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  • I happened to be a guest at the home of a friend and therefore kind of captive audience to this program. I am amazed that anyone would watch it voluntarily. The model subjects were subjected to hideous costumes in a perverted birdnest backround.

    Banks ought not to pretend to be a photographer. The poses she put her subjects through were miserably done. The models are all basically attractive, however the props and poses removed any chances of displaying their beauty. The final insult was to remove the very most attractive model from the group. I was in a group of both male and female and all were amazed that the prettiest woman was selected to leave. I am proud to proclaim that I will never watch again. And will shame anyone I know of wasting their time by doing so.
  • Nik Nik Nik.... Tyra picked Nik a long time ago to win

    Nik Nik Nk... Tyra picked Nik a long time ago to win. Tyra knows Nik's family personally. Lisa can't win cause she is a drunk and covergirl can't have a drunk represent their cosmetics. Kim can't win because she is openly gay. Nik wil win even tho she is a lesbian. Yeap she is also... but Tyra told her not to speak on it.. Nik is ugly as a person because she is fake, but that Tyra girl. Have anyone noticed how Tyra takes up for Nik all the time. The show is a fake!! Its really sad. Covergirl will pick Nik cause Tyra will make sure Nik wins. And for the record, everytime I write a review on this board.. The administration board deletes it before the public and read it. Hopefully you guys get a chance to read this one.
    The show is a fake. Nik is Tyra's friend and all the judges know that Nik is her friend and she will win. Not because of her talent, or beauty, its all about who you know!!
  • This show inspires young girls... to become plastic, sterilized, anorexic and supermodels to an unrealistic degree.

    I've never even seen this show and I don't usually review things, but the idea is just really terrible. The show might not be half bad, but it's terrible what they're doing to young girls' minds - making them think that the only way they can be beautiful is by being stick-thin, wearing tons of make-up and having sterile skin. It's amazing that television has "evolved" from the 1960s TV show "The Twilight Zone" which had episodes such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" which criticized this type of extreme beauty and conformity (I was being sarcastic with evolved, most shows are devolved from "The Twilight Zone"). So, whatever you do, don't expose any teenage girl who is struggling to fit in this crap!
  • One word: WOW.

    This show is a total disgrace to all girls who are beautiful on the inside and out! Tyra is a control freak who commands girls to do ridiculous things, like dress in hideous outfits or get awful haircuts. Why? Because they'll look uglier compared to her? What's wrong with her? It takes at LEAST 10 years to grow long, silky, beautiful, full-of-body hair, and she's going to force girls to snip it all off? This show doesn't choose the most beautiful, nor does it radiate ANYONE'S beauty except for Tyra's, because she's the only one looking decent in the end!

    Speaking of "nor does it radiate anyone's beauty except Tyra's," who on the PLANET hired Jay Alexander to judge BEAUTY???

    This show is horrible in my opinion. The only reason it gets a 1.5 is because it's still standing. Somehow. When it gets cancelled (which it probably will VERY soon), it'll definitely get a 1.
  • ummm...riiight

    First of All I would like to say that no one forced the girls to be on the show. They should all know by now what they have to go thru. The modelling industry is cut throat and to be honest ANTM is tame compared to the treatment that young models face. Hair is hair and short hair can be transformed into long hair easily by extensions. Photographers and stylist do it all the time.
    The issues I have with this show is the lack of great photoshoots, the cheesiness, and the inconsistent critiques. I watch this show expecting it to get better, but every season just gets boring. I like Make me a supermodel and wish that ANTM would take a few tips from that show and Vice Versa. It would be good to have the models have a body coach and to take measurements and do more go sees.
  • A crappy show!

    this is a really bad, stupid, dumb show! it is pointless. I have tried to watch this show but i can't and i have no idea how anyone else can. I mean this show is ranked number 1 in the reality tv section. Thats really sad. I mean how can people watch this crap. If nothing else is on then go watch a movie i don't care but don't let this crap on tv. The way Tyra stands makes it look like shes king of the world. It makes me sick to my stomach. I hope that the only people that watch it watch it to make fun of it.
  • Tyra Banks Next Top Models

    I am sick and tired of Tyra fake self, this morning I was watching her show with the Young Black Girl Alicia, was attached by three white girl and also the photo people. The show seems more racism than anything else. Jessica should have been the next top model. I believe the gay guy was jealous of her confident about herself. The Judges and Tyra is all ugly themselves, I am glad tyler was not interested in tyra. Pleas Tyra with all your gay men know nothing about a real model or women u all are fake fake fake, Give to your black race Ms. Tyra. You look gay yourself. Most black people don't like your show anyway. Please change yourself u are a burned out model, now it time to be yourself. How can you allow mixed up men to judge other womens. God is not pleased with you.
  • I don't think that tyra banks has the right to shoot down anybodies dream!!!

