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  • New Format

    I don't feel the new cycle's changes have helped the show progress in anyway. I have watched the show since cycle 1 but in recent cycles, it's easy to see they are struggling for ideas. I don't like the college theme, all these girls have basically left college to go on top model. Plus, I strongly dislike the public participation. I liked the idea of them taking the public's opinions into account, but only that they would look at the remarks and take them into consideration; not score them out of ten. Also what with it being a college theme cycle, people will have allegiances to vote for the girl from their own college, regardless of whether they think they are good or not. Also, marking out of ten for every challenge/photo shoot they do is ridiculous. It rules out the girls potential and their personality, which is important.
  • Im getting disappointed

    Im a 15 year old girl who dreams of being a model im 5'7 and have wanted to be on the show since i was 12. I will always watch the show, but im have a few issues with it.

    I think the last cycle that i absolutely loved was probably cycle 14. ever since then the show really started going downhill. here are the reasons

    1)The show used to be about modeling, now its about being a "star", I mean making them record a song is a bit dumb. I just want to see them model!

    2)the judges, im sorry but they need Miss Jay, Paulina, Twiggy and basically evryone else before that. I am not a fan of this new judge Kelley.

    3)Judgings used to be my favourite time because of the judging tests, its where we really got to see girls shine. But now i think the last judging test that they have done was in cycle 11 where they had to runway walk with clogs.

    4)The photo shoots are not as interesting, or creative anymore. i remember when they would do the craziest stuff. I think one of my favourite photoshoots was the underwater one in cycle 13. i mean they never do that stuff anymore. They were close with the recent Macau tower one, but all they did was pose on the tower. even their outfits were a bit bland.

    5)I really dislike how they cut it down to the final 2, i remember when it would be final 3 where they do cover girl, and then final 2 runway. not to mention that they dont look back at their photos at the end.

    6) and the final thing is that i just want a normal cycle agian. where they do the casting episode (which is always super fun) and they select 14 girls from the u.s and they model. i mean now they are doing a college themed thing? i mean really. im sick of these themed cycles, i liked the petite cycle theme. but really where is the pureness of the show

  • Model wannabes compete to become the last one standing with a $100,000 contract with Covergirl and their photos in Seventeen magazine.

    I have to admit, this show is my guilty pleasure..for I am too short to be a model myself, and I don't think I have that "it" look but I can't help but tune in to this show every Wednesday night. It all begins with hundreds of girls auditioning, slowly getting picked off little by little until Tyra Banks (the head honcho of the show) has a group of fourteen girls living together in a fabulous house and each competing to be..America's Next Top Model.

    With fourteen strangers cooped up and estrogen raging, of course there is going to be drama, fights and tears. Sometimes it can be shocking..such as the season (6, I think?) where Bree dumps out Nicole's energy drinks because she believes Nicole stole her granola bar. When Nicole confronts Bree, she flatly refuses to replace her energy drinks, knowing that she was wrong and tells the "secret" camera that Nicole will be wearing those drinks if she hears one more word about it! Wow. How can you not be riveted?

    The most interesting part is the photo shoots. In the earlier seasons, I felt they were cool and realistic. Jay Manuel, the creative director, is great at his job instructing the girls through the shoots (though as time goes on, he becomes less tolerant) and has a clear vision on how he wants them to look. However, in the later seasons, some of them are plain weird (the bald photo shoot, for example) and sometimes too demanding for novices (expecting them to pose nude..which I don't think Tyra has done herself but I could be wrong) Sometimes the makeup is just plain ugly (One model has makeup like a fish, unflattering with her prominent eyes..then she gets blamed for the "worst photo ever!) Yet I can't wait for the judging, just to see how the photos turned out. For the most part I agree with the judges' critiques but not always-but then again, what do I know about the modeling industry, besides it being very cruel and judgemental?

    The panel of judges consists of Nigel Barker, Miss Jay, a guest judge and usually an experienced model though I am not sure who's on this year. Last but not least, Tyra Banks, the ultimate one to make the final decisions. Unfortunately, it seems the only flaw in the program is Tyra herself. While Tyra is clearly knowledgable and gives the girls excellent advice on how to survive in the modeling world, each season seems to be progressively about how to be like her rather than how to be successful being true to themselves. The house is adorned with pictures of Tyra only, where it used to have pictures of various supermodels through the ages. She seems to think herself flawless, with her ridiculous "acting" and exaggerated voice in nearly everything she says. Yet the girls look to her like a goddess, and drink in everything she says. While I still respect Tyra for being beautiful and intelligent, I feel the show has gone to her head and it's showing more and more with every season. (or cycle, a term I dislike for some reason) Yet the show is worth watching, not because of Tyra but because of the transformation the girls go through and the insight on how being beautiful comes at a very high price. And of course, the drama, drama, drama!!
  • Season 14 - Really?

