America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 13

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on The CW

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  • This episode was too predictable

    I didn't see Salesha being the best model of them all, but i noticed that she was Tyra's favorite. I could've seen either Chantel or Jenah winning over Salesha. I think Jenah, along with Heather had some of the best pictures of this cycle, but Jenah kinda blew it for herself with the cocky attitude in that one episode and then her constant breaking down and crying like she's going to give up in the episode after. I could've easily seen it being a tougher competition if Jenah and Heather were the last 2 left, because they both did very well when it comes to modeling. I think Chantal also did very good in this competition and it's too bad she didn't get it
  • And I lost a couple of months watching ANTM for THIS?

    Ok, this is not about the girl I liked best not winning. It's about how every single one of the other 12 girls deserved it better than Saleisha. On the first half, we see the expected. They all take ok-pictures. Chantal's probably the better - tough the best overall in pictures (and probably the best in the 9 cycles...) Jenah's not at her best in commercial pics. Saleisha only has one face, and that's the one she shows. All of their commercials are ok also. No one in this cycle was big in video. And at the elimination, tough it was obvious because Nigel hated her - Jenah's out. Jenah, who had the most amazing pictures, a great runway walk, a great personality. It's just unbeliavable.

    Then at the runway show, the judges enter like they're big stars (completely ridiculous), Jaslene's back (still can't speak english, by the way), Saleisha's walk's very good (the one good thing she does) and Chantal messes up a little bit.

    Back at judging, they declare Saleisha was better at the runway show (duh) and look at their pictures. Notice how they only look at about three pictures. That's because all of their other pcitures were really bad. Saleisha's America's Next Top Model. And I'm still deciding wether or not to watch next cycle. Because - you know what? It looks how they're only making money out of these girls' dreams.
  • is antm a joke now?

    i mean saleisha winning?? are you kidding me?? she doesn't even know how to take a good picture...all she has is a good runway walk (which she got to practice on the tyra banks show and all those places she modeled for before) anyway...jenah was robbed yeah but the final two should have been chantal and jenah! saleisha has nothing to be high couture...i mean jenah has an amazing face, great walk and great personality...chantal's walk is blah...but she's really appealing and takes gorgeous picture. The only reason she didnt win was because that guy got caught in heir dress train...they gave her the worst dress ever...i mean they could have given that to saleisha...and plus nigel hates her cause he never seemed to have a good critique for was always "chantal's amateur" or sth like're too old now and you should quit antm..this is the end of antm for me!

    I guess Saleisha was my second favorite, but it just made me so mad that they kicked Jenah off right when she made a breakthrough. I think Tyra just had it in for her. But Jenah was the most relatable one to me, and she took the best pictures, and i personally liked her commercial the best (i couldn't see where tyra was coming from with her thinking it was a joke...). Anyway, overall, it was just very disappointing in general. I can't believe Chantal the airhead came out over Jenah. But at least she didn't win. Still, it also seems unfair to me that Saleisha has had past experience (she can call it whatever she wants... the fact is, it was a commmerical!) and Tyra seemed to favor her the entire time.
    Anyway, in conclusion, Jenah should have one. She was the best all season, and the reason i kept watching.
    Rant over.
  • Overall I was greatly dissapointed with this finale.

    OK I personally think it was very obvious from last weeks scenes for next week that Jenah and Saleisha would be bottom 2. I have been rooting for Chantal since the beginning but it wasn't until final 8 that I knew I wanted her to win. I'm not in any way surprised that Jenah got 3rd however I wish she could have got 2nd. Saleisha rubbed me the wrong way in that she knew Tyra and I felt that was an unfair advantage. Most people already know this but Saleisha was also in a fashion from a cycle 6 episode and she was in a fashion show on the Tyra show clearly she knew Tyra. Not to mention she was in a commercial for Wendy's last year and in the eligibility for this show it states no appearances in a national campaign including television within the last 5 years. I think it unfair that the producers overlooked this because it wasn't modeling. It basically comes down to this in past season they have given the title to most improved. Chantal improved greatly over the show. Saleisha I have to admit was better especially after Chantal knocked over the guy during the show which basically sealed her fate unfortunately, but Saleisha competing is like having a nursing home chef and a 5 star chef cook food and see whose is better. It's unfair because it is obvious the winner before you taste the food. I think they should have just given it to Chantal because you know Saleisha would get something out of it even if she lost.
  • The episode was exciting but I was disapointed that Saleshia won

    I have to rate this episode so poorly because Saleshia won. Chantel or Jenah would have made great winners, but they had to choose Saleshia. I don't really dislike her but she wasn't high fashion enough, her personality was a little annoying, and her hair looked ridiculus. It seems like a lot of people are disapointed that she won and they feel like she had an advantage from working with Tyra before. Besides that this episode was pretty good. It was really exciting to see who would win. I had a feeling Jenah would go first but for most of the episode I had no idea who would win it in the end. I felt like through the commercial, the photo shoot, and the runway challenge they did a good job assesing their modeling skills. I just wish it could have worked out better in the end,
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