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  • Asia's Next Top Model S5 - expect the unexpected!

    I loved each episode of ANTM but i think the one to watch is Asia's Next Top Model and the awesome thing is that the episodes are entirely availlable online on the official website of the show
  • i have a son that is interested in being on the show to be a model top model.

    is there going to be another girls and guy Americas top model? I have a son that would love to be on the show..

  • I love Americas next top model

    I think Victoria should go home, I am really concerned about her health.
  • Tyra Really ?

    Really Tyra ? You didnt choose right !! Laura ! No its was supposed to be Kiara , && You Know It !!! Just wait til I Get To that age !! Im Going to nail it ! You Shouldnt have chose her & YOU KNOW IT ! I still love your show though . . Kelly you are the worst ! How are you a judge ? You *CRITISIZE* Big Time , But I dont see you up there walking or making your best pictures ! Stop being a hater && lose some weight . All That food got you all cranky && Stupid .

  • An inspired idea..

    Hey Tyra! First and foremost I'm a huge fan of ANTM! I've been thinking about this for a long long time and never really knew how to bring it up, or if these fan reviews even make it to you? Hopefully this one does.

    On ANTM I always hear you promoting healthy living lifestyles for your models, as well as promoting career, and success. I think you should start a show for the unsung hero's of communities! A weight loss/beauty competition for people that want to be accepted and gain the looks to match their beautiful personalities! We wouldnt need prizes as the ultimate prize for me would be to become healthy for the first time in my life and learn how to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my days.

    Well, me? Yes, I am a very overweight 24 year old woman. However I have the spunk of a 19 year old, and carry the responsibilities a usual 40 year old would. I'm a full time single mother of a 2 year old, as well as a full-time student. In my community I work with 50 families as an Early Childhood Coordinator at our local School district. I do home visits and book bag exchanges, as well as playgroups and read alouds for our community. I'm very involved with other students in the high school as I take on the role of 8th and 11th grade advisor. I'm also supporting the Senior class this year in getting volunteer hours with Early Childhood Development for one of their classes. I care about the children and my community very much, and see myself forever contributing and supporting the success for not only myself but the community and youth as a whole.

    I'm outgoing and know how to be a real friend. I work hard and am determined. But I do need help. I do believe in myself that I am a beautiful person with all of these amazing traits, however, the world doesn't accept me that way. I've been made fun of my whole life for my weight and it truly is a toll that I deal with everyday no matter how positive I am. I really want to become healthy and allow my body to match my personality for the first time in my life.
  • Go Americas next top model

    im 14 and ive been watching antm since i was 11. i never miss an episode and i prefer americas version more than any other across the globe. my future plan is to leave the U.k and go to America to fulfil my dreams in being a model. most people think that modelling is about taking pictures getting money and as well as that getting the compliments. they dont understand that theres more to it, i spend my money trying to have photo-shoots and perhaps someday a photographer will notice me. i'm planning to finish my education (university) in america. im not the prettiest of girls however my soul and determination will get me to where i want to be. i love antm soo much and love tyras hairstyles, face and personality, its a great show to watch and isnt only for entertainment.
  • Trya Banks

    I just need some help Tyra. Please email me at I need some help with my look ever since I was hit by a car in 2008.
  • Kiara is awesome(:

    I love her, she's gorgeous, she can make every pic look modeliissshh(; and she's real !!
  • Seriously?!?

    Kristen, you are to pretty in the pictures, it actually makes you look ugly.
  • Stop being a b....t Kristen

    Kristen I think she being a b....t to people I want her to be kicked off!
  • Plus Size?

    Tyra, why dont you do a plus size show, the skinny girls are not the only beautiful women out there. Plus size girls are too. i'm plus size and i love your show, don't get me wrong it is amazing. But i do believe that big women are beautiful just like the tiny girls. I'm a big girl, and being a model is any girls dream. Even one of mine. I'm 16, i feel though as if models can only be "Skinny" , thats the way all modeling shows or performances put it out. Please if you could email me @ I would love to maybe have your thoughts on this idea. Thanks.
  • For the Fashion Enthusiast

    What's NOT to like about this show?! You get to travel around the world with the silliest judges, the talented Tyra, and get to see the best in fashion and photography. I am a fan of both, so this show is definitely a hit for me. Being a model is not easy, but most of these models are very versatile! Keep it coming!
  • Question.

    Dear Tyra,

    I am sixteen years old but only 5'0 and may not grow any taller. I have wanted to be a model for years and wish to be on the show. I watched the season where you had the 5'7 and shorter and I was curious as to if there would be a way to get on the show when I'm eighteen at the size of 5'0 without any trouble.

    If you can give me any information it would be a pleasure to hear from you on my e-mail: thank you for your time.
  • Question?

    Tyra how old do you have to be to go on your show to be a model ? Please Tyra if you read this email me at
  • Man, this is the greatest reality show in the world. Not because they show hot as woman, but because of the dramas that are acked within this show. Plus I like fashion, and these girls are so good and tall and beautiful. Australias next top model sucks.

