America's Next Top Model - Season 1

Friday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered May 20, 2003 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model
    The girls put their knowledge to work in the next few days, two more get eliminated and one will become America's Next Top Model!
  • 7/8/03
    The first ever recap episode of America's Next Top Model, showing clips of all the past episodes, including some never before seen footage.
  • 7/1/03
    The remaining four contestants face a couture challenge where they must impress some Parisian socialites. Some show too much, and some, nowhere near enough.

    Then the girls are assigned a nude photo shoot, but two of them refuse. Will this send them home?
  • 6/24/03
    The girls head for Wilhelmina to learn about go-sees. Then they learn they'll put their new skills to the Paris. One of the girls has an experience with one of the locals that leaves her in tears. Will this stop her from completing the go-see challenge?
  • The episode focuses mainly on Elyse, and how the house feels she might have an eating disorder, a charge she flatly denies.

    For the challenge this week the girls have an interview with Steve Santagati, a member of the press.
  • The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy
    Ebony becomes obsessed with improving her skin, which leaves behind a mess for the other girls to deal with. With the numbers dwindling, the remaining girls are forced into closer quarters. And as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. The girls are sent to an acting coach to prepare them for a suprise later on...there's no photo shoot, they're actually acting in a commercial! And one girl can't cut it.moreless
  • The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room
    This week the models have to pose with snakes draped around their shoulders. One of the models is rushed to the emergency room with food poisoning. Will she make it in time for the judging panel?
  • The Girl Is Here To Win
    The remaining girls have to learn to walk down a fashion runway. The fashion shoot is one for Stuff men's magazine where the girls pose in swimsuits in front of glass with water sliding down.
  • The Girl Who Wants It Bad
    Ten aspiring models are selected from a country-wide casting call to live in an apartment in New York City to see who has what it takes to become America's Next Top Model. Right away clashes develop due to differing religions and lifestyles among the girls. The girls are left high and dry for their first ever photoshoot, only to discover some painful facts about modeling. One girl goes home with less than she started with.moreless
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