felt the show gave us some insights into what the business was like. I know this is a "reality" show, but the last few cycles it seems more and more of the show is about the cat fights, and less and less is on the modeling. Maybe that is what most viewers want. What I enjoyed was getting a peek into the business. Now it seems like an ever smaller portion of the show deals with that.
    I really do enjoy the -where are they now recaps- hearing what has happened with the contestants after the show (cycle)ended.
  • This show is about 13 girls who have been chosen from all over America, to be America's Next Top Model.

    America's Next Top Model, or ANTM, is a show simply about girls wanting to model. I thought it would be the stupid, but it was amazing. I really got into this week, as it was non stop on VH1. Each episode usually contains a challenge, a photoshot, and a personal evaluation challenge. They are really catchy ad fun to go along with. I like picking a character or 2 that I follow. I get really sad when they get eliminated. From the last cycle I like CariDee and Amanda. I happy that CariDee made it all the way! It is seriously a cool show though.
  • Catty girls fighting to be another NEXT top model.

    I think the above description sums up the show just fine. Just add the word, "drama," and the Tyra Banks Show, excuse me, I mean, America's Next Top Model is summed up perfectly.

    The show takes some pretty and some awfully homely looking girls and tries to transform them into models, not just commercial/bland models, but designer models. Apparently, there is a difference between the two types. A commercial model does print work, which is bad, and a designer model does runway work, which is good. Are these my opinions? No. They are Tyra's. But, in all honesty, the show is such a guilty pleasure and is so fun to watch these catty girls argue that it makes up for any downside that Tyra adds to the show. It is rather cool to see how the makeup artists can transform normal looking girls into actual models. Moreover, the pictures that the photographers take are usually quite good.
  • This show is very informative & really inspiring. It gives everyone who dreams of being a model or even if you’re just interested in the industry a good idea of what you should expect in modeling. It's not just about having a pretty face.

    It teaches you to believe in what you can do no matter what that is. In life you must have confidence, drive & the tenacity to not give up no matter what obstacles are thrown in your life and not just in modeling. Like Tyra said "You are in control of your destiny." Sometimes even if you don't achieve your ultimate dream you always can learn and that ultimately is what life is all about. No matter what size, color, shape, or ethnic background you come from. Be strong, love and trust in yourself. No one can take that away!
  • This show follows a group of aspiring supermodels who go through challenging tasks and photo shoots for fourteen weeks in order to decide who will become America's Next Top Model.Each week one contestant is eliminated by a panel of fashion icons.

    This show is set apart from similar but mediocre shows by it's fast moving, energetic pace and fun-loving host Tyra Banks. It provides a very interesting and informative insight into the world of modelling and fashion. The show is well layed out in that every week you see the contestants faced with a photo shoot, challenge, panel task and judging designed to replicate the trials and obstacles they will come up against as independent models.

    This show is entertaining, addictive and sometimes downright hilarious and sure to please those with even a mild interest in fashion or the world of modelling.
  • Real body types

    Why does a model need to be tall? Who decided that to be beautiful you need to be tall? There are many beautiful things that come in small packages. I mean who has ever heard of a famous petite model? Maybe the next America\\\'s Top Model should include all body types? P.S. I do not mean to sound rude, I am just a petite woman and think that our size is overlooked.
  • What I think you Should Do Tryra To Make A Interesting Show.

    Tyra I Think You Should make A teen american Next Top Model Show And I Would Love To be In It My Name Is Shatara Farmer AKA Peaches I Am 13 Years Old And My mom email Adreess Is I would Love For you To Contact me ASAP Tyra By The WAy Love Your Hair And Your Smooth Skin.It Is Very Important what I thik You Should Do please Contact me.
  • this show is really good. i had never hear

    i had never heard of americas next top model the first time i saw it, when i was flipping channeks and it caught my eye. ever since then, i have been hooked. to the re-runs, anyways.

    this show can be pretty inspiring sometimes for people who want to be models, and very informative. the photoraphs are the best parts. you get to kind of see where to ads in magazines come from, and what is behind it all.

    the only negative thing in it is how b*tchy some of the girls can be. im more partial to the "silent but deadly" ones that keep to themselves, and shock people with their talents.
  • Hello Tyra I love your show and love what are you doing as a African American. You are a prominent renaissance female. As a male model I would love to see Americas Next Top Model. Please let me know about idea and your thoughts. Thanks

    I love the show it definitely is the hottest model show ever. By having an icon such as Tyra Banks makes the show much more interesting. She is a true inspiration to female models and has a great way to depict what it takes to be a model in America.
  • Umm yeah OK.