    So I've just found out that 'America's Next Top Model' Season 14 has been confirmed and all I can think of is: REALLY, WHY? I know some of you will argue that what Tyra does is inspiring and gives hope to young women of our generation. Fine. But what about the other 11+ girls who get their dreams CRUSHED because they 'weren't smiling with their eyes' or 'they couldn't fit into the sample clothes'. I believe that at the beginning, this show REALLY did motivate young females, now, the show has no focus. Now when I watch it, I'm not looking at the models portfolio and potential talent, but rather what new hairdo or outfit Tyra has on. I look forward to her 'antics' and over-dramatisation of certain looks/sayings. I love Miss J's way of saying goodbye to the contestants (whether he adds/minuses items of clothing from his look) but that's it. Tyra says that 'Anyone can be a model, if you put your mind to it and be yourself' but this is NOT TRUE. I find that you either need to have a 'weird' look to separate yourself from the cookie-cut models OR you need to have a great personality (which still won't get you the 'Top Model Status' – I mean look at Naomi Campbell, no one knows her for her charity work and other generous efforts , but rather her Diva demands and fights!)

    I may have generalised a bit, this post may come across a bit feminist and some will hate on me for saying what I have said, but you got to break a few eggs to make an omelette right? Basically, this show needs to go but I'm glad we have it for the time being

    P.S. I gave this show a seven, because I love the photography techniques and the make-up and hair are just AMAZING (even though some looks may raise a few eyebrows!)
  • This show has gone off the deep end

    This is exactly how I feel about the quote from 18/2012_Apr_20_nigel-jay-miss-j-fired

    "America's Next Top Model's limp toward its death accelerated yesterday, as Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander, and Jay Manuelwere fired from The CW reality competition. They won't be back for season 19 in the fall, but Tyra Banks and her ego are both (They should get them back). It's not fun anymore.

    Having the public vote on these girls' futures are ridiculous! What the heck do they know. One week a girl could be on top then the next week sent home because some STRANGER didn't like her picture. I've seen it happen. This show is absurd. There ratings are ridiculous. They can't even get a million viewers, at times.. The entire voting system is stupid.

    I agree about Tyra's ego! It needs to go!
  • It's a guilty pleasure, but has a lot of flaws,

    America's next top model is a fun show to watch because of the character dynamics and the awesome photo shoots, but the product placement and judging weighs it down. Tyra Banks is the most annoying person EVER. The product placement is not subtle at all and appears in EVERY episode which is difficult to stomach. Advice given from the judges is hard to understand and this is clear from the girls reactions to it. Lisa D'mato a contestant from cycle 5 has said that the judges don't give good advice and already have their favorites picked from the start. The show also promotes everything superficial, yes in a modeling show this is what we all would come to expect, but little things like changing an accent or filling in a gap tooth that a person loves. it's ok.
  • New Format is no improvement

    I do not like the new format. I have to say, if I wanted to hear what people wanted to say about the models, I would go to the chats and blogs, I don't want to hear them on the program. This whole numbers thing has robbed the show of its personality. I loved to hear the judges going over the photos and girls themselves before giving one the boot. Taking that away and replacing it with a bunch of videos people send in is just dumb, and then turning it into a numbers game just robs the judges of any power. Starting to find it all a bit of a bore.
  • Dumbest Judging System EVER!!!!

    WTH!!! What a load of new judges are the worst ever in Top Model history. Don should still be there if the old judges and judging system was in place. PLEASE!!!!! bring back the Jays and Nigel Barker. Tyra I don't know what you were thinking when you got rid of them and changed the judging system. Because you are not getting an honest vote because some of the public is not voting for how good the contestant is because they are voting for who they like and is good looking as well as a person back story. This and last season have been the lamest season ever. You are going to lose a lot of fans if this new voting system as well as keeping this stupid judges you have are still there next week. I know quite a few people who have already stopped watching the show and if the judges are the same and this social media voting system is still in place next cycle you will lose me as a viewer as well. Tyra please listen to your fans and bring back Top Model the way it was
  • AMERICA'S NEXT BIG BULLIES!The panel is simply vile has beens who are jealous of the new young talent. They take great pleasure in abusing the girls.

