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  • Do these 10 have what it takes to make it in the modeling industry. If you love women in swimsuits, this is the show for you.

    ANTM shows 10 women trying to win a modeling contract. Tyra Banks gives each one of these beautiful their chance. Along with her guest judges and regular trainers, MS. Jay and Jay Manuel, gives these young ladies different challenges each week until it is one winner. The winner receives a modeling contract for a year. Being a man, I love it. Just watching these girls compete is fun to watch. You get to watch their highs and their lows. One season, a girl had a skin condition she had to deal with. One year, one girl was not eating and everybody felt she had a eating disorder. The trainers are funny. MS. Jay will have you dying with laughter. Janice Dickerson is a riot, but unfortunely she will not be on the next season. Tyra Banks is beautiful as usual. I personally thinks she will be the next Oprah whenever she decides to retire from her show.
  • How i feel about this show.

    Well, i have watched this sshow and i find it to be good. I am hoping that Tyra will bring it back for some more cycles. The show does really teach models the ropes. I would reccomend this show to any person who likes tyra banks and good looking models
  • Inside of our entertainment, women capture many different things like fashion, a particular look we may want for ourselves, and not to mention, a lifestyle we may somewhat already have but would definately want. Well, this show has opened up alot of eyes

    Since season 1 of America\'s Next Top Model, I believe that the women of America have found a source of how to open up. This show has given an outlook on how it is to have a group of women, from different parts of our country, all competing for the same prize in their own way. They are given the task of performing their best at being the next top model, some with little experience and some with none. It set the goal of what all women would like to present as \'Female Femininity\'. Especially for our young women, I see the show as a great learning tool for them to blossom and carry themselves in a appropriate manner. The women so far have been a great influence for our viewers. Great show. Very inspirational.
  • Show that gives basics of industry with a slice of Reality-Tv

    This is truly one of my favorite shows for it is very innovative if you compare it to the other Rality-Tv/ contest shows out there. Ms. Tyra Banks truly shows that not all celebrities are stuck up and soficitacated (don't get me wrong girl might still have some ghetto in her but she is still very intelligent). On the other hand you have the judges who are lots of people with some of the oddest names (and in Janice's case) the oddest but unique personalties. Then are the contestants just about every season they pick one +size model just for the hell of it, one girl that looks bulimic, and one B!^ch. Even though its the same each year there is usually that one girl (in last seasons case Naima) that most likely will win sometimes things switch up and Tyra eliminates your favorite (I was really pissed when Tocara was kicked off) but overall its good espically for the contestants the exposure almost guarentes some type of deal with a modeling agency. (Sorry for spelling errors I really don't want to check all the words then change them)
  • America's Next Top Model is basically about a competition between a load of girls who think they can become models. After the good and bad are filtered out, they procced, learning how to runway walk and appropriate model behaviour.

    When I saw the ads for the first few seasons, I regarded this show as shallow and avoided it at all costs. A friend of mine said they loved it, and I watched it with her to learn that there was a lot more to it. I began watching mid-season, but I caught on pretty quickly. The girls fight and bitch and there are always LOADS of little shocks, eg: "I'm a stripper", "I'm bulimic", etc.

    In the show, there is never a lack of excitement, and every episode features an interesting activity which teaches the girls about important aspects of modelling.

    At times, the competitors can be immature, and it can be quite sad to see how these girls can go from being best friends to complete enemies. The best parts are the photo shoots. The makeovers are excellent, and the wannabe-models always look great. The climactic cuts can become a tad repetitive, but the show never ceases to entertain.
  • This is about adding "Who Will Win" polls and "Who's Your Favorite" polls together to get the sum.

    I love this show so much that I am going to show you the polls together for the girls.


    Those are all the polls.I hope that you\'re happy and surprised!!!!

  • Aspiring models competing for a grand prize of big money and becoming famous. This plotline is simple but the show is still excellent!

    I love this show the hose Tyra Banks is a good role model. She tells the models they don't have to be skinny as long as their healthy. The photoshoots are really interesting and the judges keep everything modelesk with their judges using construction critism and their antics could make up a whole show by themselves!
  • This show is put to the max. Ultra-Super-Good!

    I luv this show. I know its a show for models, but it's not like it seems. At first I thought this was all about girls, so I didnt watch the 1st season. I thought it was just for girls, so girly and all. But after the 2nd season began, it was like woah! I immediately became addicted. Tyra and her powerful opinions over the girls is like woah also. This show speaks to girls and not only girls, but boys also. Because anyone can become a model. Fat or skinny.
  • America's Next Top Model is a fun show to watch and it does a good job of giving you a good laugh and putting your own body into perspective. Bottom line is that I feel good watching this show and I realize nobody is perfect. This show is plain fun!

