America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 13

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on The CW

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  • This is one of my favorite antm finales....

    Both Caridee and Melrose look like real models. They both did very good and i think they made a very good choice to make CariDee the winner, because Melrose is very beautiful and has it, but had the wrong attitude to be a model, especially when she acted like a poor loser at the end of the episode. I DEFINETLY think Caridee is a true model because she's very tall and looked more mature for her age, which i think looks good on a model in her 20's. This was one of the few episodes that i loved the judges choice and they looked more like real models compared to some of the later season episodes
  • the cycle ends when the three girls compete in this las episode tonight. Eugena gets sent home first. And it is down to Melrose and Caridee.

    This episode was great. I was kinda mad that Eugena got sent home first because I don\'t really like Melrose. I thought Eugena\'s and Caridee\'s covergirl shots were absolutely amazing and so were their commercials unlike Melrose who screwed them up and then threw a fit over it. When it came down to the final competition, the fashion show, I thought Caridee was good and Melrose was pretty good. She was a little better on the runway this show than Caridee. Caridee\'s theatricals were a little to dramatic. When Caridee accidently stepped on the dress I was hysterical. I was laughing the whole time as Melrose was complaining about it and then ended up having another fit over this competition. I definitely thought Caridee\'s performance over all has been better than Melrose\'s and she deserved to win. I was so happy for her. And yet after another defeat Melrose threw another fit. I couldn\'t help but laugh at it. It was so petty and childish. Melrose is such a sore loser. YAY CARIDEE!!!!!!
  • The cycle ended as it should, but the eliminations along the way were incredibly out of order.

    Ok, it was great that Caridee won the latest title of America's Next Top Model. She deserved it. I think Melrose came in rightly so as number 2. She worked very hard and provided great results, but Caridee edged her out.
    The thing that really got me is - what was up with all those surprizing eliminations? I mean how did Eugena even get to the top three? That was a shock. That toady should have been eliminated a long time ago. It was interesting how both twins lasted as long as they did. Megan should have lasted much longer than she did. She has a great look. Monique should have been excluded from the top 13 altogether. It is satisfying though that all her immaturity is up for show on television. She was quite the ass. Everyone making fun of Melrose, and saying that she was a horrible person and nagging, and fake....ok, that's fine, but we didn't really see any of that. She genuinely worked hard, and practiced, took advantage of her time, and realized that this was a competition, when the other girls were just complaining. I couldn't stand Megg. I wanted to gouge out my eyes and poke needles into my ears every time she was on screen. Her horrible emphysema-sounding voice, and exasperated "Rock n' roll!" every two seconds drove me crazy. She was NOT rock n' roll. She was anti-rock n' roll. She didn't dress rock n' roll, she didn't have the rock n' roll look, she didn't act rock n' roll. Sorry honey, AC/DC and Van Halen called, they want their no. 1 fan back. ...Rock n' roll. Get out of my face. It was very reliving when Miss J decided to do Megg's mock "Rock n' Roll" phrase every so crazy. Ahhh, others think the same.
    Jaeda (a.k.a. Grace Jones) should have been kicked out long before she actually got the boot. She was such a complainer and did nothing to push her look, even though it looked so much better than long hair on her. Yes, Caridee won. Very good.
  • An ending that was perfect

    Having watched the entire series I was so hoping that Melrose wouldn't win. Sure she was beautiful and carried herself well in front of the judges - but the way she interacted with the other models just wasn't right. While the footage may have been purposely bad to show Melrose as being not so nice, the fact remains that she did still act - childish sometimes - such as when CariDee accidently tore her dress.

    Caridee was a well-rounded girl who looked beautiful in her photos and acted fairly 'normal' away from the glitz. I mean, any model that can put her foot in her mouth and still win - must be something special.
  • Ive watched this show for the past 6 seasons and havnt agreed with any of the winners , until now

    watching this episode and the past season I was just like okay just give it to the second best , Mel Rose I didnt even bother cheering for Caridee , who I wanted to win. But at the end of this episode i just remember thinking very clearly Finally someone who CAN be america's next top model someone who not only owns the runway and looks great , but also somebody who can be a good role model to young girls who are watching this show. That and I hated Mel Rose's guts lol but anyways bye bye Mel Rose , and good luck CariDee.
  • America's Next Top Model is CariDee!!