    Well I think that this show is a Complete waste of time. Watching a nice young girl have her dreams shot down by an old lady who says she knows what she's saying but just looks so stupid... ~ANYWAYZ~ I DoNot think that anyone has the right to shoot down another persons dream it is just unfair and unhuman... It ain't right. Season after season watching thirty six girl lose all of thier confidence to have only one girl win the over all prize that only last one year. I just don't know why they would put these poor girls through all that trouble when they don't win anything!! Its so sad...
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    How do I delete my reviews?

    How do I delete my reviews?

  • A low brow show for low IQs

    So, this is what you get when you showcase a group of vapid, silly little girls. A program that glorifies anorexia, bulimia, a three pack per day smoking habit, and needle tracks up 90 pound waifs' forearms. Ah, but they do have talent, don't they? Watch the 85 IQ average teenie tarts galloomph there way to riches and fame. And doing it all with an attitude that would embarrass Terrell Owens. Oh, well, I guess that's what America has come to, a place where nitwits and bimboes dream of fame and riches by deforming their bodies. Because they sure aren't going to win Fulbrights or Rhodes Scholarships.
  • Get Rid of Reality TV

    This show sucks
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Problem is there aren't any real men on the panel of judges. I applaud the woman who left because the wouldn't cut her hair any further.

    Perhaps the sitting judges wont be happy til they get a bunch of men to put make-up on and grow there hair out and walk down the runway. As it is half the women they have look like men in drag the other half they try as hard as they can to make them look like men.. yeah chop all their womanly hair off. Contempt? Maybe just a little. Lock me up. Shame on you. You need some real men sitting on that panel that way you won't get a bunch of woman that look like ten year old boys from behind walking down the runway. If you going to make one girl cut all her hair off you should make them all cut it off. Very unfair. I for one won't be watching any more episodes of Gay America's Next Top Model"!
  • Americ's Next Top Model is a Unonriginal show.

    America's Next Top Model is about a group of Models that want to become Americans Next Top Model. I dont now how it has lasted this long. This Show is stupid and should be cancelled instead of showing reruns on MTV every weekend. It is the worst show. Tyra Banks is awful. It's the same thing every season, to many skinny appalling girls, Bad photo shoots and Awful Judges. The worst show in the world. I don't know why people watch it. Tyra banks is Terrible. One out of 4 star. Most of the mdels are ugly and have a major Additue problem.
  • another reality show

    i pray that one day all the ideas people come up with for reality shows will dry up. i hate reality shows, mainly because there is not much real about them. americas next top model is in my opinion one of the worst. i wish i knew what demographic they were aiming for.
  • I won\'t watch it again.Why pick a person from north carolina and then make fun of there accent. They didn\'t make fun of the girl from Niagara. BUT what can you expect from two gay guys,two black women and a ex anorexic.

    I Won\'t Watch it again. Why Pick a Pick Person from north carolina and then make fun of her accent . They didn\'t make fun of the girl from Niagara. I admit her pics weren\'t that good. but what can you expect from two gay guys, two black women and a ex anorexic for judges .YA'LL have alot more issues than alienating all of the southern folks. See name calling doesn't sound good does it? People can't change there accent in one day .
  • i donot recommend people to watch this series, it shows how selfish and ugly inside people can be.

    i always wonder who found this group of i***t. through the show, you see them bitting each other all the time. cold blood.
    i like american idol. one reason is that you see a fair competition. when somebody was limited, others didnot show pleasure or happy, at least on their faces. instead they cried for the leaving buddy. you can be moved by that.
    while when you watch this top model show, you feel sick of all the jealousy.
    let's have a look at the name of the show, TOP model. what kind of person can be a 'TOP' model? My personal opinion, not only a beautiful outside, but also a beautiful inside. nobody in this group deserves the TOP model title.
  • how about next "little/young" model

    even though it might have to be recorded only within their vacation of school days, it is still a whole new topic
  • I enjoy it!

    Tyra's great, the challenges are great, really its a good source of entertainment. I'm very pleased with the how they spice it up a little, and add males to the challenge. As a little girl I was always sad when the seasoned ended but ecstatic to see a new season start.
  • Man, this is the greatest reality show in the world. Not because they show hot as woman, but because of the dramas that are acked within this show. Plus I like fashion, and these girls are so good and tall and beautiful. Australias next top model sucks.