    If you read the fashion magazines and are tired of seeing the beatiful models posing, take a look at this show because it gives you a glimpse at the work behind the magazine photo. I like a show where amateurs are put through the ringer to win celebrity status. I also like the catty arguing and competition value of this show. While it's not a show that will win any kind of awards for it's greatness, it is fun to watch week after week!
  • The Show’s a Sham.

    But that doesn’t stop me – or anyone for the matter – from watching it. It is very cheesy. Tyra and the other judges cast the girls who fit the same, boring, one dimensional archetypes. The contestants’ conflicts are exploited. Their personalities are either overexposed and exploited or just flat out ignored. But it does expose things about the modeling world, like industry standards, the girls’ body image issues, and the cut-throat competition.
  • Reality Television – for the Fashion Addict.

    Tyra Banks gives us her contribution to the ‘reality television’ craze.

    America’s Next Top Model is Tyra’s brainchild based on a group of hopeful females competing for several weeks to become none other than – America’s Next Top Model. Each week the ladies endure a different competition to prove their skills – and then go before a panel of judges to find out who will be eliminated and who has survived and will still be in the running to become America’s Next Top Model.

    The show isn’t original in the fact that it’s just another reality show. But the show is original in the fact that – it’s a reality show built on the platform of the modeling industry – a world that many everyday people know very little about.

    Tyra shows us that being a model is much more than ‘smiling and saying CHEESE’ and if it’s not in your blood, then more than likely you won’t make the cut.

    America’s Next Top Model surely has a few more years left in its bag. As with all reality shows, each season has to be bigger and better – and so far Tyra has definitely stepped up to the plate.
  • great!!!!

    I think this show is really great!!I've been watching this show from the begining till now,cycle 4...the girls in the show are great and the show shows everyone's personality~I really love this kind of shows~>v<
    but sometimes,i think that the judges were too curel or's really a hard competition~
    i am looking forward to watch the cycle 5 show!!

    I have been in LOVE with ANTM since it came out! I do understand why people get upset, saying models are not real. This is in one way true, you do see some airbrushing in the show, but that is only natural. For the most part, these girls are the REAL deal! They are beautiful and talented! They work hard to be who they are. I think the show captures the true side of modeling, with enough humor to keep people intrigued! The challenges, although sometimes boring give the show a survivor feel. And no matter how much we all try to deny it we all secretly LOVE survivor, at least one season!
  • This show is a classic that should never end! I have watched every show from the beginning to the end and every rerun!

    For me this show is amazing! I too want to be a famous model but I never really had the resources to presue this dream of mine. There have been many times that I wanted to be on the show as well but decided against it for personal reasons. I think this show is an inspiration to those of us that dream of one day being "America's Next Top Model." The show is possitive and it lets you see the ups as well as the downs in this business. I think Janice is the most real person. She lets you know up front what she thinks is wrong and how she feels. Every body that has been there show after show is really interesting and if I ever had my chance I'd love to work with them so that I too could better myself and reach my dream.
  • I LOVE IT!!!

    I love America's Next Top Model it is like one of the best shows ever!!! I have been watching it from the 1st season and i will keep watching it till it is off the air...Which i hope it wont be for a long time or at least till they come up with 10 seasons!!!
  • I love this show... but it takes too long for the next one to come out!!!

    I think America's Next Top Model is a great show. Its funny and its always great to see somebody be a new model. All the judges are pretty interesting, especially Janice Dickinson. Its really exciting to see who gos home this week and you get to see their attitude and how they deal with people.
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  • I am in total love with this show!!! I believe that this show does not get the respect that it deserves. A lot of people have thought for years that models are just people who smile and look pretty while getting paid for it. But this show proves them wron

    I really like this show! I'm not really the biggest fan of reality based shows, but I'm crazy over this show. I gives a realistic look at the modeling industry from both the models and the industry professionals' perspectives. Watching this show has really taught me a lot. I'm 15 and i went to a modeling agency and all of the things that the talent scout told me i had heard before from Tyra and her amazing panel of judges! Also Tyra is an amazing rolemodel and you can really see that on the show.
  • It has it's good points.

    What better way to spend your Tuesday evening than watch a bunch of scantily clad women battle it out for a modeling contract?

    *sigh* Our society is so shallow

    Not as bad as some of the reality shows out there, but deffently not the best either

    so so at best in my opnion.
  • complete waste of time how can people watch women model clothes its just sooooo boring and to think they get payed at least up to 1000 dollars for this!!

    rachel hunter trying to present made me laugh i think that was the best part. Along with watching most of the models cring over being booted out why would you cry over not being chosen for that rubbish. They should know better that they shouldn't cry over modelling you should cry over losing out on money!!

    i love the show it inspired me 2 become a model when im older tyra banks is really cool...she seems alot like me...tocarra shuldnt of been on the show in my opnion...americas next top model is not for plus sized models (at least thats what my friends say)

    Adrienne won the first season and seems really nice
  • A modeling contest

    I must addmit I am quite addicted to this show and really loved it untill I found out it is actually scripted which at first cause me to stop watching and then I decided even though I knew really it was crap... it was fun to watch.
    I like how you sort of decide who's your favourite and who you want to win. it would be better if you had to call in and vote for your favourite
  • While most reality shows thrive off showing people reacting to tense situations, this one makes a point of showing that anyone more than a size 2 can't be a model. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure

    We all know most reality shows stock their cast with attractive people to lure in their key demographic - younger viewers. But this show is filled with nothing but a group of extremely attractive 18-25 year old women.