    Tyra and her gang humiliate,dominate & bully the models into taking their clothes off or gewtting ridiculous short haircuts and awful dye jobs because it makes good tv to see the girls cry.Tyra herself forgets her old mammy went with her to all her auditions (she says this on her talk show anyway-of course the truth and Tyra parted ways long ago) was her manager & would have never allowed Tyra to be bullied and forced into doing anything against her will & that would take years to repair.Long beautiful hair takes years to grow and there really is no valid reason for every season to have girls in tears and cut for not allowing themselves to be abused and bullied.Who the heck is that FREAK Miss Jay Alexander to tell ANYONE ANYTHING about looks....Buckwheat on crack! I just refuse to watch the show any longer although some roomies do so I see snips and the bullies are still at it. Tyra is a self important camera hog. I commend any girl who walks off the show standing up for her own views. What difference is this abuse to the old casting couch? "You either do as I say or you'll never be a star".... It's just rape in another way and all for ratings. Tyra Banks is a has been and she's got fat, flabby and mean. She's a disgrace!
  • Stop being a b....t Kristen

    Kristen I think she being a b....t to people I want her to be kicked off!
  • god babes

    Wow THis show is so cool because you watch how real models work. I loved this year because so one is a plus size model won! I love whitney! She is so cool. You see all the dramas and friendshipsform all the girls and it is pretty interesting. It is kinda hard for the girls in the house probably because people get to see you at your worst moments. I love all the photo shoots they do. THey are soooo cool. I would love to audition to be on the show. The show will probably last a long time. I hope you liked my review.
  • Good show, just not recently.

    America's Next Top Model is another one of those shows where they take a bunch of nobodies, and they try to become somebody in some industry/occupation.

    It definitely started out as a good show, especially the first 4 or 5 cycles. But from there, I feel like it's just been getting gradually worse.

    One thing is, the girls are just not as exciting/interesting anymore, and that makes the show forgettable.

    Also, the judges are just so UGH! I mean Nigel used to be a good judge back in the early cycles, but now he's gotten full of himself, and is an arrogant jerk who thinks he's better than everyone, except Tyra of course. No one can be better than Tyra. At least not while Tyra is still the host of this show.

    Maybe it's the fact that the only time we really see Tyra anymore, is in the opening credits, during the pictures/clips before judging, and during judging, is what makes me just not like her anymore. It's almost the same thing as with Nigel, she's gotten full of herself. And instead of having the show be about aspiring models, it's more about her, and how she's breaking down stereotypes, and what she's doing to make the world a better place, etc., etc.

    I remember in the first couple of cycles, when she would interact with the girls, get to know them, they would get to know her, and she would teach them something. What sticks out in my mind right now, was in cycle 2 during the 'portray famous actresses' shoot, Tyra was there coaching the girls, actually helping them learn, and to take better photos.

    That's another thing, the photo shoots seem to have gotten less interesting. Maybe they ran out of good ideas, but on some, like this cycle's 'Ellis Island immigrant' shoot, the concept was good, but the execution of it didn't turn out as well as it could have.

    They really need to bring back the judging tests as well. Those tests were a great way for the judges to see the model's potential, and gave them something else to base there decision off of, instead of only the picture, and what they see every week at judging.
    The judging test during cycle 7, with the verb and adverb, CariDee's 'hide dizzily' was absolutely brilliant! Also, Cycle 5's test where there were three objects and the girls had to do an endorsement, editorial/high fashion, and commercial. Something like that had spark, and made the show, just that much more interesting.

    While it seems like I'm just bashing the show, don't get the wrong impression. This show is definitely in my Top Ten favorites, and I think that it's absolutely amazing. But I guess I'm just nostalgic for some of the elements of the older cycles. But the change is part of the show, so I just have to live with it. My personal opinion is that the show was better before some of the changes, it seemed more real. It used to be more about modeling, but now it's focused more on ratings, and what makes good TV, while at the same time has controversial written all over it, and will attract more viewers.

