America's Next Top Model

Season 7 Episode 10

The Girl Who Breaks Down

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on The CW

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  • The Girl Who Breaks Down is....Caridee.

    This episode proved to be a bit too disturbing and I was a little disappointed. The girls performed in a silent acting challenge and Caridee landed a role on One Tree Hill as the reward. Tyra later revealed the girls would travel to Barcelona, Spain much to the girls astonishment. Once there, the girls learned they would be shooting a video in a different language with male models. Most off the girls did not please the panel with their videos so it was questionable who would go's the breakdown.

    Melrose- As cheerful, and somewhat annoying, as ever. Melrose wooed the panel of judges with her above average video and she was picked 1st to continue on, much to the other girls dismay.

    Eugena- Once again Eugena suprised me with her positive attitude and comical relief when faced with a challenge. "I think Melrose might be bi-polar." lol. The panel chose Eugena 2nd and commented on her sudden personality change.

    Amanda & Michelle- Acting coach was not pleased with either of their performances and both appeared a little akward while shooting their video in Spain. However, the panel believed the twins had what it took to go on and both were picked to continue. (Amanda was picked 3rd; Michelle 4th)

    The Bottom Two:

    Jaeda- Still upset about her hair, Jaeda was forced to work with a stuck up male model who apparently did not like black girls. However, the panel did not put up with her excuse and she was placed in the bottom two for the fourth time.

    Caridee- Winner of the acting challenge, Caridee did not seem like herself in this episode mainly because the drama was focused on her for once. The judges were aware Caridee won the first challenge but were put off by her lack of effort in the video/commercial. Caridee ended up in the bottom two with Jaeda for the first time. The Girl Who Was Sent Home: Jaeda

    I'm glad Jaeda was sent packing mostly because she suffered from taking mediocre pictures. Jaeda obviously didn't feel at home with her new look but at least she has the choice now to grow it back...

    Overall pretty weak episode but hopefully the series will pick up the pace and spice it up a bit more. The finale is coming and I'm sure Tyra and her panel of judges are planning an interesting way to end the cycle...


    *This is my 1st review for ANTM. Tell me if you want me to continue!!!=)
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