America's Next Top Model

Season 5 Episode 13

The Girl On The Cover

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on The CW

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  • Either you dont agree with me or you do but I think that Nicole deserved to win Granted so did Nik but Im not going to complain face it. Nicole is Americas Next Top Model

    I loved the Covergirl shots this season. And I really enjoyed that they showed the girls actually taking the Ellegirl shot for once. Usually you have to wait for whatever it is to come out. And Im sorry but I just didnt want Bre to win. After that whole redbull syndrome, I was rather put off. It was childish and rude of her. Anyways, so yeah, Ive heard a lot of complaining about Nicole being the winner.
    "Nik should have won!! She'll always be the winner!! Nicole is whiney and !!" blah blah blah.....
    For me, whoever is the last two, Im usually pretty impressed by both girls (except the third season...I wanted Eva to win SOOO badly). Nik or nicole...either one was fine with me. Nik is a lady and true that her pictures are great but her personality was just....blah. And I liked Nik from the start next to Kim. Nicole was one of my "dead last" people. But I ended up growing to like her. She has a very Vougeish type of body and her face is veery pretty. Come on stop complaining about it already. Both girls were fantastic and its never easy to choose who should've been picked. Just because Nik was consistent in her photos doesnt mean she was going to automatically win. All in all, like I said either way I would have been fine. This was a highlight and a twist for my whole year since Naima won.
  • Nicole........

    didnt deserve to win. Nik is and will always be ANTM. I never liked Nicole. She was the whiney annoying girl. Lisa deserved the title ANTM more than Nicole! I am still very upset at Tyra for saying why Nicole won "We wanted a REAL MODEL to win this season." What is she trying to say, Nik isnt a real model?! This was my least favorite finale of all time.
  • its great

    i wanted nic or nicole to win i was sooo happy that bre didn't win she was crazy....
    i haven't seen this episode as i live in aus and its not on for another 2 weeks but hopefully i willl enjoy the last episode.

    congrats to nicole for winning antm!!!!
    congrats again

    i have watched this episode now and it was good but not really good
  • Nik and Nicole compete in a fashion show and Nicole is given the prize.

    I do not agree with this year's winner at all!! Nicole is pretty and takes nice pictures and everything, but I do not see how in the world she beat Nik, who was constantly at the top of the line throughout the whole season. Nik should have won, plain and simple. It really boiled my blood during the final judging when they were criticizing Nik's walk during the fashion show. I thought it was fierce! Nicole's walk wasn't nearly as good and her poses at the end of the runway sucked. I just don't get it. I hate to bring race into it but its hard not to think that the fact that the last two ANTMs were black or partially-black made them want to make sure the next one was different, regardless of whether or not she deserved it. It was just too obvious. Though I would like to think that a show with a black woman as it's creator and who is a supermodel herself and knows how tough it is in this business for a black woman wouldn't succomb to that, I guess you just never know. On the reunion show, Tyra actually explained why Nicole won, which leads you to believe that there's been a lot of questions and/or uprising about the decision. She's never had to do that with any of the other winners. Even Nicole's walk on the reunion show was awful!! They call THAT high fashion?? Come on! And while I think that the runner's up in the first two seasons were more deserving than the girls that actually won, this year it's just ridiculous. I haven't come across a person YET that thinks Nicole should have won! That's all right, though...Nik is STILL going to be a top model, regardless of all those people on that show not giving her her props and begrudging her of what was rightfully hers.
  • It's just another Mercedes and Yohanna momment!!

    This show is rigged! I mean, how could Nichole win? That was the most season finale I ever saw!! It's like a Mercedes and Yohanna momment all over again! I was ticked that time too. Nik REALLY shoulda won. I mean she more talented and she, she's nice, she takes better pictures, and she was cover girl for so many weeks! It was a waste of my time!!!
  • I would've rather Lisa won,if it were about color.

    I was not happy nor suprised by the ending. I was so upset because Mr.J didn\'t hold to his word by letting the judges know that he had to feed Nicole her lines(which was unfair to the others and unprofessional for an ANTM). Nicole dosen\'t and didn\'t handle the pressure well at all. She got cocky and sloppy. Bre and Nic, on the other hand, delivered. They took the criticism every week and progressed, which is what ANTM is supposed to be about. But nothing good will come of it. In closing, who ate the damn granola bar?
  • Nik should have won!

    VERY disappointed. I wanted Nik to win so bad. I hated Nicole from the first episode. She complained all the time and was plain annoying! There was not one time this season when Nik showed that same immaturity. Nik had more grace, more inner beauty, and simply deserved to win!
  • Nicole's crowning made my night. The judges have never made a better choice than Nicole.