    But overall, I really do love this show, and hope it continues to amaze me cycle after cycle. But if it doesn't (for some unfortunate reason), then at least we can still look back at the earlier cycles, and remind ourselves of how good it used to be.
  • It's just another reality tv show, but I can't help myself. It's so addictive. :P

    It's just another reality tv show, but I can't help myself. It's so addictive. :P Tyra Banks is such an incredible person, as well as an incredible model. And I think it's sorta good that she's giving aspiring models a chance. (Even though many models are extremely sickly and unhealthy and need to choose a different profession.) But it's still a very addicting show. :P I don't always agree with the judges. (In fact I usually have very different opinions from most of them. But whatever.) Some of the girls are sweet, but of course there are those you love to hate. And I guess that's another reason the show's so addicive. :P Lol. IDk. I just like the show.
  • Tyra Banks is ridiculous

    The way that Tyra flicks and rolls her eye lids grates on my last nerve. It seems the longer the show stays on the air the bigger Tyra's head get. I like her less and less every season. Her fear of dolphins is so stupid. Of all animals to fear why dolphin. They are like the most intellegent harmless sea creatures. I think he rtelevision stint is over I am just so sick of seeing her face. To me she is no longer a supermodel now she is a dingbat television host who time has run out. Iwill no longer watch her shows until she stop flickering her eye lids.
  • what have they done

    The new media decision is awful. The judges are judges because they know the business not who the general public want to see because they are funny or theres a romance blooming.

    I miss the old judges, and the fresh batch of models there are only a few genuine people. Alot of them are very self indulgent with their "heartbreak sstories"needing a serious reality Phil being homeless - THAT is real. All the others welcome to the real world, the fact they mention it or draw any experience to it is ridiculous.

    I also think having many photo shoots with multiple guys and girls in one shot stunts the overall improvement of the models. Guys working with girls, gay couples or scenes is great. But having two guys one girl ect just seems a little unfair. I personally think this was done to save airing time nothing more.

    Ive followed Americas Next Top Model since the bbeginningand this is the first series i've been massively disappointed with. its too loud, busy, and no wheres near as serious. The only good thing still about this show is makeovers, final shots, and of course Tyra. Rant over -phew!
  • If you want a show that contains sissies, dumb drama, and well fake people this is a show for you.

    This show is the worst I repeat the worst show that I have ever seen in my young life. I never thought a show with girls in it could be so stupid! And they always saying "Tyra Mail" no one gives a dang about "Tyra Mail!" And Tyra always being so fake! And why do you have gay people on this show? I espacially want to slap "Ms. J Alexander" for bringing disgrace not only to the black race but to the entire human race! Seriously and the judges? I can get a paper bag that would be a better judge! And seriously when they get elimanated Tyra just show the dang photo of whose stayin' It would save a lot of time and save everyone a breath of fresh air.
  • Plus Size?

    Tyra, why dont you do a plus size show, the skinny girls are not the only beautiful women out there. Plus size girls are too. i'm plus size and i love your show, don't get me wrong it is amazing. But i do believe that big women are beautiful just like the tiny girls. I'm a big girl, and being a model is any girls dream. Even one of mine. I'm 16, i feel though as if models can only be "Skinny" , thats the way all modeling shows or performances put it out. Please if you could email me @ I would love to maybe have your thoughts on this idea. Thanks.
  • Worried about imperfections

    the current episode in the newest cycle they're looking at their pictures and pointing out little imperfections their legs a little bit of that on their stomachs. these are all kids and they are skin and bones. kids trust me you're not that you don't have an ounce of I feel so bad for Courtney because that guy mislead her and he's an ass. and how is she starting trouble in the house for telling the truth. The only ones that are starting the trouble are those guys because they're the ones that said it and it only shows are jealous they in there Courtney men are all pigs they want to see you gone the best revenge is winning!and to make sure I understand in case they read this regarding ava and her picture,you guys say it should come down yes everyone wants their picture up there but that's petty and shows jealousy anyone would defend themselves to that and now she's a bitch I don't get it but ok. who's the real troublemakers it's pretty clear
  • Next Season

  • This show is really interesting. Heather Kuzmich was the greatest model that was ever on America's Next Top Model. She is a hero to many.

    America's Next Top Model is a really interesting television show. Albeit, I am only hear to say that Heather Kuzmich was the greatest model that was ever on America's Next Top Model. Her beauty is not only timeless and something we can recognize now, as we did when we first experienced it. Heather Kuzmich is also a hero to many, she proves that no matter the obstacles you must overcome in your life, beauty can still shine forth if you let it shine. I would watch this show if there were more models who were like Heather Kuzmich, however she is one of a kind and while I might respect this show and find it an interesting program, it does not inspire me the way that Heather did in the past. Perhaps this show never will have another Heather, she was one of a kind.
  • The Show’s a Sham.

