America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 13

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on The CW

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  • The cycle ended as it should, but the eliminations along the way were incredibly out of order.

    Ok, it was great that Caridee won the latest title of America's Next Top Model. She deserved it. I think Melrose came in rightly so as number 2. She worked very hard and provided great results, but Caridee edged her out.
    The thing that really got me is - what was up with all those surprizing eliminations? I mean how did Eugena even get to the top three? That was a shock. That toady should have been eliminated a long time ago. It was interesting how both twins lasted as long as they did. Megan should have lasted much longer than she did. She has a great look. Monique should have been excluded from the top 13 altogether. It is satisfying though that all her immaturity is up for show on television. She was quite the ass. Everyone making fun of Melrose, and saying that she was a horrible person and nagging, and fake....ok, that's fine, but we didn't really see any of that. She genuinely worked hard, and practiced, took advantage of her time, and realized that this was a competition, when the other girls were just complaining. I couldn't stand Megg. I wanted to gouge out my eyes and poke needles into my ears every time she was on screen. Her horrible emphysema-sounding voice, and exasperated "Rock n' roll!" every two seconds drove me crazy. She was NOT rock n' roll. She was anti-rock n' roll. She didn't dress rock n' roll, she didn't have the rock n' roll look, she didn't act rock n' roll. Sorry honey, AC/DC and Van Halen called, they want their no. 1 fan back. ...Rock n' roll. Get out of my face. It was very reliving when Miss J decided to do Megg's mock "Rock n' Roll" phrase every so crazy. Ahhh, others think the same.
    Jaeda (a.k.a. Grace Jones) should have been kicked out long before she actually got the boot. She was such a complainer and did nothing to push her look, even though it looked so much better than long hair on her. Yes, Caridee won. Very good.