    America's Next Top Model, is a show for all ages. From 5 yr olds to 50. With the dramas that go within the modelling career, America's Next Top Model, shows that its not just a pretty life. Hosted and produced by Tyra Banks, who is now a retired supermodel, who used to model for Victoria secrets, she is now one of the most successful models in the world. With the dramas happening in the show, such as: fighting, aggression, love and heartbrake, dreams will be fullfiled, whilst other won't be. So America's Next Top Model is for the whole family.
  • My personal favorite! ^_^ ~XD~

    This show is one of my favorites shows ever! (^_^) It is just fascinating, educational, and inspirational for anyone who desires to become a model themself. The participants in my opinion learn from their experience in the show and it helps them grow as young women they are. The show itself is amusing, and entertaining. Tyra Banks as well as the other judges really work towards preparing these girls towards how the real fashion world is. I dislike how most of these young girls are not mature enough to stop gossiping and stop talking behind each other's backs. But in overall it is a fantastic show to watch!
  • What an amazing show!

    This show is at the top of my list when it comes to favorites! Some people might complain that it is all about "being thin," that is hardly the case! Just look at Tyra Banks herself! It is an educational program for anyone aspiring to be a model, but for the rest of is just simply fascinating! I love seeing the challenges of the week, and the prizes that the winner recieves. I love seeing the photoshoots and how wonderful (or not) the pictures have turned out. I have seen every cycle, except the first, and I have gotten to a point now where I can predict the order of strongest photos! Thank you Tyra Banks for ANTM, it is simply, pure fun!
  • The classification says it all. Absolutely fab :D or should I say fierce ;D [Warning: Sense Of Humor Is Needed... and maybe a positive attitude.]

    Let me start this off with a sentence which should sink into your brain and follow what the sentence asks you to do... Watch America's Next Top Model Please!
    That should have been straightforward enough :) I even mentioned the magic word. That's how this show makes me be a better person :)

    Even though this show (in my opinion) can be rigged at times, I can't help myself to love this show!
    This is the kind of shows you can watch over and over again. There is so many cycles but that just means so many pleasures ;D (does that make sense? sorry if it doesn't) Not everyone realizes but this show actually makes you want to go talk to your fellow ANTM fans/friends and talk about what happened and who is your favorite. You may even start SCREAMING/complaining to your friends when your favorite leaves (which always happens except when CariDee won which made me scream happily :D)

    Since, this show has many cycles, your conversations with your friends about ANTM will be never ending. (unless your friend suddenly gets brainwashed then that's a different story.) I talk to my friends who watches ANTM for hours just talking about ONE cycle! This is what your ideal conversation will be if you watch ANTM (unless you don't like it :S which I find impossible D:)

    Usually, the auditions in other shows are quite boring for me and they seem to be Deja Vu every season example American Idol. (Sorry to American Idol audition lovers. I love American Idol too though just not as much as I love ANTM.) But in ANTM, the auditions are always different and makes me roll around the floor laugh my head off most of the time :).

    Now, did I mention the judges? They are probably the most funniest judges in the whole reality tv world. Just watch ANTM like I told you too at the start of this review :). Finally, I think this show has a lot of memorable quotes that I probably mention every day to a random friend :D (Example...
    "Norelle: Toccara, your boobs are as big as my head!"
    "Norelle: I'm the only one with bling bling on my grill, okay?") [Sorry, I'm in a "I LOVE NORELLE" day that I forget all the other quotes but they are in my head somewhere. Just ask me about the quotes another day.]

    So, does anyone need any more points from me about how wonderful this show is? I'm sure you guys know already how amazing this show is :)
  • I love this show!!!!!!!

    THis show is so cool because you watch how real models work. I loved this year because so one is a plus size model won! I love whitney! She is so cool. You see all the dramas and friendshipsform all the girls and it is pretty interesting. It is kinda hard for the girls in the house probably because people get to see you at your worst moments. I love all the photo shoots they do. THey are soooo cool. I would love to audition to be on the show. The show will probably last a long time. I hope you liked my review.
  • ANTM with all the drama and fun

    ANTM is a show made up of around 13 contestants who compete against eachother to be America's Next Top Model. They live in a luxurious house bearing the company of other girls they don't know and the drama or fights. I myself watched it since cycle 5 when Nicole won. Trust me, these girls are beautiful but some of them are kind of like full of attitude like Jade from Cycle 6. Tyra chooses a variety of girls like Plus Sized Models. The winners who the judges choose are like unlikely. Just to let you know the first Plus Sized Model won. I'm like so shocked.

    All the fights that these girls have and all the funny stuff is just like hell, but fun to watch.
  • Hi, everyone I love america's next topmodel this is where i always wanted to be, and i am not going to stop until i made it there. Love Eseta,

    I love america's next topmodel so much, i just cant wait to be on there to show everyone what i can be, and what i have to give. i want to be a model so bad words cant even explain. modeling is what i always wanted to be in life. i just cant wait to be apart of it oneday. to me it would be a good idea to show the world that i have what it takes to take it to the top and be a topmodel. you know everyhing i have to show america to coming from inside. i love modeling, this is what i want to become in life.
    Love Eseta,
  • Thank ANTM for redeeming itself this cycle!

