America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 13

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on The CW

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  • This episode was 5 minuites, but became the longest 5 minuites of my lifetime!

    Despite me being happy that Jaslene had won the competiton, this whole episode was rushed and felt like it was only five minuites long. I've been a fan of America's Next Top Model since cycle 3, but this is the first episode of the series where I feel extremley let down. Prehaps this episode should have been extended like an hour and a half, or maybe two hours, but for me it felt really short, possibly because commericals where taking up most of the air-time. I really can't wait to see what Cycle 9 has in store for me next year.
  • jaslene won :D i loved it

    anyway....i really love jaslene winning!!!!! did you see the reunion pictures where jaslene is in a picture with janice??? they look exactly the same :D
    anyway back to the finale...i really wanted natasha to win cause i liked her better than jaslene...only that nata didnt seem to be a model in person but i dunno :D i love her all the same...jaslene is a bit cocky when it comes to runway! she's like "yeah i rock" and dont rock that much
    did you see caridee's walk? she cant walk to save her life mann....she really does suck at runway walks....i dunno why she's antm!!!!!! she looks like melrose in the first runway walk they did remember? the one she won the first challenge?
    and "Nene" lasttt she was eliminated!!! she looked really fake to me...although the "she looks too old" doesnt work for me...why keep her if she looks to old? i mean it's jael all over again...why did they keep her if she wasnt covergirl material?
  • It certainly left me in shock. I thought 'Nene' had this one in the bag.

    It certainly left me in shock. I thought 'Nene' had this one in the bag. But the judges did have a valid point about 'Nene's old appearance and we did have a blond winner last year. Plus I never really got over 'Nene's nastiness towards the other girls. In fact, after she got kicked off it came right back as she bashed 'Nata' with some lovely pigeon references. The show-down ensued with me screaming at the TV not to let 'Nata' win. Then again I wasn't passionate about either Top Model hopeful but as long as 'Nata' didn't win well, that just left Jaslene. Congrats, Jaslene. Hopefully next cycle will have more crazies and models I actually find myself rooting for from week one.
  • Mira gano' la latina! Pero mi amor, tienes que aprender a hablar espanol un poco mejor.

    Between American Idol, DWTS, and ANTM, I'm in season finale overload. And with the exception of Miss Doolittle, everyone I wanted to win, won. Hooray for Jaslene. She was so wacky and over-the-top last year and at the beginning of this season. I totally agreed with Jay when he mentioned her extraordinary transformation from the girl with plastic hoop ear rings to classy beauty. Thank goodness for makeup artists, and designers. OK, yes. Some of her shots were a little tranny, but so what. You know how Tyra says "..and here is your best shot...", but you know they took like 50 shots of the girls? I want to see more shots. Anyway...As a final note I also want to mention how glad I was Renee didn't make it to the final 2. The words "Eat It Renee!" literally flew out of my mouth and glued themselves onto my tv screen.
  • After weeks of competition, the next top model is crowned. Renee, then Natasha voted off. It left Jaslene to win America's Next Top Model Cycle 8.

    I was so happy when I watched it. I thought though that Renee and Jaslene would battle it till the end. Then thought again and realized how commercial Renee seemed. It was an amazing episode. I almost predicted the ending though because Jaslene is just such an amazing model. She can look pretty, and still edgy through anything. I was so glad she won, and not Natasha. No offense to Natasha fans. Jaslene may be the best winner yet, neaturally except for Cycle Seven winner Cari Dee. Which I totally think I mispelled. I hope that America's Next Top Model can produce more models like this in the future. Best of luck to all the finalists! I love this show!
  • Lukewarm ending to a likewarm season

    Did Jaslene really deserve to win? Well, if I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I might have picked her too. She is a very pretty girl, but she looked like a drag queen in most of her pictures. Also, she is WAAAAY to skinny and I dont really know if that's setting a good example (politically correct thing to say). As far as Natasha, she is much prettier than Jaslene, but she doesn't carry herself well. It is very refreshing that she is down to earth and always smiling, but I thought she came across as ditzy most of the time. Poor Renee. She didn't look old, she looked commercial. She took nice pictures, especially the beach shot.
  • "Frankly my dear - I Don't give a damn"

    Don't get me wrong - I love watching ANTM. It's an addictive show. In fact - I think it's one of the most interesting reality shows on TV today (And yeah - The hot, half-naked girls also do the trick).
    This season was no different - I fount myself bound to the screen with each and every episode, I really liked the themes of the episode and overall I liked the season...


