America's Next Top Model

Friday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered May 20, 2003 In Season





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    I don't feel the new cycle's changes have helped the show progress in anyway. I have watched the show since cycle 1 but in recent cycles, it's easy to see they are struggling for ideas. I don't like the college theme, all these girls have basically left college to go on top model. Plus, I strongly dislike the public participation. I liked the idea of them taking the public's opinions into account, but only that they would look at the remarks and take them into consideration; not score them out of ten. Also what with it being a college theme cycle, people will have allegiances to vote for the girl from their own college, regardless of whether they think they are good or not. Also, marking out of ten for every challenge/photo shoot they do is ridiculous. It rules out the girls potential and their personality, which is important.