America's Next Top Model

Season 8 Episode 11

The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on The CW

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  • Brit goes home. Go-sees

    Well I was shocked when Jael went home last week. Brittany was so fake. Even Renee wanted Jael to stay and its not fair that she went home. For the Go-sees, I really thought
    that Brittany could've done a lot better. The emotions got the best of her. In my opinion, I thought that Natasha did the worst. Sexualness doesn't really work. Brittany did get outraged when she was late. She lashed out so much that I didn't know she had it in her. Her trauma costed her spot. I'm sure Jaslene was happy when she won. Even Natasha was happy. Dionne had such a mean face. She didn't use her mean face in other past shots. Now she is like mean.
  • Brit goes home

    This episode was much better than the last one. I think this is a challenge that they do every episode and there is always someone who is late for an interview. Brittany was pissing me off during this challenge because even though her taxi supposedly didn't pick her up where she had told them to she should have just sucked it up. It wasn't like she was going to win anyway. Nobody wanted to book her. At he end I was a little undecided on who I wanted to go home because I felt like Dionne just wasn't getting it in her photo shoot and Brittany was. But at the end they sent Brittany home and I was glad.
  • They said brittney was lying about her short term memory?strangley she said she has sort term memory but she remembers what happened to her!

    They said brittney was lying about her short term memory?strangley she says she has short term memory but she remembers what happened and i think she lyed too.She wanted them to feel bad so Tyra would let her stay and Tyra almost did!shocking oh and i loved thisss season!it was amazing oh oh i need like what..f o r t y t h r e e w o r d s w h e n i typed this so um thats off topic oops! :):)i dont have much to say about the episode so uum yeah ok im done i guess
  • Brittany went home.

    In this episode the girls have to go on their go-sees, none of the designers wanted to hire Brittany. Then Brittany ends up being really late to Priscilla's and she goes crazy and blames her taxi driver for being late because he didn't meet her where she wanted him to. Natasha who was late as well, tries to calm Brittany down but Brittany starts flipping out on Natasha. Brittany is so loud that Priscilla and the other girls can hear her screaming outside. At judging Dionne and Brittany end up in the bottom two. Brittany's photos are a lot stronger than Dionne's but she ends up going home because of her personality. This was somewhat of a sad episode for me because Brittany was my favorite girl and I didn't want her to go, but I kind of saw it coming. Other than her being eliminated this was a good episode.
  • fine example of whyyyy crybabies should be sent home!!!!! at last she was sent home

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! at lasssttt brittany was sent home!!!!! i couldnt wait for this to happen!!! like when she was in the bottom two with dionne i was like....please let dionne stay and brittany go home!! and then they said: dionne congratulations and i was like yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy at lasssssstttt brittany go home!!!!!!!! i was sick and tired of her:
    1) she shouted at natasha when she was trying to calm her down...and even priscilla was annoyed...i mean they could hear her scream from inside! and then in the panel she cried AGAIN
    2) the taxi driven DIDNT have the fault...brittany didnt tell him to meet her at cooper street...she just said im going to cooper street!!!!!! and then she was like...i just got 1 minute late and se had been like 30 minutes late!! liarrr
    3) i never really bought that short term memory thing...i mean im not judging her or anything..but in the acting challenge she remembered everything!!! and now she's like..i cant i cant!!
    4) all she ever did was whineeeee!!!!!! and cry and cry and cry and i was sick of her!! at laast she went home!!

    and it was really painful to see dionne ask everyone if she could keep the clothes...that was really cheap one ever did that! i loved the designer that said "you can buy it" it was like...yeah girl you dont get free clothes from go sees!!!!!!!
  • The infamous go-see episode. There's one every season and someone is always late.

    The infamous go-see episode. There's one every season and someone is always late. This time it was 'Brit' and 'Nata' who were late and so they had to wait outside where 'Brit' threw a tantrum and blamed her cab driver for something he didn't actually do. 'Brown' kept stealing all the clothing- well she did 'ax' first- and she may need to get herself check for a kleptomania issue. The photo shoot idea was interesting with womens and mens magazine covers all the girls rocked it, except for 'Brown' who just looked angry. Not surprisingly, 'Brit' went home and it's pretty obvious that 'Brown' will be right behind her. This leaves 'Nene' 'Nata' and Jaslene to duke it out for the Top Model crown and to be honest I don't really care who wins. I have a feeling it will be 'Nene' though I still don't care for her that much. But then I don't really care for any of the top three. It's a strange bunch putting the 'America' in ANTM into question.
  • The girls have to show their stuff and we get glimpse on how they might do in the real world. Their photo shoot included two photos, one for a women's magazine and one for a mens.

    Nothing too shocking during this episode. I was not surprised at all to see Brittney go although I feel that Dionne probably should have gone because in my opinion she had the weakest photos so she should have been the one to go. It looks like Dionne will probably go next week. I think unless Jaslene or Renee screw up really bad, next week should be pretty predictible too with Dionne going. I do not think Renee hugged Brittney when she got kicked off, that is not too surprising because it seemed like they did not really get along well.
  • The girls do their go-sees and some of them don’t make it back in time. Then they do a photo shot with swimwear.

