America's Next Top Model - Season 2

Friday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered May 20, 2003 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • The Runway Ahead
    Episode 12
    What have the girls of Season 2 been up to since the finale in March? All was revealed in this ANTM special.
  • The girls' photo shoot for the day is a beauty shot one where the girls are dressed opposite of their normal style. After the shoot, the girls meet up with DSquared which whom the final 2 girls will walk in their fashion show. At the fashion show, the final two girls, hurry to get their outfits on. The girls impress the judges and at the deliberation, a large television will reveal the winner...moreless
  • 3/16/04
    The girls not only learn to dress with "Italian Style", but to undress in the same manner. And when the models finally get a chance to blow off some steam with their Vespa challenge partners, one girl takes things too far and makes a decision she'll come to regret.
  • 3/9/04
    This was a recap episode that consisted of mostly footage we've already seen. Among the unaired clips were drag queens arriving at the loft to show the girls how to walk, Jay Manuel & Janice Dickinson getting in a fight over Heather's Laundry photo, and April being brought to an almost paralyzed state at thinking the Laundry photo shoot would include snakes.moreless
  • The Girls Who Go To Milan
    The girls get shipped off to Milan and several go-sees, followed by a stunning sunglasses themed photo-shoot.
  • The girls step it up in more ways then one at this week challenge. And some girls prove they are more than just great beauties, but that they also have brains.
  • 2/17/04
    The girls' photo shoot for this week is simple beauty shots, photographs taken in black and white that focus on their face. After that, the girls are taken to an acting challenge where they will have to act out a scene. The last stop for the girls is a fast-paced action packed Matrix like commercial for Rollitos chips.moreless
  • 2/10/04
    The girls undergo personality coaching and learn how to act during an interview. But when that lesson is tested with a surprise interview with Janice Dickensen, one girl blows it by calling Janice a bitch!

    A psychic visits the house and hits a little too close to home with one of the models. Later at the photoshoot, the girls have already been shoot flying in the air...there's nowhere else to go except under water!moreless
  • Beginning with a fitness challenge and leading onto a personal style evaluation, this episode has more drama than most. The competition this week? Walking the runway with a little something extra. The photo shoot this time around is a fun one, transforming the girls into various celebrities.
  • It's a hair-raising experience for the girls as they get their makeovers. One girl cries over the loss of her hair, while many other find better used for their eyes.

    The photo shoot leads to a major rise in emotions for many of the girls.
  • The Girl Who Has a Temper
    With Anna gone the girls settle in and life gets interesting as Yoanna and Camille start to strike sparks off each other. The girls have been told to work on their walk on the runway. A day with J. Alexander might be what they need. J. is considered one of the best instructors of the model walk.

    The photo shot involved some pretty fancy shoes and many hard choices for the girls.moreless
  • 1/13/04
    The girls are picked up on a decked out bus where they meet each other and start sizing up the competition. At their very first runway show one girl makes a mistake that could cost her, until another girl steps in to save her. But when the same girl oversleeps for a photo shoot, it's every man for himself and she's left at the loft. At the Adam and Eve themed photo shoot the girls are required to model wearing only sequins and body paint. This doesn't go over well with one of the girls and onr of them decides not to participate. Will that decision cost her the competition?moreless
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