America's Next Top Model

Friday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered May 20, 2003 In Season



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    First off I'd like to say how rude it is to bash Tyra Banks after all she's giving these girls a chance of a lifetime. I watch every season and reruns on oxygn almost everyday! My favorite winner was danni (danielle) she was incredible as long as she didnn't have to speak. (lol jk)

    but I do think you should do A plus sized cycle BUT you will deffinitly need to put a limit otherwise you'll have all sorts of women/girls showing up and sorry to say it a 400lb woman will never make it in the industry thats just the harsh facts. I am size 13 and look damn good I think women with bodies like mine would make for a interesting show maybe do size 10-16 or whatever woman like us are taking over the music& acting industry so why not let us model too? I've been paracticing my smize since I was 14 I'm 22 now. so no bad comments just think you should expande your ideas for the show...let somebody with true talent shine :) curvy girls rock!

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