    I enjoyed watching the go-sees. I love how it is like a race to get back in time. It is also interesting to see how good the girls are at making an impression. I was surprised at how they made Brittany out to be such a jerk. It seems like there was nothing wrong with her before, but this episode they really made her out to look like the bad guy. I could not believe she was yelling and the judge could her here from inside. The photo shot was not very interesting. I like when they do things that are more original. However, it was kind of cool how they did the two similar, yet completely different shots. It was really interesting to see how they all did. I also loved how Tyra interacted with them when she was photographing them. I wish Dionne had gotten eliminated in this episode. I just don’t like her personality, and she doesn’t seem to have very strong photographs. This was a good episode, but it seems like it has all been done before.
  • The girls have to get offers from modelling agencies! There are two photoshoots in this episode. The girls model for men and women magazines. Britney basically looses her guard.

    The girls come home to see letters from Jael. She has a personal letter for everyone. Usually the show focuses a bit on the girl who is very weak, to foreshadow as to whom is going to be eliminated. This epiode focuses primarily on Britney and Dionne in my opinion. Hence, they were the final two. So the girls go and meet one of the head of the Austraila's modelling agencies, and their challenge is to go around the city to different modelling agencies and try to get offers from them. They all have to make it back at 4:30. So the girls are all rushing around, getting offers, modelling clothes. Dionne gets attached to every item she models, and "casually" asks to keep it. Britney, apparently is having a bad day, and is delayed on everything. She ends up going to the wrong places, and her behavior isn't what the agencies are looking for. Near the end, she looses her cab driver, even though she tells them herself she doesn't need him, and blames him.
    Renee is the first to make it, along with Dionne, and Jaselene who makes it one minute before the time. Natasha is on our way, but unfortunately, she's one minute late! The managers tell her that she's disqualified, and she has to leave. Britney is still on her way, and makes it very late. She is very upset of this, and starts blaming everyone and everything around her, along with using foul language. Everyone in the room hears this. Including the managers!
    The challenge winner ends up being Jaslene, because apparently the agencies loved her the most! She gets to have a photoshoot at a top of a Sydney bridge, and chooses Jaslene as her partner!

    The girls later have to do 2 photoshoots for men and women magazines, modelling at the beach, in bikini!
    For the women's magazine, Tyra is their photographer! And Nigel is their men's mag photographer. The girls do real good, but Dionne gets critique on how she looks "mean" in every pose she does. Tyra has a great time with everyone. When it's time to meet the judges, Britney and Dionne are the final two, and Jaselene gets called first. So Jaselene is on a role again.

    It is concluded that Britney did not get ANY offers from any agencies, which concludes that this is the FIRST time that any model had been dejected from offers.
    Britney is at the bottom due to her personality, her pictures, though, are fabulous as usual. Dionne is known to have okay pictures, due to her "Mean" expression, but the agencey loved her personality.
    So in the end, Britney is the one who gets eliminated.
    Which leaves the final 4.
  • the go-sees

    okay so the girls finally go to the go sees but first they get some "Jael mail". Renee: "when you win can you loan me a thousand dollars for my rent" ha ha ha , well Renee had to be good for somethin. so then they go and see all the designers Dionne; can i keep it . did she just ask if she could keep the clothes , b**** has lost her mind. somebody said they would never book Britney for a show , ive never heard them say that on Antm , ever and when she was late she was actin like a little three year old , my little two year old nephew knows not to act like that , she was trippin. so Jaslene finally steped her game up and was more relaxed and fanilly won a challenge and they take a feirce shoot with Nigeal and of course it turns out good , i mean he a judge he noe what he doin. so later they take two photo shoots one for a womens magizine and the other a porn- oh i mean for a mens magizine , witch should be easy , since these b****es look like they ready to jump on anybody. Britney ; i dont think ill be in the bottom two this week , uh im gonna use my intaution witch is never wrong to let you knoe your goin home bo bo your goin Britney gets sent home , and like Sarah ,i think ill be okay , since i dont care, at all. the winner for this one is clear Jaslene because she steped up her game the right way this time and haters keep hatein cause youll be hatein for a while , the loser is obvious , Britney. okay the lesson for this one is come on child , act like an adult take responsiblity for yourself and stop makein up excuses, Britney.
  • Brittany goes home.

    Another unpredictable episode where it was obvious who was going home. Britney for some reason has strong photos but not the personality and nobody wanted to book her. Then she had to throw a fit because the taxi guy didn't do what she said so she was late not even thinking that they were going to judge how she handles it. Eh she never had a chance at being the "Top" model anyway. Did she really think she could win? lol Dionne should go home already I'm sick of her annoying stupid southern accent or stupid voice thing she does.