    Last cycle was a disaster! The one I wanted to win was elimated and then the winner did too much modeling before! Fortunatly, this cycle was much better! A refregee, one of the most confident plus sized model ever, a great mom, and a girl who doesn't look like a model but, takes great photos! In the end, Top Model redeemed itself by selecting Whitney, the first full figured model to win ANTM. She is a great role model for all girls. Great job ANTM! She will be the perfect Covergirl and will be a great runway model. You go girl!
  • The show was created and is hosted by television personality, former supermodel and current talk-show host, Tyra Banks, who also serves as the lead judge and executive producer of the show. The first "cycle" premiered in May 2003

    This is an awesome show its one of the only shows that I hated to miss. The challenges were great! and creative. Tyra was fierce and her panel of judges unforgiving, There was so much drama amongst the models and when they had their makeovers it was amazing to see the transformations. One of my favourite episodes was when Eva (the winner) had to model with a tarantula..she was shaking and crying and in the end she had the most stunning photograph. i would say this is one of the best reality shows on air to date,its fun the challenges are creative and its intense
    A+ all the way!!!
  • 10
    america's next top model is about basicly followin your dream and what you believe in. when i grow up i wanna be a model. i believe i can do it as long as i put my mind 2 it theres nothin being be down. if i wanna be a model i gonna work hard,step up the game,and do what i came to do model. i know i would make a good model. i watch your show every day most people on your show work hard and most people just dont care and thats where they mess up at. see if most people on your show use what they got and mind their own business they might just go far. america's next top model is at the top and you guys are role model and i love you.
  • Enter the LOLseals photo caption contest judged by NIGEL BARKER (from America's Next Top Model)! Winner receives a seal-themed prize pack including an autographed photo of Nigel. Visit

    Calling all Nigel Barker Fans!

    Enter the LOLseals photo caption contest judged by NIGEL BARKER (from America's Next Top Model)! Winner receives a seal-themed prize pack including an autographed photo of Nigel. Visit

    This year Nigel Barker is the spokesperson for The Humane Society of the United State's Protect the Seals campaign. He has been advocating for the cause on his blog ( and even went up to the ice floes of Canada to photograph the baby seals himself. The HSUS has created the LOLseals Photo Caption Contest that Nigel will be judging. It is a fun way for the public to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of the seals. The contest is very simple, the HSUS provides you with photos of baby harp seals and you write the caption! It can be funny, cute, endearing, whatever you choose. Check out the contest page ( ) for more information on how to participate.

    This is one of the best shows on tv right now. I never miss an episode. And when marathons come on I watch that. I never get bored when I watch Americas Next Top Model. This show is fantastic. But this season my favorite contestant is Dominique. I know some of the judges dont like her, but I think that she is the one with the most potential. If they let her go then Imight have to stop watching this show. I didnt want Nicole to win. Nik is so much better than nicole. She really should not have been the winner.
  • Tyra is a beautiful knowlegdable talented goddess who has built a great platform for any aspiring model. Or for that matter any person who works or fantasises about the fashion industry.

    Tyra is a beautiful knowlegdable talented goddess who has built a great platform for any aspiring model. Or for that matter any person who works or fantasises about the fashion industry.Tyra is a beautiful knowlegdable talented goddess who has built a great platform for any aspiring model. Or for that matter any person who works or fantasises about the fashion industry.Tyra is a beautiful knowlegdable talented goddess who has built a great platform for any aspiring model. Or for that matter any person who works or fantasises about the fashion industry.Tyra is a beautiful knowlegdable talented goddess who has built a great platform for any aspiring model. Or for that matter any person who works or fantasises about the fashion industry.
  • This is one of the most informative shows I have watched. the judges, photographers and Jay's critics have influenced a big part in my daily life

    Thanks to all the people on theshow that have played an important part in my life. I used all the critics they have given the girls from series 1-7 as a platform to advance me to the next stages of my goals and aspirations. I have managed to reconize the negative that I had in me and turned it around to be a more positive and better person. I look forward to the future programs that will enable me to go forward with my intentions and pass this knowledge down to people that I have close contact with in future work positions.
  • I like this show!!!

    I really like this show! Here are my fave people: My fave is Jaslene she rocks. My 2nd fave is NO ONE looool hi i am just going to type h the rest of the time!!!!! h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
  • i think this show rocks!

    i think that this show rocks becuz of the pictures, and makeovers! they make such a diffrence in everyones life! even the people who do get kicked off they are still actually very good at modling and got there lives changed! i came home everyday and change the channel to this shw! i love to relaxe and watch it! i love it also becuz its funny how the gay judge acts like a girl! lol i think that this show will go on for a looooooooongg time!! becuz of that i gave it a perfect 10! and i dont care what anyone says ~ this show rocks!
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