    But that doesn’t stop me – or anyone for the matter – from watching it. It is very cheesy. Tyra and the other judges cast the girls who fit the same, boring, one dimensional archetypes. The contestants’ conflicts are exploited. Their personalities are either overexposed and exploited or just flat out ignored. But it does expose things about the modeling world, like industry standards, the girls’ body image issues, and the cut-throat competition.
  • so ugly

    Kristian is pretty on outside but ugly as hell on inside !!
  • i have a son that is interested in being on the show to be a model top model.

    is there going to be another girls and guy Americas top model? I have a son that would love to be on the show..

  • Tyra Really ?

    Really Tyra ? You didnt choose right !! Laura ! No its was supposed to be Kiara , && You Know It !!! Just wait til I Get To that age !! Im Going to nail it ! You Shouldnt have chose her & YOU KNOW IT ! I still love your show though . . Kelly you are the worst ! How are you a judge ? You *CRITISIZE* Big Time , But I dont see you up there walking or making your best pictures ! Stop being a hater && lose some weight . All That food got you all cranky && Stupid .

  • An inspired idea..

    Hey Tyra! First and foremost I'm a huge fan of ANTM! I've been thinking about this for a long long time and never really knew how to bring it up, or if these fan reviews even make it to you? Hopefully this one does.

    On ANTM I always hear you promoting healthy living lifestyles for your models, as well as promoting career, and success. I think you should start a show for the unsung hero's of communities! A weight loss/beauty competition for people that want to be accepted and gain the looks to match their beautiful personalities! We wouldnt need prizes as the ultimate prize for me would be to become healthy for the first time in my life and learn how to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my days.

    Well, me? Yes, I am a very overweight 24 year old woman. However I have the spunk of a 19 year old, and carry the responsibilities a usual 40 year old would. I'm a full time single mother of a 2 year old, as well as a full-time student. In my community I work with 50 families as an Early Childhood Coordinator at our local School district. I do home visits and book bag exchanges, as well as playgroups and read alouds for our community. I'm very involved with other students in the high school as I take on the role of 8th and 11th grade advisor. I'm also supporting the Senior class this year in getting volunteer hours with Early Childhood Development for one of their classes. I care about the children and my community very much, and see myself forever contributing and supporting the success for not only myself but the community and youth as a whole.

    I'm outgoing and know how to be a real friend. I work hard and am determined. But I do need help. I do believe in myself that I am a beautiful person with all of these amazing traits, however, the world doesn't accept me that way. I've been made fun of my whole life for my weight and it truly is a toll that I deal with everyday no matter how positive I am. I really want to become healthy and allow my body to match my personality for the first time in my life.
  • Seriously?!?

    Kristen, you are to pretty in the pictures, it actually makes you look ugly.
  • Question.

    Dear Tyra,

    I am sixteen years old but only 5'0 and may not grow any taller. I have wanted to be a model for years and wish to be on the show. I watched the season where you had the 5'7 and shorter and I was curious as to if there would be a way to get on the show when I'm eighteen at the size of 5'0 without any trouble.

    If you can give me any information it would be a pleasure to hear from you on my e-mail: thank you for your time.
  • My personal favorite! ^_^ ~XD~

    This show is one of my favorites shows ever! (^_^) It is just fascinating, educational, and inspirational for anyone who desires to become a model themself. The participants in my opinion learn from their experience in the show and it helps them grow as young women they are. The show itself is amusing, and entertaining. Tyra Banks as well as the other judges really work towards preparing these girls towards how the real fashion world is. I dislike how most of these young girls are not mature enough to stop gossiping and stop talking behind each other's backs. But in overall it is a fantastic show to watch!
  • What an amazing show!

    This show is at the top of my list when it comes to favorites! Some people might complain that it is all about "being thin," that is hardly the case! Just look at Tyra Banks herself! It is an educational program for anyone aspiring to be a model, but for the rest of is just simply fascinating! I love seeing the challenges of the week, and the prizes that the winner recieves. I love seeing the photoshoots and how wonderful (or not) the pictures have turned out. I have seen every cycle, except the first, and I have gotten to a point now where I can predict the order of strongest photos! Thank you Tyra Banks for ANTM, it is simply, pure fun!
  • This show is definately a winner.

    I love to watch America's Next Top Model. My girls and I will start watching the marathons and spend the entire day watching each episode. As they get older there is not a whole lot of things that we can enjoy all together, but this one is definately a winner. I admire Tyra for having the vision to do what she does and to share it with the world.
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