    This show isn't the best show on tv. And if you think it is, then you need to go watch something else. This show hasn't been that big to me, I watch this show if I'm bored or if the show that I'm watching is on a commercial. So I guess if this show is gonna for me they are gonna have to something better. Like turn it up a notch. Now I'm pretty sure that Tyra is the runner of the show, and she is doing a pretty good job. This show just needs that special something. That's it.
  • basically it\'s just a variety of girls, wanting to be a model, competing for the chance at making their dreams come true.

    truthfully i never thought i would end up liking this show but i do. it was that last season that made me like it even more. you know, the one where caridee ended up winning and becoming america\'s next top model instead of melrose who definitely deserved it? yeah, you can tell that i don\'t like melrose not winning. she deserved to win and be america\'s next top model more than caridee or anyone else she was competing it. melrose and brooke were my favorites, by the way. anyway. i do like this show and it made me, i guess, respect modeling more and how hard it is and how fun it can be and it made melike fashion even more than i already did. alright i\'m rambling. yeh, i like this show. yayayayayay. haha.
  • A competition where women from the U.S. compete for the honor of being America's next top model.

    America's Next Top Model sends 13 women from around the United States down the runway in the hopes of being crowned America's Next Top Model and winning a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics, a contract with Ford Models, and a fashion spread in Elle magazine.

    Each week, another model hopeful is eliminated in a competition. Judges Tyra Banks, Twiggy, J. Alexander, Nigel Barker, and Jay Manuel rate the contestants on runway ability and appearance in photographs. Between being photographed and walking the runway, the contestants make friends and enemies with one another, adding to the show's drama.

    While America's Next Top Model promotes some less-than-positive images of women (cattiness, value based on physical appearance), the competition aspect of the show is entertaining, and viewers are likely to find some of the characters interesting and engaging.

    The competition features contestants from a variety of ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds. Several of the contestants talk about coming from difficult backgrounds and see modeling as a way to overcome their circumstances. This nod to diversity is definitely a step forward and has the potential of creating talking points for parents and teens -- highlighting the very different and unique faces of beauty.

    While viewers are likely to be entertained by America's Next Top Model, parents can expect some offensive language during fights, as well as some problematic messages about women and their bodies. But for mature teens, it's a peek into the fashion world and an absolute guilty pleasure.
  • Dramality is taken to a new level as 13 loveable and hateable girls are put through the modeling world! Only one will win! Americas Next Top Model is...

    Weather you're a teenage boy looking to see some hot girls, someone ohnestly interested in fashion or just looking for some good reality TV, this is the show for you. Ex Super Model Tyra Banks, Original "IT" girl Twiggy,Runway Diva and not to mention hileriouse Ms Jay and noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker make up the team of judges who will decide witch girl will have her dreams smashed each week, don't rely on them though because they've been known to make some ridiculously insane decisions. 13 girls compete to hold the title of Americas Next Top Model, only 1 can win. One thing is for sure "Yes there will be cat fights!"
  • Brie's mess up

    Brie is a beautiful young lady. She has a nice figure and face. I was surprise to hear what came out of her mouth and the words she used made me glad they were edited before it was aired to tv. She seems to be very smart, but she messed up a couple of times doing the commerical. I think that is something that could happen it is not like she does commerials everyday. I know Tyra expects a lot out of them but that is the career the models choose and the have to fake it until they make it and unfortunately Brie did not make it.
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