America's Next Top Model

Season 9 Episode 13

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on The CW

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  • And I lost a couple of months watching ANTM for THIS?

    Ok, this is not about the girl I liked best not winning. It's about how every single one of the other 12 girls deserved it better than Saleisha. On the first half, we see the expected. They all take ok-pictures. Chantal's probably the better - tough the best overall in pictures (and probably the best in the 9 cycles...) Jenah's not at her best in commercial pics. Saleisha only has one face, and that's the one she shows. All of their commercials are ok also. No one in this cycle was big in video. And at the elimination, tough it was obvious because Nigel hated her - Jenah's out. Jenah, who had the most amazing pictures, a great runway walk, a great personality. It's just unbeliavable.

    Then at the runway show, the judges enter like they're big stars (completely ridiculous), Jaslene's back (still can't speak english, by the way), Saleisha's walk's very good (the one good thing she does) and Chantal messes up a little bit.

    Back at judging, they declare Saleisha was better at the runway show (duh) and look at their pictures. Notice how they only look at about three pictures. That's because all of their other pcitures were really bad. Saleisha's America's Next Top Model. And I'm still deciding wether or not to watch next cycle. Because - you know what? It looks how they're only making money out of these girls' dreams.