    America's Next Top Model, is a show for all ages. From 5 yr olds to 50. With the dramas that go within the modelling career, America's Next Top Model, shows that its not just a pretty life. Hosted and produced by Tyra Banks, who is now a retired supermodel, who used to model for Victoria secrets, she is now one of the most successful models in the world. With the dramas happening in the show, such as: fighting, aggression, love and heartbrake, dreams will be fullfiled, whilst other won't be. So America's Next Top Model is for the whole family.
  • Racial comments toward Tyra&about winners always being dark brings up race as usual.The judges helped.Nicole flubbed the commercial,never won CoverGirl of the week,any challenges.They said she needed to get a personality;took pretty pictures but told othe

    They did just what the Ms America contest did when Blacks won several years in a row-the sponsors threatened to pull out. It was a business decision.-not hardcore race issues-just subtle. Such is America and life. Nik is professional, a quiet strength, unique - That's what makes a top model.
  • I can't believe Nicole won over Nic. What the hell were they thinking? I'm so mad I could throw my T.V. out the window. Nicole messed up her commercial and her personality is weak. How is she going to manage in the modeling world. I am so pissed right now

    I can't believe Nicole won over Nic. What the hell were they thinking? I'm so mad I could throw my T.V. out the window. Nicole messed up her commercial and her personality is weak. How is she going to manage in the modeling world. I am so pissed right now.
  • Never seen the show for more than 5 seconds... so not sure

    Oh god, I think I might shoot myself just getting this review to be longer than 50 words... I saw this once while channel flipping (it was during a commercial, and the commercial was long... give me a break) I saw maybe 3 or 4 seconds of it, and from what I found out, the show is about people with severe eating disorders trying to make money... or something like that, god it was awful.
  • A pointless reality show if there ever was one.

    Okay so I've never watched the show but by the look of it, it seems like one of the worst TV shows since the American Coupling. It is just an excuse for silly, skinny, going nowhere in life bimbos to get their 15 minutes of fame before the world forgets about them completely and we never hear from them again. Reality shows now are a cheap way to get viewers and with a new one every month you can be sure to find a bad one but this one takes the crown. Stop watching it right now, watch some proper TV, and lets you ever liked this poor excuse for a show.
  • no blacks please

    Has no one noticed that Tyra Banks talks about being black in the business, yet very few black women become Americas Next Top Model? Tyra is about Tyra and no one else. The walls of the models home are plastered with pictures of Tyra. Im not surprised that both Don and Renee were eliminated this season-they are not White!
  • This the most boring and unoriginal show on TV, it is a waste of time.

    It is nearly impossible to wacth 1 full episode of this show. It has to much drama for no reason and it isn't even good drama. A modeling show that serves no use what so ever some of the challenges dont seem to serve any use. Even if it isnt good television it's not funny, so there is no point of wacthing. This show should of been canceled a long time ago and i see no reason at the moment for it to be on TV. They take pictures of women, for goodness sake why should that take up 1 hour of my viewing pleasure. The judges aren't even intresting.
  • I am a long time viewer of ANTM & until last night i planed on staying that way. I am a Cancer Survivor of 11 yrs & I was very,very offended by last nights show. You should really think about the people you may hurt b4 you run a show like that. Lori.

    I used to watch ANTM because I loved the things you came up with. I loved the pictures and I loved the art. However the art (if you can call it that) that was displayed on last nights show was horrible. I got offended. I was hurt. I will never watch ANTM again. To see that girl laughing and making fun of people that had Chemo. The way they made her look. Do you people have no concept of what Cancer is like. Why on earth would you think that was ok. I went through such hell when I had Cancer. I was in high school and loosing my hair seemed like the worst thing in the world. Not to mention the way I felt. I didn't even get passed the scene of that girl laughing until I changed the channel, it even took me a minute to figure out what she looked like that for. I will never watch ANTM again or the Tyra Banks show for that matter. I hope that you got the picture you wanted. Cancer Survivor of 11yrs.
    Lori Cagle
  • ANTM - Why call it "Top Model" when the girl picked is typically anything but?

    Being an viewer of America’s Next Top Model is like polishing a big, beautiful, shiny turd.

    Read on.

    Place a typically 13-count group of hot model wanna-be’s in a big mansion and put them through the rigors of a model’s boot camp while working/shooting with some of the best photographers in the world, not to mention the how-to guidance from the ultimate group of "model coaches," equipped with two fashion icons, and what do you have? DEFINITELY NOT reality!!! America's Next Top Model (CW) flatly fails to initiate any form of what the industry is REALLY like out there, until any given girl is given the boot. Then, it becomes true REALITY when the girl is ask to leave and faces the real world of modeling on her own. Now, THAT'S when the cameras should especially roll to make it a true reality piece - otherwise, it's just another game show masking itself as a modeling beauty pageant. And the show is shamefully unapologetic about it. The show is also obviously deceitful by way of bad editing, trying to portray the characters to seem a lot more punctuated and affected by their handicaps. Take the example of one of last season's contestants. Throughout the season, she had been criticized for not displaying enough of an effort to show that she wants the title bad enough. So, at one point a judge asks her if she really wants it. After a drawn out pause, she says, "Yes." From her long pause, we as the viewers are expected to deduce that the pause represented her hesitation, when in fact editors strategically stretched out that pause so that she could appear to be much more ambiguous about her response. It's tactics like this that tend to lose the credibility of the seriousness of what Banks is trying to convey: that modeling IS serious business. If so, then editorial tactics such as manipulating the cast members should be nixed (or at least not be so shamefully obvious by way of high school 101-level editing).