    From what I understand, host and judge Tyra Banks is a reality TV junkie, so this was her dream job. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to modeling, so is actually a genuine show. I don't believe there's any scripted moments, and most of the tears seem genuine.

    Every week, the aspiring models must partake in a photoshoot. Each shoot has a different theme, so they must have their hair and makeup done a differnt way each time. The person with the best photo wins a reward and usually gets to bring a fellow model with them. At the end of the show, all photos are reviewed and the person with the weakest performance as a whole goes home.

    The best part of the show by far is all the catfighting among the girls. It makes for some actual drama. Also, seeing all the "pretty" on screen makesthe show more than watchable.

    The worst part is how they make fun of models. If the model in question is under 5'10" and weighs more than 100 lbs, she is most likely not going to win. Comments made by the judges are harsh (Janice Dickinson in particular).

    Overall this is pretty good reality show. It has nowhere near the excitment of Amazing Race or Survivor, but is better than boring ones like Big Brother or American Idol
  • Cool Show

    This is a real cool show, because Tyra Banks is like one of the best modles ever, and she host the show. And I also love the show ecause everyone I wanted to win won. In my own opinion I think that Season 3 was the best, because they had Eva as the winner.
  • Tyra Banks and her crew of experts picks one girl to be a top model.

    The show is very good. Although it makes some people feel bad about themselves, it shows that models are real people and they have feelings too. It encouraged me to try out for modeling. I did and I ended up modeling in a local fashion show. It really inspired me to pursue my dream and that i can do what ever i set my mind to. I just do modeling for fun though. I want to be a fashion designer
  • Who would ever think that behind the beautiful face of a model actually hid a mind and a heart?

    America's Next Top Model is out to prove that beauty really isn't anything, and that it takes much more than just photogenic looks to make it in the fashion world of models. I first started watching the show because I thought it would be fun to watch vapid senseless girls make fools of themselves. I quickly saw that there was more weight to this show than just the day-to-day nuisances that occur between the girls. They actually had some smarts, sass, and courage enough to deal with the panel and the challenges put forth. But the real reason I watch is obvious, I like hearing the judges lay down their real opinions; they take great pains not to sugar coat anything, even if it means killing someone's soul. You have to admit, those types of critical assessments of people tend to glue you to the television, and it's the reason why reality tv is currently the king of networks...
  • People compete to be the Next Top Model

    Normally I hate reality TV but America's Next Top Model is a reality show I can stand to watch. I watched all of season 1 during the ANTM marathon and was pleasantly surprised. It was mildly entertaining and I liked all the drama that occurred betweent the contestants. They had the sterotypical model types but plus size models also competed which I though was a nice touch. I hate Janice Dickinson and wish she wasn't on the panel but other than her, I have no complaints. UPN scored with this one.
  • This show is about the famous model Tyra Banks Looking for the next big model of America. She chooses 123 girls that go through challegens that everyday models go through everday. and after every challenge a girl is eliminated and the girls are one step c

    This show is really imformative. It shows you what really goe sdown in the fashion industry. And how cruel it can really get. And it shows you the ups ands downs that models have to go through and how they have to stay a spefic size. And shows you how much work it takles to be a model. It just isn't just taking pictures it is also about advertising people's products and how the models help promote there items. This show has a complete packing of what really goes down in the fashion industry. It shows you how competive it is to be in it.
  • I love it. The pictures are so cool, not to mention that I love fashion.

    I love it. The pictures are so cool, not to mention that I love fashion. I don't like that some of the girls are ugly. I mean I'm prettier than some of those girls. And the girl I want to win each season never wins. I wanted Shannon,Mercedes,Yaya, and Keenyah to win.
  • This show is great, it gives everybody a taste of a reality competition and it mixes that in with the modeling worlds, this show is one of a kind. They show that being a model isn't all glamour fame and money it's not something everyone can do.

    This show is great, it gives everybody a taste of a reality competition and it mixes that in with the modeling worlds, this show is one of a kind. They show that being a model isn't all glamour fame and money it's not something everyone can do. There's also alot of fun seeing the girls argue and react to their outrageous tasks, and it also deals with people's confidence and self esteem in themselves which normal people can apply to aswell. Tyra Banks is one of my most favourite people and I'm glad seh made such a great show which is not only entertaining but also sends a message out to people.
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