    Going into the cycle 5 finale, the only hope I had was that Bre would not win. I can't believe that after all this time, I would end up rooting for Nicole. I remember watching her in the casting special and not liking her because she was whiny. I thought she would have been one of the first girls to go home. But week after week, she did amazingly well and was only in the bottom two during the final elimination. The girls I had liked throughout the competition kept going home, and Nik and Nicole were the only girls I could stand.

    The judges made their best decision in crowning Nicole as ANTM
  • So, the new ANTM is Nicole. I would have to disagree with that. In my mind, Nik is the true AMERICA\'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

    Watching this episode, you knew they wouldn\'t have Bre in the top three. Why? She is just too short. As Miss Banks said, \"Top models are not short.\" No one really has enough personality to overcome their height, and if Bre did, then she would have let it all out by now. This leaves us with the Nicole and Nik.

    At this point, both girls have taken awesome pictures. Both girls are incredibly talented at making the camera love them. Both girls did a runway show...Nicole did do a better job for this particular show. Because of this, Nicole took the top prize.

    Now, my opinion, Nik is the true model. Nik has been on top since the beginning AND she has been improving. She is focused and her pictures have incredible personality...VETRUVIAN MAN!!! Nicole is still just pretty. The only picture she was fierce wasn\'t a picture at was the run way. Nik was easy to work with for the photographer and commerical directors because she was focused and professional. No matter how gorgeous Nicole may look, people would rather have someone who maybe an eensy weensy less gorgeous but INCREDIBLY wonderful to work with. Nicole\'s first commercial shoot was a fluke. She proved that she wouldn\'t work hard, even when the pressure is on. She failed completely in the first round of the finale. That picture was about the same level as Nik. Also, Nicole...STRAGGLY HAIR! This just proves that models really need to made up pretty to look pretty and they can be totally unprofessional and ditzes. I don\'t see Nicole going beyond the one year, but I really see Nik taking modeling to new heights, even possibly, to the Tyra level if she plays her cards right.

  • the only reason nicole won cause shes white and it hasnt been a white winner in a couple of years other than that nicole sucked when it comes to being under pressure as you can see in her commercial shoot. by right nic should of won she deserved it.

    jus think about it...naima won last year and eva won the year before that. and there has always been two black gurls in da final two... how could nicole win over nic. nic worked the runway she aced both the photo shoot and the commercial, while nicole had lovely photos but she completely bombed the commercial and the runway was wack but never in a million years should she have ever deserved to be the next top model i cant believe tyra let those two faced predujice judges pick nicole this show is so racist it sickens me
  • this was outrageous. how can nicole win!!!!!! Nik was supposed to win, she has all the qualities of a model.

    this was outrageous. how can nicole win!!!!!!
    Nik was supposed to win, she has all the qualities of a model. bre should have been in the final with nik thenm nik should have won. its just like yohanna and mercedes aand eva and yayaa. oh my god this was so not rite.
  • Nik is the REAL top model

    i was so upset when nicole won. Nik was sooo much better! I don\'t care what anybody says, Nik is the Top Model!! First off, she takes wayyy better pictures, and she has a better personality. Nicole just takes it all as a joke, it didn\'t even seem like half the time she wanted to be there
  • Tyra, what were you thinking (or smoking)?

    How did Nicole, the immature, pasty-faced girl with no personality beat Nik? Nik didn\'t have a whole lot of personality either, but she is a born model, even giving Tyra a run for her money. Nicole complained about everything, half the time acted like she didn\'t want to be there, took only 3 or 4 good pictures, and generally failed to make a good impression most of the time. Nik took flawless pictures every week, she really wanted it, she listened and took advice, she was quite fierce. I hope she becomes a huge star and makes Tyra look like fool for not picking her as the winner. My favorite show, and I\'ll have a hard time watching it again.
  • How did Nicole win??

    I was sooo disappointed with the finale. How could Nicole win? She is so obnoxious and not even pretty. Nic is absolutely gorgeous and stands out among a crowd. Nicole could never live up to any of the Victorias Secret models of today. SHe looks like a 15 year old girl. I wanted to cry when Nic did not win
  • The finale was shocking-disapointing!!!!!!!!!

    I was mad after i watched the show. It made me want to cry. I really wanted Nik to win she was great and i though she was better than Nicole. I dont agree wit their decisoin. Nik looked like a natural born model. And i know she has what it takes. Now i am not knocking nicole she was also good and had her highlights at some stuff too. But in my view Nik was better and i hope she gets a great deal.
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