    The problem too lies in calling it "Top Model." It suggests that the winner becomes a true Top Model in the industry when actually it only means that the chosen one will represent herself as an up and coming model in the scene, equipped with guaranteed visibility from the show; No evidence/guarantee that she will in fact literally be America's top true model. The show must think that the viewers are stupid. Even a noted giant in fashion has publicly scrutinized the show, stating that the girls they choose "will never be a Gemma Ward (a top super model of the now)." Also, the show is increasingly scrutinized for not choosing a balanced demographic of finalists of all types. It's been suggested that favoritism in casting particular types of girls are designed to help round out the selection of finalists to provide more opportunities for the perceived lesser represented girls; specifically, minorities who we are expected to believe represent the model ratio in America. Don't get me wrong, I'm a minority, too. Personally, I'm African American myself and in some deep level I do take delight in seeing so many of us represented in every cycle. But I ask you: does her typical cast, time and again have to have so many of us represented in each cycle and still be able to expect viewers to believe in the reality of the show? It's just not accurate casting - it's seems suspicious.

    The big problem with this show is the actual "reality," if any, that occurs throughout the season - and it tends to maintain the same, mundane formula. In reality (no pun intended), America’s Next Top Model is nothing more than a game show, where the contests in some way lend itself as a quest to win prizes and play it's particular game. Viewers who love drama will not be disappointed, however (but isn't THAT such a typical reality-tv formula? Way to go, America’s Next Top Model - you got at least ONE thing right). In spite of it all, the show seems to attract them in droves! The show is such a shiny, polished penny and the images throughout the show create such a whimsical, magical view of a model's life basking in the LA experience, afforded the opportunity to focus on her modeling with the time of day to cackle and complain at her fellow model wanna-be sisters - all in front of a camera, making them the new TV stars of this age of reality. The truth is, real models aren't always as caddy/whiney as they tend to be portrayed on the show. Some have even made it big by being discovered/scouted, with no inkling of a pursuit in modeling at all. So why does Banks continue to knock the girls who don't want it enough? If you got it, you got it! Other factors of true model reality tend to get lost in this cloud of a show: true models struggle with real world situations - without the luxury of a Bel-Air crib - and have to do things like actually hold a second or third job to pay the rent and wait while wishing upon a lucky charm, hoping to make it big as a model. So, watching the show, unfortunately, is kind of like smelling a rose and getting stung by a bee!
  • Wait, wait...

    I only watched this show with my fiance once.. but let me get this straight. Tyra Banks has her own talk show which she consistantly says she cares about young woman and their weight. Then she comes up with the "brilliant" idea that she wants to host a show denouncing those very principles that she has on her talk show. For people who disagree with me.. check out the physical and personality traits of the contestants. They are annoying, crabby and made me think all models look like a bunch of dimwitted backstabbing idiots who don't eat much. Way to go Tyra. Thanks for revealing a stereotype for me.
  • The models are gorgeous, but the show is awful.

    This show is awful. It's obvious earning sponsorship money was the main goal here, because the quality of the show is close to being so awful. The models are gorgeous, I don't care who wins, they are all winners. The show shouldn't have been made into a show, because it's really awful. I feel happy for any of the contestants who made money from the show, I can't be positive for the show, it's just not a good show. It's really awful, if I may add. The TV networks are running out of ideas. Chimps will rule the world one day, this show is a warning sign of mankind's impending doom.
  • Like watching one hour of domestic violence set to bad disco.

    If women humiliating themselves and in turn being taught how to more thorougly humiliate themselves next time is your idea of first-class entertainment then this show is for you.
    This is the show for people who think roller derby would be perfect if only it had gay men.
    Like all reality shows this mysogynist abomination serves the larger function of ensuring that none of the participants will ever enjoy a trace of lasting dignity as long as one clip of their "experience" remains accessable online.
    In a just world Tyra Banks would wake up in a fat suit that never comes off and her co-horts would have to live in a world where gay people are so accepted and embraced that their flamboyance would be universally dismissed as childishly irksome rather than morally courageous.
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