    Great episode!! I am so glad CariDee won!! She deserved it and she was the best!! I was hoping Eugena would come second. Melrose had a freak out when CariDee stood on her dress and wouldn't shut up about it. At the end also when she lost and was crying about it. I was so glad she didn't win!! CariDee's pictures were better than Melrose's. I like when Eugena went come and the look on her CariDee's face. Shame Melrose!! Eugena's note was cool when it read natural blondes win and Melrose isn't a natural blonde. It was all true!!
  • The show had me on edge.. but when all was said and done... the best person won.. CARIDEE!!

    Applause to the judges that voted for Caridee!! I have been pulling for her and Eugena from the start of the season… unfortunately I was a little upset that Eugena didn’t make it. But, at least Melrose didn’t win!! Of the two finalists, it’s nice to know that the judges saw the real model, Caridee, and not fake one in Melrose. As stated by one of the judges… “Do you choose the one that NATURALLY takes a good photo, or the one that PRACTICES taking a good photo.” CONGRATS TO CARIDEE!!!!
  • Wow, it's about time Tyra + co. make a sensible decision...

    I'll keep this short + sweet.
    CariDee avenged the ghosts of Top Model past--Joanie (season 6) and Kahlen (season 4) to be the first (natural) blonde winner of America's Next Top Model. She was clearly the cream risen to the top of a vat of sour milk. Needless to say, I am very pleased. I've predicted every top model winner from season 1 forward. Now, I just hope that CariDee has a future that doesn't involve fashion shows for Wal-Mart, car shows, and magazine covers for Golf Digest and Psychology Today (like some of the other Top Models)...
    However, I'm disappointed. I was sort of hoping that in the agony of defeat, Melrose's head would have exploded, like that scene in SCANNERS, but maybe that's a calamity for a future season. Tyra + co. cracked down on the technical perfectionist in favor of someone more...spontaneous and lifelike. Hurray!
  • After 11 eliminations, the final 2 stand before the judges as they learn who will become America's Next Top Model

    This is definitely one of my favourite finales ever. I was partially expecting the judges to keep on the girl with the most potential or improvement over the season rather than the girls that take conistently good photos, but the judges brought the two best girls to the final two.

    I thoguht the episode was very unpredictable. While I always suspected the winner, there were many times in the episode I was wondering if the other girl would win. One girl did really good with the CG photo while the other rocked the runway. I was quite happy that in the grand scheme of things the judges chose the right winner. I really hope the winner takes advantage and becomes the most successful winner
  • Loves it.

    I loved this episode! I was so happy that CariDee won because everytime I wanted someone to win, they always lost even though the other person was WAY better at modeling. Anyways, I especially loved it when CariDee won and when CariDee ripped Melrose's dress and she totally freaked out. I'm super happy that CariDee won because she was obviously the best one and I agree with the judges' choice.

    I really hate Melrose but I can't really say if how Melrose acts on the show is how she really acts in life because they could have portrayed her that way for the show. But if that's how she really is then I really don't like her and I'm glad she lost, but if she was portrayed that way for the show then I feel sorry for her because she worked so hard yet everybody hates her for it.

    For a couple of weeks I thought CariDee was done for because they talked about her so much, like the hypothermia and that commercial in Spanish... But no matter, she totally came back from those slumps and blew away the judges.

    I'm so happy that CariDee won, congradulations to her! And she totally deserved to win!
  • The girls compete for the top two.And of course it was caridee and melrose.Eugenia took the best photograph for covergirl but the judges did not believe that she wanted it as badly as the other girls.<br /> AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL IS CARIDEE

    I think that caridee definitely deserve to win. She wanted more than any other girl in the competition. Melrose was completely fake. I would have been absolute mad if she had won because she was mean to the other girls. She did not try to be nice and I do not think that she would have change her ways. She does not know how to deal with doing something bad. Caridee was much more beautiful and was very natural and cover came a lot in other to be in the a model. she can deal with pressure. I really wanted eugenia in the top 2 but everyone knew that it would be the battle of the blonds. I think that eugenia will still become a model. Eugenia showed that she has the potential to be a great model.
  • Great finale !! I thought the runway show was very creative and different. And the winner is ...

    Caridee !! I\'m soooo glad she\'s the one that won. When it came down to eliminating one girl to get the final 2, I was kinda hoping Euginia would stay ... although I pretty mcuh knew that Melrose would stay. But it kept the rest of the episode interesting. I couldn\'t stand Melrose ... With every episode, she was making me dislike her even more, especially the last couple of episodes. She freaks out for little things and is soooo fake ! The girl they see at judging is not the same girl that lived in the house. She did do a great job on the runway (I can give her that), but overall, Caridee deserved to win. She was a natural and REALLY wanted it !!

    Great cycle of ANTM !!