America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 10

The Girl Who Breaks Down

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on The CW

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  • Poor CariDee...

    Good episode. I felt bad for CariDee because at judging they were kinda of harrasing her for her bad performance. Jaeda is eliminated. I am so sick of Melrose and her crap!!! But all the judges thinks she looks to old. Melrose just has to rub it in with her I was up 2 hours late studying.
  • Very revealing episode for a certain top model.

    In this episode the girls are asked to talk about their struggles in the competition. Caridee reveals that she was suicidal. She then wins the acting challenge and is a guest star on One Tree Hill. Tyra later tells the girls that they are going to Barcelona for their international trip. They get there and Caridee gets to pick her room first because she was teh challenge winner. The contestants were put on a bus and they pick up male models from the streets of Barcelona. Jaeda does not like her model partner because he expresses that he does not like black women. This effects Jaeda a lot and this gets her eliminated from the show.
  • Finally she is gone!

    I cannot believe that Jaeda stayed as long as she did. This episode was painful to watch as only Melrose seemed to have a clue about what she was saying, and she is cringe worthy in her self. She is such a suck up, i am glad that she doesn't win. I thought both Michelle and Amanda lacked effort in the trial and could not believe that Caridee did so badly after doing so well before hand. Seriously just because you speak english does not mean that you should never learn another language. I hope that not all models are like these girls...
  • The Girl Who Breaks Down is....Caridee.

    This episode proved to be a bit too disturbing and I was a little disappointed. The girls performed in a silent acting challenge and Caridee landed a role on One Tree Hill as the reward. Tyra later revealed the girls would travel to Barcelona, Spain much to the girls astonishment. Once there, the girls learned they would be shooting a video in a different language with male models. Most off the girls did not please the panel with their videos so it was questionable who would go's the breakdown.

    Melrose- As cheerful, and somewhat annoying, as ever. Melrose wooed the panel of judges with her above average video and she was picked 1st to continue on, much to the other girls dismay.

    Eugena- Once again Eugena suprised me with her positive attitude and comical relief when faced with a challenge. "I think Melrose might be bi-polar." lol. The panel chose Eugena 2nd and commented on her sudden personality change.

    Amanda & Michelle- Acting coach was not pleased with either of their performances and both appeared a little akward while shooting their video in Spain. However, the panel believed the twins had what it took to go on and both were picked to continue. (Amanda was picked 3rd; Michelle 4th)

    The Bottom Two:

    Jaeda- Still upset about her hair, Jaeda was forced to work with a stuck up male model who apparently did not like black girls. However, the panel did not put up with her excuse and she was placed in the bottom two for the fourth time.

    Caridee- Winner of the acting challenge, Caridee did not seem like herself in this episode mainly because the drama was focused on her for once. The judges were aware Caridee won the first challenge but were put off by her lack of effort in the video/commercial. Caridee ended up in the bottom two with Jaeda for the first time. The Girl Who Was Sent Home: Jaeda

    I'm glad Jaeda was sent packing mostly because she suffered from taking mediocre pictures. Jaeda obviously didn't feel at home with her new look but at least she has the choice now to grow it back...

    Overall pretty weak episode but hopefully the series will pick up the pace and spice it up a bit more. The finale is coming and I'm sure Tyra and her panel of judges are planning an interesting way to end the cycle...


    *This is my 1st review for ANTM. Tell me if you want me to continue!!!=)
  • The others need to stop hating on Melrose just because she's doing what the judges ask of her!

    I decided I would take this chance to write a review about how I felt after this episode. I completely disagree with the way the other girls in the house are treating Melrose. She DID stay up an extra two hours practicing her lines and she nailed her take. Just because they didn't feel the need to do the same thing and they didn't nail theirs she's suddenly out to get them? No, sorry Melrose hasn't done anything to sabotage another person once this entire season. I'll admit she's taken part in gossip with the others girls, but thats just the point WITH the OTHER GIRLS. In this episode she showed that she is willing to put forth what is takes to be Americas Next Top Model, and she's one of the first girls in a while who's shown so much effort, and because of that I really cant side with anyone against her. The other girls just need to take a lesson and start working their butts off like she is. Espically because Eugena is still there and she's talked the most crap about everyone since day one, sure Monique out shinned her for a while, but her true colors showed up once again a few episodes later. Plus the fact that she cant model anyway, means she has no right to be hating!

    Come on Tyra, Melrose is way too old to be on this show. At least one Judge says it a week. Right now my money is on one of the Twins or Caridee. I love this show but it has to get better. It seems like the girls with the most edge and style where cut first. AJ was freakin Awesome! She should have still been in the competetion. Eugena always looks like she just rolled out of bed, she has no style and no grace. This cycle for me has just gone down hill. Lets hope that the next cycle (On the CW) will be alot better.
  • I seriously felt for bad for CariDee.

    The first half of this episode was phenomenal!! I absolutely loved it. However the second half fell flat on it's face!! It has nothing to do with the production part of the show that made this episode below par. The first half was very personal and interesting to watch. We saw how the contestant could relate to an audience through acting. The second half they traveled to Spain. The extras, were what broke the episode. The one guy that Jada had to work with was remarkably rude. I couldn't believe they had hired someone so racial to the show. I was shocked beyond belief. I don't think it was fair Jada went home because of him. However, she did deserve to move on because of her other performances. Unfortunately this guy was the breaking point of her career on America's Next Top Model - #7.