    I did not have a favorite model!
    It's not that I didn't LIKE them - They were all great, but for some reason - I didn't really care which one of them makes it to the top (Except Jael maybe, and for two weeks only).

    So that's why I gave a high rating to the episode, but not a 10 - The show still kicks a$$, but when Jaslene won - Although I was happy, I don't think I would have felt different had Natasha won (I'm not saying they did bad - but they were equally good, and nothing more).
  • America's Next Top Model is...

    Ok episode and I didn't like that Jaslene won. Natasha deserved it way more and even Renee did. I so wish Natasha won! She had a great personality and didn't talk trash about anyone. Jaslene thought she was all that and talked trash about Natasha. I bet she was jealous but now she won she is going to shove her face in it and they will eventually hate her! Kind like what happened with Adrianne but she was cool! Renee looked old because her hair and how it is cut. It should of stayed long because she looked younger and better like that.
  • Jaslene does it!

    I thought the season finale was pretty decent. It was a hard choice when it came down to the last three. They each had qualities that set them apart from one another. I believe all three could have made top model. I liked Renee because of how confident and professional she was in every assignment, but not her attitude toward some of the other girls. I liked Natasha because of her beauty, her willingness to listen and learn and her genuine sweet nature; which the other girls did not have. I thought she was the best at the end in the runway and in the Covergirl shot. I thought Jaslene sliding in some Spanish on her talking scene really helped make points for her plus she had some good shots showing up near the end although she is another one with attitude; coming against Natasha unfairly did not get any brownie points with me. I believe in professionalism all the way. But I guess that's just me. When it came down to it I was glad that I was not having to pick just one.
  • Jaslene wins the GOLD!!

    In this one hour long episode, they put two challenges into one hour. In the first challenge, they do the covergirl photoshoot and commercial they do every season, and hands down Renee does the best especially with the other two having thick accents but Jaslene pulls that off best between her and Natasha since she incorporates Spanish into her Covergirl commercial. Natasha doesn't really connect with what she's saying, so it sounds just a like a bunch of words, but even though Renee wins that, she basically looks too old or mature to be a Covergirl, so she's voted off leaving Jaslene and Natasha to the next challenge. To walk the catwalk. I thought that Natasha did best on the catwalk, because she just looked the part for me, although two of the judges said she fizzled out @ the end and the vice versa was true for Jaslene. I think Natasha could do commercial very while, while I see Jaslene most definitely as a high-end top model. I was rooting for Natasha, but I'm happy that Jaslene went from not even making into the actual competition originally to being the winner of another cycle. God bless, and Best of Success to Jaslene!!
  • They do the cover girl shot, the runway, and the winner is selected.

    It was so interesting to see who would become America’s Next Top Model. The cover girl shoot were really important because it is a lot of what determines who wins. I enjoyed watching something where they had to just smile. It is funny how they find it harder than a lot of the shots they have been doing. I liked how they had to ad lib for the ad. It showed their personalities and it was a hard skill to master. I could not believe Renee was sent home. From the beginning I felt like she would finish in second, and I felt like they didn’t have a good reason to eliminate her. I liked how Tyra came and talked to the girls. It gave us a chance to get to know them. I thought the evolution runway challenge was a good idea, but I would have liked to see them evolving each time they went down the runway. It was neat how the final two composed of two people from other countries. Even though I like Natasha I was glad Jaslene won. It is so cool that she won after not making the show last year.
  • the season finale

    so its down to the bottom three Jaslene Renee and Natasha. first the girls are sent to shoot a my life as a Cover-girl segment and they get coached by a certifed Cover-girl , Caridee. Then the judges have a peliberation and then Renee is sent home that was surpriseing. Now my two other favorites duck it out in a Fashion show and Jaslene does okay and So does Natasha , i dont know whos gonna win. so finaly the girls is called back into the Judgein room and then Tyra give possibly the most nerve wreacking 6 words ever " and americas next top model is " Jaslene. ahh OMG i think i was gonna cry i was so happy so bye everybody im Topaz 101 and ill be back to review cycle 9. the lesson for this one is " any model can walk , but it takes a super model to step up" and Jaslene steped up.
  • Jaslene wins

    So Jaslene is now America's Next Top Model. And jaslene was just really cocky... At first I wanted Renee to win and it kinda seemed like they booted her off because she too old maybe? They said that she did good on the commecial. So, yeah, I would've rather have had her win but whatever. I liked the runway and the shoot and stuff though. I'm not sure if I would've wanted Natasha to win either, because she was just so, lacking in something, I guess.
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