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America's Next Top Model

Season 19 Episode 12

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on The CW

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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  • The girl who...

    I think this episode should have been called 'The girl who takes the best crown that Daddy could buy'

    There is no way was she the best model. :(
  • Almost done with this show

    I'm what you would call an ANTM superfan. If you give me the name of a past contestant I can tell you what cycle she was in. After a series slump I was briefly mollified with the All Star cycle but even that crumbled in the end. (Seriously, just tell us what Angelea did already!) Now with these new developments, I find it a chore to watch. Rob and Bryanboy are fine but I much preferred Andre Leon Tally to Kelly DeVille (aka Cruella). And social media votes?! If the fashion world didn't take this show seriously before it's definitely a joke now. How Leila didn't win is beyond me. Watching the video in the haunted castle she was the only one that looked remotely scared; the other two looked like they walked into a new mall. Tragic.
  • Why?!? (Spoiler!)

    After watching the finale, I'm trying to figure out why I still watch this show. I skipped a lot of the last two seasons (All-Star and British) because frankly, they were looking for reality stars, not models. I thought they were finally getting back on track this season, until I saw how much the fan vote counted for. The final runway was the most convoluted thing I have ever seen! Then they pick someone who will never work outside of commercial modeling as the winner? I swear the producers greased Leila's shoes to get the result they wanted!
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