America's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 9

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2003 on The CW
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The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model
The girls put their knowledge to work in the next few days, two more get eliminated and one will become America's Next Top Model!

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  • I would have given this episode ZERO if I could actually choose it, but won't let me. So I gave it 1.

    Honestly, I really wanted to puke. I hated Caridee, and well, I still do. She is such a total skank. In Spain, she brought this Spanish guy to their apartment and started making out with him. Jeez, and Tyra said she is a good girl? Well, perhaps way so many models in America act slutty like this that Tyra doesn\'t think it\'s a big deal. How could such skank be the role model for American girls? Thank God I am not from America. Thank God for that! Melrose has this wonderful attitude towards life. She is a perfectionist and works so hard to be the best for everything. THIS is exactly what all women in the world should look up, too! Should I mention that Caridee was rude and vuglar to Nigel before the bull shoot? Awful woman! I would never respect any woman like that, not to mention to see her as a role model. Melrose is too good for this lousy competition. She is better off elsewhere. You are all welcome to disagree with me. I wouldn\'t be surprised that skanks like Caridee feel an urge to defend for themselves and someone like them.moreless
  • Adrianne is # 1.

    This first season of America's Next Top Model ended exactly the way I thought and knew that it would: with Adrianne on top. The whole episode was enjoyable. Adrianne was awesome the whole season and she totally deserved being chosen as the 1st top model. I believe that she has a great career ahead of her. I really enjoyed this season and am looking forward to seeing future seasons. I can't wait to see what challenges are ahead of the girls in the future.

    I believe that Tyra has a hit show on her hands. Way to go Adrianne. See ya.moreless
  • One girl is eliminated and then they choose America’s next top model.

    It was so exciting to watch the final episode. I liked how Tyra kept talking about how she wasn’t sure who would win. I also had no idea about who would win. I was glad Adrianne got it because she I really liked her personality, but Shannon could have made a better model. Tyra’s speech at the end made it seem like it would be Shannon but then to our surprise it was Adrianne. I really like how the three girls got along without Robin there. In this episode a better side of Shannon came out. I like Elyse through out this experience but she didn’t want it as much as the other girls. I was a little surprised about how quickly they got rid of one of the girls. It seemed like they had not had the chance to be tested. I did like how they talked to each one of the girls to see what their attitude was. I thought it was good that they did the runway but I think they should have done one last photo shoot. Overall, this was a good ending to the season.moreless
  • Yay! The Entire Season didn't disappoint.

    At first i wanted Melrose to win then i realized she's some spoiled brat the throws a fit when she doens't get her way. Like when she didn't win the dancing contest and she was mad throwing things and crying. Ridiculous. I liked Caridee from the beginning but i liked her the most because she's so light and carefree and can be stupid and laugh at herself, even when she insulted Nigel, she didn't mean to do that. Melrose just knew she didn't have it, so she had to try harder to bring everyone else to her level. Good thing she didn't get to Caridee. But even in the last photo shoot she looked amazing. I'm really happy with the results.moreless
  • Something that you would wanna watch if you wanna know the history of America's Next Top Model Adrienne you rock.

    Something that you would wanna watch if you wanna know the history of America's Next Top Model Adrienne you rock. It is sad that Shannon didn't really make it but it is great for Adrienne because she did yay you Adrienne I've seen this episode before and I am so glad.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After winning the competition, Tyra tells Adrianne, "No more waitressing in Juliet!" She mispronounces the name of Adrianne's hometown of Joliet, IL.

    • Adrianne became the first America's Next Top Model. Shannon was runner up and Elyse finished in third.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Elyse: What are we doing?
      Adrianne: We're having "the talk" with Shannon.
      Elyse: Shannon, when a man and a woman love each other very much, like your father and I...
      Shannon: No!

    • Adrianne: Goodnight, Shannon.
      Shannon: Goodnight.
      Adrianne: Tomorrow we fight to the death!

    • Adrianne: (about winning) I want to have a good life now. My family's going to have a good life. A lot is going to change. And it kicks so much ass!

    • Adrienne: (overcome with emotion after winning) I don't know what to feel! I feel I love Janice Dickenson!
      Janice: Well, I didn't vote for you.

    • Janice (About Shannon at the Baby Phat fashion show): She was dope last night.

    • Beau: You can tell Adrianne's lived a little more. There's something cooking behind Adrianne's eyes.

    • Tyra: There's no retouching on the runway; there's no room for mistakes. Hopefully it was fierce. Hopefully it was perfect. And if it wasn't, the whole room and the whole world just saw you screw up.

    • Drew: Do you know your measurements.
      Shannon: No, I don't.
      Tyra: You should know your real measurements and you should know your fake measurements. You know, there's the fake ones you give to the clients and then there's the real ones when you're doing, like, the measurement.

    • Adrianne: (about Elyse) She hates everything we do, yet she's the best at it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Since winning ANTM, Adrienne has been quite vocal that she feels she didn't receive the prize package that was promised throughout the show. She wrote on her MySpace page: "promised HUGE Revlon campaign turned out to be convention work for a day […] Revlon had informed me that they had never intended on using the winner for ANY kind of ads".

    • On E!'s True Hollywood Story covering America's Next Top Model, Adrienne talked about her low-cut skirt during the final runway show and how she was embarrassed because those in the front row could "see it".


    • The Reference: Baby Phat

      The female branch of the popular urban wear label, Phat Farm, Baby Phat is a driving force behind women's urban fashion.

      Russell Simmons (Kimora Lee's husband) first introduced Baby Phat to the world when he created t-shirts with 'Baby Phat' written on them that models would wear during his Phat Farm shows. They became so wildly popular with celebrities that it was decided to launch a Baby Phat collection.

      Naturally, Kimora was chosen as the creative director and CEO.