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America's Next Top Model

Season 2 Episode 3

The Girl Who Can Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

It's a hair-raising experience for the girls as they get their makeovers. One girl cries over the loss of her hair, while many other find better used for their eyes.

The photo shoot leads to a major rise in emotions for many of the girls.

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  • The girls get makeovers and the competition heats up

    The show finally started to get good. The girls went to get makeovers, and everyone got a change for the good. This season they did a great job giving everyone new looks. I loved how they went into more detail then just hair. After the makeovers they did a cool challenge where they had 15 minutes to get ready with only one mirror and limited supplies. It was really entertaining to see them push eachother around. The end result was also cool because the winners got a meal while the losers had to cook. It was interesting to see how they reacted to it. I also love the photo shoot in this episode. It was cool to see the girls being tested on their fear of hieghts. This episode was just so dramatic, whether it envolved one of the girls passing out, or another one crying about every little thing.moreless
  • i so love shandi and so hate catie!!

    in the beginning i think, catie said she wouldnt mind what they did to her hair and then they cut in and she whines and whines and whines and whines even more!!!!!!!!!! imaooo i hate herrrr!!!!!

    and poor shandi faints!! i was like...wth is happening!! the poor girl need to eat, she's like 5'10 and weighs 107 lbs, she's got to get fatter!!!!

    and then catie gets scared at the photoshoot and mr jay helps her and then at judging catie denies it and poor xiomara who hadn't had many directions was like...why did i help you bit***h!!!!!!!!! and catie then goes and does drama like she's not feeling well!!!

    and heather finally goes away!!! her attitude towards yoanna not picking her was so pathetic!moreless
  • Well thanks to the finalist and finally you had some make-overs it is really great whenever you have one. And it seems to me that Heather had a sad time but she found a modeling agency anyway good for her.moreless

    Well thanks to the finalist and finally you had some make-overs it is really great whenever you have one. And it seems to me that Heather had a sad time but she found a modeling agency anyway good for her. I had a glimpse or I saw this one before and Catie looked a little older she didn't look 18 with the short hair anyway it's about transformation anyway.
  • Tears flowed and flowed and made me want to shoot Catie in the face. But I liked the makeovers and everything else.

    First of all, lots of tears were poured in this one. And most of them were just cried by Catie. Actually, she practically cried in every given moment. For no reason. She cried about her hair at the makeovers, she cried about the heights (then again I would too but…), she cried about nothing at the judging room. I mean christ, that’s rather bothersome and annoying. Speaking of makeovers, everyone looked superb as always. Shandi looked AMAZING and so did Camille and Sara and… (rambles). The makeup test at the end was awesome too but that sucked when they had to use one mirror only early on in the show, and a rather small one, in order to see who can put on makeup the best. Also, being hovered over 4 feet of holes in an old factory wouldn’t be my first choice in a photo shoot. Id rather pose naked then dangle like that (which also conducted Catie to cry an awful lot). I’m also rather glad that Heather left. I can’t see her for high fashion plus, I don’t remember anything about her other then her overly cute voice saying “What’s the difference?!”

    Bottom Line: Tears flowed and flowed and made me want to shoot Catie in the face. But I liked the makeovers and everything else.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks


Eric Nicholson

Eric Nicholson


Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker

Judge/Photographer (2+)

Jay Manuel

Jay Manuel

Art Director/Makeup Artist

Jenascia Chakos

Jenascia Chakos

Contestant/Eliminated 4th

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The bottom two were Xiomara and Heather. Heather was sent home because she looked too "teen".

    • This weeks challenge is to achieve "smokey eyes" in fifteen minutes. The only problem is there is only one mirror and one set of brushes. Yoanna wins the challenge and picks Sara, April, and Xiomara. The four of them get to have dinner with 3 mystery guests, and the losers must shop for the food, prepare it, and serve it.

    • In this weeks photo shoot, the girls are suspended in the air. Catie is unsure if she will participate but overcomes her fear and does a few frames.

    • Shandi passes out at the makeup challenge because her blood sugar dropped too low.

    • This cycle's makeovers are at Warren-Tricomi salon. Makeovers this year include not only hair and make-up but also teeth whitening and nails.

    • This week's guest judge is Jay Manuel, make-up artist.

    • The episode title is named for Catie, whom Jenascia said in her confessional told her that she could 'cry at the drop of a hat'.

    • Makeovers

      Catie: Short haircut April: Bangs
      Camille: Braids removed, extensions put in
      Mercedes: Extensions and puffy for animalistic look
      Sara: Blonde highlights and extensions
      Shandi: Dyed platinum blonde, given contacts
      Xiomara: Extensions and waves
      Yoanna: Modern mohawk
      Jenascia: Hair cut to shoulder length
      Heather: Bit more blonde

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    • In some areas this episode's title is "The Girl Who Floats Like A Butterfly and Stings Like A Bee". This is a famous quote from boxer Muhammad Ali since the models were put through a boxing workout. Plus, Miss Jay makes this reference to Camille as she was doing her walk at panel.

    • Eric Nicholson compares Shandi's photo look to that of A Clockwork Orange. This is a 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie about futuristic Britian where young men have adapted the "ultra-violent" way of life.