America's Next Top Model

Season 15 Episode 13

Roberto Cavalli

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on The CW

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  • A terrible end to a terrible season

    This season of Top Model was supposed to be greater than ever, elevated. But it just left me dissapointed. From the beginning and until the end, there has been a clear winner. The suspense was just missing from the finale. Things have changed. First of all, the Cover Girl commercial was very different this season, in my opinion, to fit the girl who "should" win. Instead of remembering lines, and girls having a tough time with it, there was a voice over. Much more fitting for the girl who won. Then there was the final runway show. I'm always looking forward to the runway show, because it's always something different. This time, it was just plain walking. Boring. I wish they would have used the conveyor belt runway from an earlier episode.
    This, again, gave an advantage to the girl who was supposed to win. The worst walk, shouldn't be the winning walk.